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David Dorey
The Huddle
November 2, 2005
Season Ticket
Sun 1 PM Sun 1 PM Sun 1 PM Sun 4 PM Sun 8:30 PM
ATL at MIA* DET at MIN* TEN at CLE* PIT at GB* PHI at WAS*
CAR at TB HOU at JAC* Sun 4 PM On Bye: Mon 9 PM
CIN at BAL SD at NYJ SEA at ARI* DAL, STL Updates*

Prediction: Oakland 20, Kansas City 27

The Raiders are on a two game winning streak while the Chiefs come off a tough loss down in San Diego. Here's an excellent way to reverse the fortunes of both teams. The Chiefs already won 23-17 at Oakland in week two this season.

Update: Priest Holmes continues to be effected by the hit to the head last week and has gone for further testing to ensure he is well enough to play. The decision will be made later and could go up to game time so I am lowering his projections. Be aware that he may not play and yet still could take a full load at least potentially. Hey, what did you expect? You already have him longer than last year anyway.

Oakland Raiders (3-4)
1 20-30 @NE 10 Nov 13 DEN
2 17-23 KCC 11 Nov 20 @WAS
3 20-23 @PHI 12 Nov 27 MIA
4 19-13 DAL 13 Dec 4 @SDC
5 Open Bye 14 Dec 11 @NYJ
6 14-27 SDC 15 Dec 18 CLE
7 38-17 BUF 16 Dec 24 @DEN
8 34-25 @TEN 17 Dec 31 NYG
9 Nov 6 @KCC . THU SAT
OAK at KC Rush Catch Pass
QB Kerry Collins 0 0 240,2
RB Lamont Jordan 70 40,1 0
TE Randall Williams 0 10 0
WR Randy Moss 0 40 0
WR Jerry Porter 0 80,1 0
WR Doug Gabriel 0 30 0
WR Alvis Whitted 0 10 0
PK S. Janikowski 2 FG 2 XP -
Pregame Notes: There's no doubt that the Raiders are playing better offensively even though Randy Moss remains banged up and only a part-time contributor. Lamont Jordan has been scoring every week and now even Jerry Porter has made it into the scoring column - twice even. This week will be a good test to see how far they have come since week two when Lamont Jordan was nearly as effective and the passing game still focused on getting the ball to Moss.

Quarterback: As expected, Kerry Collins comes off a great effort in Tennessee with 238 yards and three scores but he only had one touchdown in the three previous games. It is encouraging to see him spreading the ball around more now and using Porter once again. Collins threw for 263 yards and one score against the Chiefs earlier this year.

Running Backs: Lamont Jordan had his first score of the year when he ran for 59 yards on 15 carries against the Chiefs back in week two of the season. He has never failed to score at least once in any game since and has two 100+ yard games since that time. He also remains a huge part of the passing game as well and usually offers around 50 yards per week as one of the best receivers of all NFL running backs.

Wide Receivers: All is not right with Randy Moss. He was a surprise active for the game against the Bills and scored once but only had three catches for 26 yards against the Titans. He also had a bad hit to the head and took himself out of the game. Moss is not playing full time yet and remains more of a decoy than a weapon.

Jerry Porter came alive last week when he scored twice - his first touchdowns of the year and he ended with six catches for 123 yards despite only having seven passes thrown to him, the same amount he gets in most games. His matchup in Tennessee coupled with the partial absence of Moss allowed him to finally have a break out game against the same team he ravaged the previous year. Porter only had 68 yards and no score against the Chiefs earlier this year while Moss had 127 yards and a touchdown. That needs to be reversed this week. Doug Gabriel had three throws against the Titans and never caught any of them. That too needs to be reversed.

Tight Ends: The Raiders are now experimenting with both Randall Williams who converted from wideout to tight end and John Paul Foschi and neither of them are worth a roster spot on a fantasy squad.

Match Against the Defense: Lamont Jordan was only moderately successful earlier against the Chiefs and this game comes after Kansas City lost their previous game and are back at home. Expect good yardage from Jordan this week because he'll tack on receiving yardage if needed but his touchdown string should end - only three runners have scored on the Chiefs and none while visiting Kansas City.

Collins threw for 263 yards and one score last time against the Chiefs but Moss is banged up if not concussed this week. The good news is that Patrick Surtain's matchup on Jerry Porter may not happen since Surtain twisted his knee last week. That could be a major help on keeping Porter on the scoring track now that he finally has crossed the goal line this season.

Kansas City Chiefs (4-3)
1 27-7 NYJ 10 Nov 13 @BUF
2 23-17 @OAK 11 Nov 20 @HOU
3 10-30 @DEN 12 Nov 27 NE
4 31-37 PHI 13 Dec 4 DEN
5 Open Bye 14 Dec 11 @DAL
6 28-21 WAS 15 Dec 17 @NYG
7 30-20 @MIA 16 Dec 24 SDC
8 20-28 @SDC 17 Jan 1 CIN
9 Nov 6 OAK . MON SAT
KCC vs OAK Rush Catch Pass
QB Trent Green 0 0 240,1
RB Priest Holmes 40 10 0
RB Larry Johnson 80,2 20 0
TE Tony Gonzalez 0 60 0
WR Eddie Kennison 0 70,1 0
WR Chris Horn 0 20 0
WR Dante Hall 0 20 0
PK Lawrence Tynes 2 FG 3 XP -

Pregame Notes: The Chiefs fall to 4-3 with the loss to the Chargers and with that a serious blow to their hopes for competing for the AFC West title. A win here keeps at least wild card hopes alive and they already beat the Raiders in Oakland in week two 23-17. The Raiders are improved on offense since then but evidently, so is Trent Green and the passing game.

Quarterback: Finally, Trent Green had a game worthy of his 2004 status. Green threw for 347 yards and two scores against the Chargers in the losing effort and made good use of both Kennison and Gonzalez for the first time this season. Green only threw for 237 yards against the Raiders in week two with no scores and if the running game works here as it should, he will return to that level once again.

Running Backs: Last week we all saw what we expected this season - Priest Holmes lying on the ground writhing in pain after being tackled. But it wasn't his knee thankfully, it was "just" his head as he took a solid helmet-to-helmet shot that likely gave him a mild concussion and took him out of the game. In his place, Larry Johnson had 55 yards on six carries but the absence of the touchdown ability of Holmes hurt the comeback bid. Pending further reports, I assume Holmes will be good to play this week. He ran for 75 yards and Johnson gained 41 yards against the Raiders in week two and both scored one touchdown.

Wide Receivers: After two games of almost no catches, Eddie Kennison once again popped up as the star receiver for the Chiefs and had 109 yards and a score on seven catches against the Chargers. Chris Horn chipped in a surprising seven catches for 58 yards as his season best as well. Kennison only had 52 yards against the Raiders earlier this season. Outside of Kennison, there's really no wideouts of note on this team and Horn only has four other catches on the year to prove it. Dante Hall was actually the starting spit end last week but only had two catches for 16 yards.

Tight Ends: After waiting a mere eight weeks, fantasy owners had that third round draft pick pay something back last week when Tony Gonzalez had seven catches for 97 yards and one touchdown - his first of the season. Gonzalez only managed to turn in 44 yards on five catches against the Raiders in Oakland this year. The difference this meeting? Willie Roaf is back and Gonzo doesn't need to block as much.

Match Against the Defense: The Raider rush defense allowed 116 yards and two scores to Holmes and Johnson back in week two and they haven't really improved too much since then other than when they are at home. Expect a big game from Holmes here with enough left over to make Johnson worth a fantasy start as well.

Trent Green had only 237 yards and no score against the Raiders in the last meeting, but he has his offensive line back to health and more importantly, Charles Woodson is out with a broken leg which should free Hall/Parker/Horn up if they bother to throw to someone other than Kennison. Expect only a moderate passing game from Green here since the run will be showcased but if the Raiders can make this into a close game, it could become more of a shootout. With Moss ailing and the game in Kansas City, that's not likely.