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Quarterback Watch - Week 11
Scott Boyter
November 15, 2005
Top Ten Fantasy QB’s to own Comment
1 CIN Carson Palmer There’s no reason do drop Palmer, even though he had a bye. There could be one next week, however, as Palmer faces the tough Colt pass defense.
2 OAK Peyton Manning Manning is really close to once again claiming the No. 1 spot after outstanding performances the last two weeks. If he can duplicate those games against a real defense in Cincinnati, he could shoot to the top.
3 SD Drew Brees Brees will not be penalized for being on bye, even though a lot of fantasy teams were. But watch for a drop next week – he’ll face Buffalo’s No. 2 pass defense. Worse yet for Brees owners, the Bills are a pathetic No. 31 against the run, so they should see even more of a diet of L.T. than most teams do.
4 DEN Kerry Collins Collins came back strong with a 310-yard, two-TD game against Denver. Even though he had three interceptions, his numbers were good enough to where the picks didn’t hurt most owners. He should have a tough time against Washington’s No. 9 pass D, but then again, Chris Simms tore them up.
5 NE Tom Brady Damn, this guy’s boring. Just your normal 275-yard, two-TD day against Miami. If Brady has shown anything this season, it’s that there’s a 90 percent chance he will never hurt your fantasy team. That other 10 percent could rear its ugly head this week, though, since he faces the Saints’ fifth-ranked pass D.
6 NYG Eli Manning Unlike Collins, Manning did hurt your team with four interceptions, since he only had one TD. The brain lock he showed against the Vikings – at home, no less – was inexcusable. Logic says he’ll bounce back in The Meadowlands against Philadelphia’s suspect pass defense.
7 DEN Jake Plummer We expected a whole lot more out of Plummer than 205 yards and a score versus Oakland’s No. 23 pass defense. It won’t get any easier against the Jets, who rank seventh.
8 GB Brett Favre The guy just refuses to die. As soon as you count him out, he comes up with 252 and a score against Atlanta. And now that Samkon Gado has put together a second strong outing, defenses will have to respect Green Bay’s running attack. Add to that the probable return of Robert Ferguson, and you have the potential for serious numbers from Favre the rest of the season. That is, unless the Pack loses to Minnesota and the coaching staff decides it wants to see what Aaron Rodgers can do. Fat chance of that happening, though.
9 CAR Jake Delhomme Delhomme’s hanging on by the slimmest of threads. His numbers against the Jets (119 yards, one TD, one pick) should have immediately jettisoned him, but he’s still got Steve Smith. Unfortunately for Delhomme, even Smith may not be enough against Chicago’s ferocious D.
10 STL Marc Bulger Bulger came back strong from injury with 304 yards and a score against the Seahawks. It would have been about 350 and two scores if Torry Holt hadn't gotten a raindrop in his eye. With the favorable schedule he's got coming up, Bulger should put up great numbers the rest of the season.

(Note – this listing considers the rankings of QB’s if a draft was held today)

Climbing Up The Ladder

Chris Simms (TB) – Simms was simply unreal against a top 10 pass defense, firing for 279 yards and three scores versus the Redskins. He’s probably not worth risking against Atlanta on the road, but there are a whole lot worse options at this point in the season.

Gus Frerotte (MIA) – Let’s give the guy a pat on the back one time this season. After a 360-yard, two-TD explosion against the Patriots, he deserves it. But if you want to be cynical, that performance was more a reflection of how bad the Patriot pass D continues to be.

Kurt Warner (ARI) – Warner has put together two straight games of better than 330 yards, and there’s a really good chance Anquan Boldin will be back in Week 11. Plus the Cardinals play the Rams. The old guy is worth a serious, serious look.

Sliding Back

Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) – The unworldly performances of Shaun Alexander have struck a crippling blow to Hasselbeck’s numbers. You’d think he should torch San Francisco’s beleaguered pass defense next week, but Alexander’s been just too dominant.

Kyle Boller (BAL) – Welcome back, Kyle. Only Brooks Bollinger and San Francisco’s Cody Pickett had a worse QB rating. Raven fans will soon be clamoring for the glory days of Anthony Wright.

Trent Green (KC) – With everything he’s gone through the last couple of weeks, with the death of his father and an incredibly emotional game against the Raiders, it was understandable that Green would have a bad game. He should bounce back well against Houston’s No. 22 pass D.

Brooks Bollinger (NYJ) – So much for that stirring near miracle comeback against San Diego. Bollinger crashed back to earth against the Panthers with a paltry 98 yards and four interceptions. We will probably not mention him again this season.

Donovan McNabb (PHI) Not only did McNabb throw the interception that may have led to the end of the Eagles' season, he appeared to have seriously aggrivated the sports hernia that has dogged him for months. This is possibly the mother of all knee-jerk reactions, but for now McNabb looks like he could very well be done. At the very least, he could be looking at missing a week or two.