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Team Defenses Report - Week 7
Darin Tietgen
October 20, 2005

First Tier – Must Starts

  1. Indianapolis They’ve gradually worked their way up this list, and this week, they face the most hapless offense in the NFL. Top billing earned.
  2. Chicago Had a couple of off weeks before and after their bye week, but had a decent week last week and face a very bland Baltimore offense this week.

Second Tier – Solid Starts

  1. Atlanta Playing on Monday Night Football will energize this very underrated defense. Of course, facing the geriatric Vinny Testaverde will help, too.
  2. Detroit Their offense is so bad, their defense and special teams actually becomes the main source of scoring. Cleveland brings a balanced yet unspectacular offensive game. Detroit will have to play opportunistic defense to have any chance.
  3. Cincinnati Big divisional game against Pittsburgh here. Steeler QB Ben Roethlisberger will be a bit gimpy, and the NFL leaders in takeaways will have to bring their “A” game in order to survive this battle.
  4. Pittsburgh See above. They’ll have to bring their “A” game, too. With the offense perhaps sputtering a bit due to injuries, the defense will have to come up big. Again.
  5. Buffalo If Randy Moss is out for the Raiders, the boys in Silver and Black are in serious trouble. They’ll be in trouble with or without him, most likely.
  6. Baltimore Weeks 4 and 6 were what we expected from the Raven D. This week should be more of the same against a below average Bear offense.

Third Tier - Best of the Rest

  1. Washington Perhaps they’re not putting up fantasy points, defensively speaking, but their defense IS solid, and faces a rookie QB led Niner team that was absolutely obliterated by Indianapolis 2 weeks ago.
  2. San Francisco Apply the Detroit Lion Theory here. Their offense is so bad, the defense has to step up and make huge plays. The Niners’ defense has actually scored pretty big in 3 of their 5 games so far this season. Worth a gamble here against the Redskins offense that may be playing a bit over its head.
  3. Philadelphia In most scoring systems, they’re currently the #10 fantasy defense, and they’ve already had their bye. This week’s matchup against the Chargers isn’t the best, but figure they’ll be hungry for a victory after their bye week and losing to the Cowboys.
  4. Green Bay Yeah, you’re reading that right. They dropped a big fantasy number on the Saints last week, and now face the Vikings, who are obviously lost at sea mentally.