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David Dorey
The Huddle
December 28, , 2005
Season Ticket
Sat 4:30 PM Sun 1 PM Sun 1 PM Sun 1 PM SEA at GB*
DEN at SD* ARI at IND CHI at MIN* NO at TB WAS at PHI*
Sat 8 PM BAL at CLE CIN at KC Sun 4 PM Sun 8:30 PM
Updated* CAR at ATL MIA at NE TEN at JAC* Times ET

Prediction: Buffalo 20, New York Jet 17

The Bills won 27-17 in week six when the Jets came to Buffalo. The only notable outcome of this game is where both teams will draft in April. If the Texans beat the 49ers, the Jets horrible year could produce a very nice draft pick.

Update: It now appears likely that Kelly Holcomb will take the start and that J.P. Losman will sit this game out. I am swapping over to Holcomb though it is not official yet. Holcomb has taken the majority of snaps with the first team this week.

Buffalo Bills (5-10)
1 22-7 HOU 10 14-3 KCC
2 3-19 @TBB 11 10-48 @SDC
3 16-24 ATL 12 9-13 CAR
4 7-19 @NOR 13 23-24 @MIA
5 20-14 MIA 14 7-35 NE
6 27-17 NYJ 15 17-28 DEN
7 17-38 @OAK 16 37-27 @CIN
8 16-21 @NE 17 Jan 1 @NYJ
9 Open Bye . . SAT
BUF Projections Rush Catch Pass
QB Kelly Holcomb 0 0 200,1
RB Willis McGahee 70,1 0 0
TE Mark Campbell 0 20 0
WR Eric Moulds 0 70 0
WR Lee Evans 0 60,1 0
WR Josh Reed 0 30 0
PK Rian Lindell 2 FG 2 XP -
Pregame Notes: After struggling to mount any offense for the entire year, the Bills waited until last week to spring the biggest upset of the week on the Bengals in Cincinnati. The Bills have already handled the Jets once this year and that was ten weeks ago when there were a lot more Jets than there are now.

Quarterback: Kelly Holcomb has started the last two games with better results that J.P. Losman had been getting prior to injuring his shoulder. Holcomb comes off the team's best passing game of the year when he threw for 308 yards and one score against the Bengals last week but Losman is likely to return this week. There is nothing to win here and Losman could use the work.

Holcomb threw for 172 yards and two scores in the previous meeting with the Jets.

Running Backs: Even with the big effort last week, Willis McGahee still only gained 66 yards on 23 carries and has not topped 81 yards since week eight. McGahee ran for 143 yards on 29 carries and scored once when the Bills visited the Jets in week six - it has been his best game of the season.

Wide Receivers: Finally both Lee Evans (5-107, 1 TD) and Eric Moulds (10-99) both come off great showing the previous week. Evans had been the favorite of Losman while Holcomb leaned towards Moulds. Now with Losman likely back, Moulds will probably fall back again. Moulds had seven catches for 63 yards and one score in the previous meeting with the Jets while Evans only had three receptions for 22 yards.

Tight Ends: Not one score the entire season.

Match Against the Defense: Though McGahee has never ran as well as when he faced the Jets, he has been only moderately successful in the second half of the season and has only scored once. The Jets rushing defense has improved since that week six meeting, never allowing more than 77 yards to a runner for the last four games. Look for only moderate numbers here from McGahee with a chance of one score.

Losman, provided he starts, goes against a secondary that has allowed most opponents to score at least once or more through the air but rarely does any wideout have a big game. The Jets have not allowed any wideout to turn in more than 87 yards against them this year. Look for a lower passing effort this week.

New York Jets (3-12)
1 7-27 @KCC 10 3-30 @CAR
2 17-7 MIA 11 0-27 @DEN
3 20-26 JAC 12 19-21 NOR
4 3-13 @BAL 13 3-16 @NE
5 14-12 TBB 14 26-10 OAK
6 17-27 @BUF 15 20-24 @MIA
7 14-27 @ATL 16 21-31 NE
8 Open Bye 17 Jan 1 BUF
9 26-31 SDC . . MON
NYJ vs BUF Rush Catch Pass
QB Brooks Bollinger 0 0 190,1
RB Cedric Houston 80,1 0 0
TE Doug Jolley 0 40 0
WR Laveranues Coles 0 60,1 0
WR Justin McCareins 0 50 0
WR Jerricho Cotchery 0 30 0
PK Mike Nugent 1 FG 2 XP -

Pregame Notes: And so the brutal season ends with a 1-9 record over the last ten games and a perfect 0-8 road streak intact. After five starting quarterbacks and the loss of Curtis Martin, this team finally heads to port with a decent defense cloaked by a terrible offense that has never had a chance at continuity this season.

Quarterback: Brooks Bollinger had a monster game of 327 yards and two scores against the Dolphins in week 15 but only managed 100 yards on Monday against the Patriots. That 100 yard performance is much closer to his average than the 327. To his credit, Bollinger has throw a score in each of the last three games. Vinny Testaverde came in last week when there was only three and a half minutes left to play and mounted a scoring drive to secure him as the only quarterback to throw at least one touchdown in 19 straight seasons.

Running Backs: While the coaching staff has been pleased with Cedric Houston, the rookie only managed to gain 14 yards on five carries last week against the Patriots. Houston's best game was his 84 yards on 15 carries against the Fins but he has only scored once since Martin left three weeks ago.

Curtis Martin ran for 148 yards and a score in the last meeting with the Bills.

Wide Receivers: While it waited until the fourth quarter last week, Laveranues Coles had his first two touchdown game of the year and his 71 yards on five catches against the Patriots was the best game since back in week five. Justin McCareins has only provided around 40 to 50 yards a week in a possession role but in the unusual event that there is a Bollinger touchdown pass, it invariably goes to Coles. The second score last Monday came from Testaverde in the final drive.

Coles had six catches for 89 yards in the previous meeting with the Bills.

Tight Ends: Doug Jolley had his best game of the year when he had nine catches for 102 yards and one score against the Dolphins. And then last week he had no catches. Such are the ways of the Jets this year.

Doug Jolley turned in three receptions for 46 yards when the Jets came to Buffalo in week five.

Match Against the Defense: This is the final game and the Jets would dearly love to pull off a win but Houston has not been running any better than Martin had when the Jets lost to the Bills earlier this year. Expect moderate numbers from Houston but with a shot at one score.

Bollinger usually throws one touchdown even though the yards are lacking. Safest bet is Coles once again though with so few passes it could go anywhere.