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Sunday Injury Updates and Inactives - Week 13
December 4, 2005     Last Update: 3:48PM ET

Updates will begin when teams start releasing pre-kickoff information to the league. This is typically about 30-90 minutes prior to the kickoff of their game. Be sure to refresh this page to get the most current information.

Atlanta @ Carolina - 1:00PM ET Kickoff

Dez White - Inactive for the Falcons today.

Buffalo @ Miami - 1:00PM ET Kickoff

Marty Booker - Has been deactivated for today's game.
Mark Campbell - Inactive today. Backup TE Tim Euhus starts.

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh - 1:00PM ET Kickoff

Ben Roelisberger - Will start in today's game but he will wear a glove and brace to protect his injured thumb.
Kelly Washington - Inactive for today's game.

Dallas @ NY Giants - 1:00PM ET Kickoff

WEATHER - Snow/rain expected today.
No player injuries of note for today's game.

Green Bay @ Chicago - 1:00PM ET Kickoff

Bubba Franks - Has recovered enough from injury to start today for the Packers today.

Houston @ Baltimore - 1:00PM ET Kickoff

Chester Taylor - Will be active for today's game.

Jacksonville @ Cleveland - 1:00PM ET Kickoff

WEATHER - Chance of snow today.
Fred Taylor - Out today and Greg Jones gets another start.
Charlie Frye - The rookie will get the start at QB for the Browns today over Trent Dilfer who is dealing with a pair of bum knees.

Minnesota @ Detroit - 1:00PM ET Kickoff

Kevin Jones - Has be deactivated for today's game. Shawn Bryson has been announced as the stater.
Charles Rogers
- Inactive for today's game.
Troy Williamson - The rookie has once again been deactivated for today's game.
Jeff Garcia - Gets the start over Joey Harrington today against the Vikings.

Tampa Bay @ New Orleans - 1:00PM ET Kickoff

Matt Bryant - Will not play today because of a strained hamstring. Todd France will kick in his place.
Az-Zahir Hakim - Inactive today.

Tennessee @ Indianapolis - 1:00PM ET Kickoff

Brandon Jones - Out with a knee injury. Rookie Roydell Williams will make the start at WR.
Chris Brown - Dealing with an ankle injury, made it through pre-game warmups without a problem and will start today.

Arizona @ San Francisco - 4:05PM ET Kickoff

Kevan Barlow - Inactive for today's game. Maurice Hick gets the start.
Neil Rackers - Will not play in today's game because of an injured calf. Nick Novak has been signed to do the kicking.
Joe Nedney - Will be inactive for today's game because of a sore groin. Jose Cortez will kick in his place.
Marcel Shipp - Inactive today. J.J. Arrington gets the start.
Arnaz Battle - Inactive today for the Niners.

Washington @ St. Louis - 4:05PM ET Kickoff

James Thrash - Has been deactivated for today's game.
Ladell Betts - Inactive today.
Mark Bulger - Inactive for today's game.
Jamie Martin - Inactive today.

Denver @ Kansas City - 4:15PM ET Kickoff

Tatum Bell - Missed last week's game with a bruised chest but will play in today's game at KC.

NY Jets @ New England - 4:15PM ET Kickoff

WEATHER - Snow expected today.
Corey Dillon - A game time decision again, however he's expected to play barring a setback in pre-game warm-ups.
Patrick Pass - Inacive today.
Heath Evans - Inactive today.

Sunday Night Game: Oakland @ San Diego

Monday Night Game: Seattle @ Philadelphia