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IDP Top Plays - Week 4
Brent Clement
September 29, 2006


Rank Player  Team      vs     Comments
1 Ray Lewis BAL SDC The Chargers are going to run LT all day, and guess who will be waiting.
2 Keith Bullock TEN DAL Once Dallas gets the lead, expect a heavy dose of the run, and a ton of mop up stats for Bullock.
3 DeMeco Ryans HOU MIA The Rookie will be making plays sideline to sideline vs Ronnie Brown and the Phins. 
4 Mike Peterson JAC WAS Peterson finally gets a team that runs the ball, and will reward his fantasy owners.
5 London Fletcher BUF MIN Fletcher seems to be getting better with age. Even with Crowell next to him, he still puts up huge #'s
6 Jonathon Vilma NYJ IND Vilma will make enough plays vs the Colts passing game to be effective.
7 Bart Scott BAL SDC Scott has been a stud to date, and nothing looks to change that anytime soon.
8 Zach Thomas MIA HOU Thomas is a top 3 LB, but not this week vs the pass happy Texans.
9 Brian Simmons CIN NEP Simmons owners just got some good news. Suspended MLB Odell Thurman is now out for the season.
10 Lemar Marshall WAS JAC Marshall has been up and down thus far, but expect big numbers this week.
11 Gerald Hayes ARZ ATL Hayes is starting inside, and vs the Atlanta running game, may be too low on this list.
12 Brian Urlacher CHI SEA The Hawks will use 4 and 5 WR sets, which will lead Urlacher and Co. to get to Hassleback.
13 Lofa Tatupu SEA CHI Lofa is on the verge of putting it together for a full game, this looks to be that week.
14 Derek Smith SF KCC The 9er LB corp. will be busy stopping the LJ Express, especially without Trent Green again.
15 Nick Barnett GBP PHI Barnett will be active covering Westbrook out of the backfield, and stopping the Birds rushing game.
16 Keith Brooking ATL ARZ Brooking stays inside another week, and should have another productive game for his fantasy owners.
17 Ernie Sims DET STL Sims may be in for a long day, as opposing OLB have struggled vs the Rams offense thus far. 
18 Will Witherspoon STL DET Witherspoon drops a bit because the Lions need to pass late to stay in this match up.
19 Scott Fujita NOS CAR Fujita has been the most productive LB to date, and this doesn't look to change until Clark starts inside.
20 Angelo Crowell BUF MIN Crowell is a weekly must start, and will most likely outperform some ahead of him on this list.
21 Gary Brackett IND NYJ Brackett falls this week because the Jets will be forced to pass to keep up with the Colts.
22 Andra Davis CLE OAK Davis hasn't put up his usual numbers to date, but be patient. Its just a matter of time.
23 Kirk Morrison OAK  CLE Morrison could have a huge game if the Browns can keep the ball longer than 3 plays and a punt. 
24 Lance Briggs CHI SEA Briggs is listed because of his potential in this match up. But could easily have a sub par game.
25 Jeremiah Trotter PHI GBP If Trotter stays at home on the screen pass, he will be productive. If not,  he probably will not be.

Defensive Linemen

Rank Player  Team      vs     Comments
1 Julius Peppers CAR NOS Peppers has taken over as the best DL in the game, again.
2 Terrell Suggs BAL SDC Suggs is having a strong season, and should add big stats this week vs the Bolts.
3 Jason Taylor MIA HOU Houston has given up half as many sacks as last year at this time, but things may change Sunday.
4 Derrick Burgess OAK CLE Burgess has had a week off to stew over a poor performance in week 2.
5 Ty Warren NEP CIN Warren has been the surprise DL thus far. As he is averaging over 5 tackles per game.
6 Jared Allen KCC SF Allen is another coming off Bye, who should be in for a big day vs the 49er O-Line. 
7 Trent Cole PHI GBP Cole's increased playing time, should help him keep up this amazing pace.
8 Kyle Vanden Bosch TEN DAL Vanden Bosch benefits statistically from his poor offense turning the ball over to the opposing team.
9 Justin Smith CIN NEP Smith is on the verge of a big payday at seasons end. Expect these stats to continue in his contract year.
10 Richard Seymour NEP CIN The NE pass rush will need to get to Palmer, or it could be a long day for the Pats.
11 Aaron Kampman GBP PHI Kampman may not sack the elusive McNabb, but he will be active in run support.
12 Robert Mathis IND NYJ Mathis benefits from playing opposite of Freeney. Teams also run at Mathis. 
13 Charles Grant NOS CAR Grant paid off for owners last Monday Night, but can he duplicate that nice game?
14 Shaun Rogers DET STL Rogers has been a force inside, and that looks to continue this week vs the Rams.
15 John Henderson JAC WAS Henderson is another playmaker from the DT position who could have a huge week 4.
16 Adewale Ogunleye CHI SEA If Tommie Harris can get to the Qb from his DT position, it opens things up for the Bears DE
17 Will Smith NOS CAR Smith is in for a nice match up vs the Panthers.  Question is will he show up for it?
18 James Hall DET STL Expect a heavy does of Steven Jackson vs the Lions this week.
19 Leonard Little STL DET This player is going to eat the lunch of the Detroit O-Line and get a sack or two.
20 Aaron Schobel BUF MIN Sooner or later Schobel will break out.  He is known as a slow starter, but this is getting ridiculous.
21 Darnell Dockett ARZ ATL Dockett has quietly had a solid statistical season. He should be active this week for sure.
22 Vonnie Holliday MIA HOU Holliday posted a goose egg last week, but Id expect a rebound this week.
23 Alex Brown CHI SEA Same goes for Brown, the pass rush inside keeps the double team off the defensive ends.
24 Tamba Hali KCC SF Hali has the potential to but up better numbers than #1 overall pick Mario Williams.
25 Mike Patterson PHI GBP I wouldn't expect any more TDs from the big DL, but he is a tackling machine.

Defensive Backs

Rank Player  Team      vs     Comments
1 Adrian Wilson ARZ ATL Atlanta is hungry to get back to what they do, run the ball at will on opposing defenses.
2 Kerry Rhodes NYJ IND Rhodes could very well be the top scoring DB in every league format, at seasons end.
3 Chris Hope TEN DAL Hope is another virtual unknown before this season, who is making a name for himself in fantasy.
4 Antoine Winfield MIN BUF Winfield will want to have a huge game vs his former team, the Bills.
5 Nick Collins GBP PHI Collins is improving each week, and on the verge of stardom in the Green Bay secondary.
6 Michael Lewis PHI GBP Lewis has had an up and down season to date, but Favre will be chunking it early and often.
7 Charles Tillman CHI SEA Tillman isn't getting picked on as much, but that changes this week with Seattle coming to town.
8 Rodney Harrison NEP CIN Harrison will be a force in run support,  and in coverage separating WRs from the ball.
9 Adam Archuleta WAS JAC Archuleta will be the 8th man in the box to stop the Jags running game.
10 Rashean Mathis JAC WAS Mathis is questionable, but is expected to play. So watch the Sunday morning injury report.
11 Roman Harper NOS CAR Harper was all over the field last Monday night, but will have his work cut out for him this week.
12 Glenn Earl HOU MIA Earl is hit or miss most weeks, but should be huge vs the run this week.
13 David Barrett NYJ IND Few outside of NY, or his fantasy owners know who he is.  But he is a top 5 CB to date.
14 Sean Jones CLE OAK Jones is finally showing his versatility in Romeo Crennels defense. Expect a big year from Sean.
15 Roy Williams DAL TEN Roy will make the most of the downs he is on the field, and should force a fumble in this one.
16 Ken Hamlin SEA CHI The Hammer will set the tone defensively for the Hawks in this match up.
17 Antrel Rolle ARZ ATL The Falcons won't be passing much, but Rolle is excellent in run support.
18 Brian Dawkins PHI GBP Dawkins is a bit nicked up, but will play. He will be blitzing of the edge of Favre's blindside.
19 Marlin Jackson IND NYJ Jackson isn't even a starter, but is putting up starting Fantasy stats each week.
20 Marquand Manuel GBP PHI I wouldn't expect another TD this week, but Manuel should be in for a solid game without it.
21 Michael Bouleware SEA CHI The Bears will attempt to control time of possession, which benefits all the Hawks defenders.
22 Chris Gamble CAR NOS Gamble will have the task of slowing down the promising rookie WR/TE Colston.
23 Dunta Robinson HOU MIA Dunta is strong in run support from his CB position, but this week he will be on Chambers all day.
24 Oshiomogho Atogwe STL DET Detroit will test the Rams secondary. If St. Louis is to win this week, their secondary will have to step up.
25 Bob Sanders IND NYJ Sanders is questionable again, but as of today looks like a go for Sunday.
26 Madieu Williams CIN NEP Williams will have his hands full with Ben Watson and the Pats running game.