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Start/Bench List - Week 7
Whitney Walters
October 20, 2005
Sun 1 PM Sun 1 PM Sun 1 PM Sun 4 PM Sun 4 PM Bye Week
GB at MIN NO at STL SF at WAS BAL at CHI Mon 9 PM NE, TB
      DEN at NYG   (times ET)
    Player List by Position
Start/Bench Codes (SBC) Early Injury Status
S1: Must start, 1st string. X: No start or bench indications / Could go either way. (O): Out    (D): Doubtful
S2: Solid starter, 2nd string. B: Bench 'em / Too much risk. (Q): Questionable
U: Upside player / Possible sleeper. (P): Probable
Detroit (2-3) at Cleveland (2-3) Back to top
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Joey Harrington B His job, and possibly his career, is hanging by a thread. As soon as Garcia is healthy (which is likely about 2 weeks away) Harrington goes to the bench. At least until Garcia is injured yet again.
RB Kevin Jones (Q) B

The Cleveland defense is an obvious good matchup for any running back. But Jones is questionable this week with a shoulder injury and may not play. Even if he was healthy, the Lions' offensive line continues to struggle and just isn't giving Jones much running room. Before leaving the game last week Jones had just 21 yards on 12 carries.

RB Shawn Bryson
Artose Pinner
X If Jones can't go then one of these backs will get the start, but both will be used to carry the running load for the Lions. Cleveland presents a good chance that the Lions' running game will actually produce. Problem is, that production will be split between Bryson and Pinner.
WR Roy Williams (Q) B

Williams sat out last week's disappointing loss due to the quad injury. Don't be surprised if he shuts it down again this week.

WR Mike Williams
Kevin Johnson
X KJ and the rookie are the starters, but that isn't saying much in this passing attack. One or both of these receivers may produce a slightly startable effort given the opponent and the league wide injury bug. I wouldn't recommend relying on them though.
TE Marcus Pollard X Pollard is only getting 2-3 catches a week since he's spending most of his time trying to help provide protection for his skidish quarterback. That will be needed even more this week against a Browns defense that likes to blitz. Don't expect much from Pollard Sunday.
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Trent Dilfer X

The Lions are playing good defensively right now, but they tend to bend quite a bit at times. This should allow Dilfer just enough room to be productive. He's not going to light it up any time soon, but with QB injuries mounting, you could do worse than Dilfer this week. Much worse.

RB Reuben Droughns U

Droughns may be the man in Cleveland, but the running game is one of the league's worst. As a starter Droughns has received over 20 carries only once this season and has had zero carries near the goal-line. That may change this week as there are grumblings in Cleveland that they need to run the ball more.

WR Antonio Bryant U

The Browns like to run a controlled, short passing game with Dilfer at QB. Bryant is the lone healthy deep threat in the Cleveland offense. The Lions' secondary has some talent, but Bryant should have some opportunities to make big plays in single coverage.

WR Dennis Northcutt X

Northcutt had his most productive game of the season last week, pulling in 4 balls for 60 yards. That's about what you can expect out of Northcutt on a good week, as he's better suited for a slot-receiver role than his current #2 WR role.

TE Aaron Shea
Steve Heiden
X The tight end position for the Browns continues to produce and is an active part of the passing game. When Shea returned two weeks ago he led the way going 6-for-65. Last week it was Heiden with a 4-for-38 performance. The difficulty for fantasy owners is picking which one will produce each week because chances are it will never be both.
Green Bay (1-4) at Minnesota (1-4) Back to top
Green Bay
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Brett Favre S2

This season more than ever the Packer offense begins and ends with Favre. Since week one he's averaging three touchdowns a game and has passed for over 300 yards twice. The Vikings are a sinking ship and Favre will gladly shoot a few more holes in the hull this week.

RB Ahman Green (Q) S2 Green is back at practice and expected to start this week. Couldn't have picked a better opponent for a return. The Vikings are sporting the league's worst run defense. Green hasn't had a 100-yard game since week 10 last season. Look for the streak to end Sunday in Minnesota.
WR Donald Driver S2 Ferguson may have more touchdowns this season, but Favre continues to look Driver's way more than any other receiver on the team. WIth the running game getting back on track this week, the passing attack should be more effective and Driver should be in your starting lineup.
WR Robert Ferguson X

Isn't getting the looks that Driver gets, but has built some fantasy value thanks to his three touchdowns since moving into the Packers' starting lineup. Ferguson should continue to improve with the increased playing time.

WR Antonio Chatman X The diminutive Chatman had a nice three game stretch but went catchless against the Saints prior to the off week. Known mostly as a return specialist, he's carved out a small role in the Packer passing game as a slot receiver.
TE Bubba Franks (Q) S2 Franks is expected to return to the starting lineup for the Packers this weekend. No team in the league gives up more fantasy production to the tight end than Minnesota. If he looks good in practice this week and starts, he should be in your lineup.
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Daunte Culpepper S2

For whatever reason, Culpepper continues to have problems. He's already thrown more interceptions through five games than he did all of last season. In a normal season this would be a great matchup for C-Pep. But as his owners know all to well, this is anything but a normal season. Still, Culpepper traditionally has great games against Green Bay.

RB Mewelde Moore S2

Moore has only 14 carries in each of the last two games. Thanks to playing a key role in the short passing game he's averaging 115 total yards a game but has yet to find the end-zone. Look for the yardage totals to remain at a high level as the offense is using more short drops to help protect Culpepper, which means more use of short routes.

WR Nate Burleson (P) B Expected to return to action this week. Until he makes it through a successful week of practice and actually logs some game time, he's better left on your team's bench.
WR Travis Taylor S2 Taylor's role shouldn't change much with the return of Burleson. With an additional receiver in the mix however, the looks will decrease.
WR Marcus Robinson B

Even with Burleson out, Robinson has had more than two catches only once. His primary role has been the occasional deep ball. With the return of Burleson this week and the continued progress of rookie Williamson, Robinson's role will diminish.

WR Troy Williamson X The Vikings are starting to work Williamson into the mix more out of the slot. He has scored in two of the last three games. The Green Bay secondary lacks much depth so look for Williamson to have success facing nickel and dime coverages.
TE Jermaine Wiggins S2

The Vikings have implemented a lot of three-step drops into the passing game in order to help protect Culpepper. The result - almost a third of his pass attempts went to Wiggins, who ended the game last week with a season high 10 catches for 68 yards. Won't duplicate that effort this week as the Packers don't pressure the QB well. But still a fantasy starter.

Indianapolis (6-0) at Houston (0-5) Back to top
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Peyton Manning S1

Manning has been sacked only three times this season and the Texans average about one sack a game, a league low. Should have plenty of time in the pocket to pick apart the Houston secondary.

RB Edgerrin James S1

Houston could barely stop the run BEFORE losing linebacker Kailee Wong for the season.

WR Marvin Harrison S1 The record was broken Monday night. Now begins the part where they leave it in the dust.
WR Reggie Wayne S1 With teams seemingly focused more on Harrison this year, Wayne's size and strength are a great benefit. Has out-produced Harrison the past two weeks against two of the worst pass defenses in the league. Here comes a third.
WR Brandon Stokley X

Well, the Colts are getting what they want. A balanced offense. Unfortunately for Stokley that means less passing and a more normal #3 WR role in the offense. And that translates in fantasy terms to borderline starter only with a big matchup advantage.

TE Dallas Clark X Has been fairly consistent lately, getting 3-4 catches and 35-45 yards a game over the last three. Not what many expected this season, but in the new balanced Colt offense, that's about as good as it's going to get most weeks.
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB David Carr X

Carr had his best game of the season last week, passing for 179 yards and a score. He's scored a single touchdown in every game this season. He also had his highest number of attempts last week with 33. Look for that to be surpassed this weekend as the Texans will again have to throw a lot playing catch-up.

RB Domanick Davis S2

Davis remains the only piece of the offense that works with any consistency. With all the pressure Carr is under he's a valuable outlet and is a great receiver out of the backfield. The Colts can be run on, but with all the offensive line problems Houston is having Davis will likely struggle. It's also likely that the Texans will have to give up running the ball as they play from behind most of this game. In leagues that reward receiving, Davis still holds some value this week.

WR Andre Johnson (Q) B Calf sprain likely to land him as questionable again this week. Can't be relied on until he's back on the field. And maybe not even then.
WR Jabar Gaffney U

Gaffney led all Houston receivers with 10 catches last week, and has put up starter quality numbers in two of the past three games in leagues that start three or more receivers. That trend should continue as the Texans must keep trying to get the ball down field in order to free up the running game.


Corey Bradford

X Getting plenty of attention with Johnson out of the lineup. Bradford's play has been inconsistent at best and he's taking a back seat to the emerging Gaffney.

Kansas City (3-2) at Miami (2-3)

Back to top
Kansas City
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Trent Green X

Green and the Chiefs' passing game continue to under perform and Green had his lowest yardage output last week against the tough Redskins defense. This week won't get any easier as they go on the road to face the equally difficult Miami defense.

RB Priest Holmes S2

Last week has to be the best fantasy performance ever by a back that gains only 18 yards on 14 carries. Thankfully for Priest owners one of those 14 carries was for a TD and he added 100 yards receiving and a second score on a masterful 60-yard catch and run. Miami will be equally difficult to run on this week, but the Chiefs won't hesitate to run screens and short passes to Holmes to get him going. He leads the team with 10 catches in the last two games.

RB Larry Johnson (P) B Saw an uptick in production last week with a few extra carries. Hasn't tasted the end-zone since week two.
WR Eddie Kennison S2

After a highly productive four game stretch, Kennison put up a donut last week and fantasy owners had sudden flashbacks to his highly inconsistent days, which weren't that long ago. This week brings another test facing the aging but solid Sam Madison. Look for KC to try and get Kennison one-on-one with the suspect Travis Daniels on the other side.

WR Samie Parker (Q)
Dante Hall
B The Chiefs were working Parker quite a bit in the early season but lately have been really working the ball to Hall. Both are below average NFL receivers and outside of Gonzo and the surprisingly productive Kennison there's no real fantasy option in the KC passing game.
TE Tony Gonzalez S2

After complaining about his lack of involvement in the passing game, the Chiefs threw the ball to Gonzalez eight times last Sunday, the second highest total of the season. The results however weren't any different. Two catches for 13 yards, his second worst game this year. That's four catches for 18 yards in the past two games. But if you are a Gonzo owner this is not news to you. And as a Gonzo owner you know it's almost impossible to sit him based on his breakout potential. This week will be tough as he faces the top fantasy defense against tight ends.

Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Gus Frerotte U

The KC defense may have played better overall last week, but they still got shredded by Brunell for 331 yards and three TD's. Frerotte is no Mark Brunell... wait a minute... yes he is. Frerotte is a sleeper play this week.


Ronnie Brown


Brown struggled last week as most backs have against the Tampa Bay defense. He also had a season low nine carries. If last week was any indication it appears that the Dolphins are committed to working both Brown and Williams into the offense. There were many times that both were on the field at the same time. Sometimes in the backfield together, other times with Brown split out as a receiver. Until Williams gets his groove back Brown will get the majority of the touches and the production, and warrants borderline starter status.

RB Ricky Williams B

Didn't do much in his 2005 debut, getting only 8 yards on 5 carries. He did lead the team with six receptions though. It's apparent that it may take a few games for Williams to start getting his old form back. Keep him on your bench until he does.

WR Chris Chambers S2 Chambers is a tough, physical receiver with great talent. Many feel he doesn't always play to that ability and last week's lax effort on two passes that were intercepted was an example. Has a very favorable matchup this week with KC so look for him to bounce back with a strong performance.
WR Marty Booker U Outside of Chambers and McMichael there just isn't much happening in the passing game. It's not for lack of trying however as Booker is right behind McMichael in looks. He's just not delivering on the attention. He has a big size advantage this week against the vertically challenged CB Dexter McCleon who is a liability in coverage. Could surprise this week.
TE Randy McMichael S2 McMichael got back into the flow of the offense last week, leading the team with 8 looks. He was only able to pull in three however for a near season low of 20 yards. Should see his output increase this week against a Chiefs team that has struggled against quality tight ends.
New Orleans (2-4) at St. Louis (2-3) Back to top
New Orleans
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Aaron Brooks S2

Brooks put together one of his better performances last week in a losing effort. It was his first multi-touchdown game this season. This week's matchup with the lowly Rams presents a great opportunity to make it two weeks in a row.

RB Antowain Smith S2

The Saints had great success running the ball last week. Smith and Stecker shared the load and totaled 174 yards on the ground, with Smith getting the TD glory with two. Don't expect the Saints to change much this week. Both Smith and ...

RB Aaron Stecker (Q) X ... Stecker will get carries and both will be productive against a St. Louis defense that was pounded for over 170 yards rushing on Monday night. But as with any shared backfield, there are risks that one or both may not produce enough to help your fantasy team to a victory. History may be on Stecker's side however. Last season while filling in for an injured McAllister he busted off a 106-yard, 1 TD game in St. Louis.
WR Joe Horn (Q) B

Got back on the field last week... for a few minutes anyway. He aggravated his hamstring injury and isn't expected to play against St. Louis.

WR Donte' Stallworth X

Even weeks good, odd weeks bad. Stallworth still shows the uncanny ability to put up big numbers one week, only to disappear the next, only to reappear the next... and so on. This is week seven so a bad game is due. If you buy into such things.

WR Az-Zahir Hakim S2 Has stepped up big the past two games for the injured Horn. Hakim may not be the same WR he was with the Rams years ago, but he's still quick and knows how to find the open areas in the opposing defenses. Will start again for the Saints this week, and against his old team he should be starting for your fantasy team as well.
WR Devery Henderson U The rookie is very raw but has good size and speed, and with Horn out is getting some extra attention in the passing game. Was very active late in last week's loss as the Saints were using mostly 3-WR sets. There will be more passing in this matchup, but Henderson will be too inconsistent to rely on most weeks. With Stallworth slowed or out due to a hamstring injury, Henderson could be a nice fill in for your team this week against the very suspect Rams' secondary.
TE Ernie Conwell B Conwell didn't see any action last week due to his nagging back injury. He remains a decent fantasy tight end, but until he gets back on the field he should be avoided. Still has some upside potential when he returns since he may see additional action at the goal-line due to McAllister being out.
St. Louis
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Jamie Martin X

Martin had a decent stat line Monday night if you ignore the two interceptions. He'll get a chance to redeem himself this weekend against a Saints defense that brings a fierce pass rush and who's secondary is underrated. Other than one game in 2004, Martin has seen no significant action since 2002. If your backup to Bulger is off this week you could do a lot worse than picking up Martin and starting him. Just keep your expectations low.

RB Steven Jackson S2

Jackson got his normal workload against Indy, 17 carries and 5 catches. So nothing has changed with Martz out, right? Maybe not. The Rams did run the ball 42% of the time Monday night. Their season average prior to that was 30%. Does that eventually translate into more chances for Jackson? Maybe. This week however the odds are very good given the QB situation. Look for Jackson to top 20 carries for the first time this season.

RB Marshall Faulk B It was great to see Faulk more involved on Monday night. He still has the ability to help this offense. It will never be enough to help your fantasy team though.
WR Torry Holt (P) S2

Holt's bruised knee still has him less than 100%, but he played through it Monday night and will continue to as the injury hopefully improves. Even slowed and facing a solid secondary with a backup QB throwing him the ball, you can't sit one of the premier receivers in the league.

WR Isaac Bruce (Q) B Not likely to return this week.
WR Kevin Curtis S2 Curtis has been a more than adequate replacement for Bruce so far. He's averaging about 70 yards a game since moving into the starting lineup and has scored in three of the last four games.
WR Shaun McDonald X

After two games where he totaled 14 catches for 176 yards, McDonald didn't get a single pass thrown his way against the Colts and at least for a night may have dropped below Looker on the depth chart. That kind of inconsistent production makes him difficult to rely on.

WR Dane Looker B Since his 90-yard effort in week 4, Looker has had very few opportunities. 2-for-25 seems to be a favorite outing for him.

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