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October 25, 2006
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BAL at NO SF at CHI NYJ at CLE NE at MIN  
HOU at TEN TB at NYG PIT at OAK   updated

Prediction: SEA 10, KC 24

This game certainly takes a different tone now that Matt Hasselbeck won't be playing. Alexander should be back this week but on the road in Arrowhead won't be a great place to get back on track, particularly when he takes his handoffs from Seneca Wallace now. The Chiefs gutted out a wonderful shootout win over the Chargers last week and have zero margin for error. This is an interesting game but playing in KC with the Seattle offense needing to make yet more adjustments is just too much to expect.

Update: There was a report that Damon Huard strained his groin in practice on Thursday but it has not been mentioned by HC Herman Edwards in his post-practice press conference. Pending confirmation that Huard is indeed injured and if that will effect his playing status on Sunday, I will update the projections yet again late Friday to reflect that. The only other healthy quarterback on the team is Brodie Croyle but is obviously premature to assume anything until further information is gathered - if it even exists. I am not changing Huard's projections until then.

Seattle Seahawks (4-2)
1 9-6 @DET 10 --- STL
2 21-10 ARZ 11 --- @SF
3 42-30 NYG 12 --- GB
4 6-37 @CHI 13 --- @DEN
5 Open Bye 14 --- @ARZ
6 30-28 @STL 15 --- SF
7 13-31 MIN 16 --- SD
8 --- @KC 17 --- @TB
9 --- OAK - MON THU
SEA at KC Rush Catch Pass
QB Seneca Wallace 10,1 0 180
RB Maurice Morris 50 10 0
RB Mack Strong 10 20 0
TE Jeremy Stevens 0 10 0
WR Darrell Jackson 0 50 0
WR Deion Branch 0 60 0
WR Nate Burleson 0 20 0
PK Josh Brown 2 FG 1 XP -
Pregame Notes: Seattle is finding out this year what so many other franchises could have told them last season - being snake bitten with injuries makes that road to the Super Bowl like driving through the seedy part of town in a convertible while counting a fistful of cash at every stoplight. It just doesn't make it any easier to get where you think you are going. Having Alexander return will be a big benefit to be sure, but if you think he attracted attention before, wait for his non-Hasselbeck period to get underway.

Quarterback: Matt Hasselbeck has partially torn his MCL and will miss at least two and likely up to four games as he recovers. Seneca Wallace gets the start now and the Seahawks find out what happens when you try to save money by having an untested quarterback instead of a veteran back-up. Wallace did complete 14 of 25 passes against the Vikings last week but he had two interceptions and one lost fumble without scoring. On the plus side, he threw 15 times to Jackson and Branch and connected on seven of them for 90 yards. On the road to Arrowhead, his challenge is no easier this week.

Running Backs: Shaun Alexander said he could have played last week but the coaching staff held him out. Hitting the road to Kansas City will not be the best spot to resume his season and until I gather he is certain to play, I will project for Maurice Morris to start again though the official word has not been given yet. The Seahawks may be better served holding him out until the Raiders come to town next week but Holmgren would be conceding this week with a road game using just Wallace and Morris.

Wide Receivers: When Hasselbeck went out at the start of the third quarter last week, Darrell Jackson already had three catches for 94 yards and one score (72 yard touchdowns being kind to the box score stats) and Deion Branch had just one catch for 12 yards. Wallace played for basically the entire second half and primarily used the wideout duo, throwing eight times to Jackson for four catches and 42 yards and seven times to Branch for three receptions and 48 yards. It's encouraging that perhaps the two wideouts won't lose too much production with Hasselbeck gone, but on the road to Kansas City this week won't be a great place for a first start either.

Tight Ends: Jeremy Stevens is finally back and took over the starting role in the second half last week. Unfortunately, he had two passes and no catches. Figure on the tight ends helping more with the blocking for now.

Match Against the Defense: The Chiefs rushing defense has been decent to good this year and their ranking comes as much from giving up receiving yardage to backs as rushing yards - and Seattle doesn't throw much to their backs. If Morris plays here, he won't likely score or top 50 rushing yards. Tomlinson and Gore both had about 65 rushing yards at Arrowhead this year.

Seneca Wallace is a big unknown obviously and the Chiefs are already top five against quarterbacks. Look for a down game here to be sure but Wallace should manage some yards and even one score if only in trash time. If Alexander does not play, it's going to be a long afternoon for Wallace.

RANKS (1-32, 1 = BEST) TEAM    QB   RB   WR   TE   PK  DEF
Gaining Fantasy Points SEA 9 27 5 28 12 17
Preventing Fantasy Points KC 4 22 18 4 24 20


Kansas City Chiefs (3-3)
1 10-23 CIN 10 --- @MIA
2 6-9 @DEN 11 --- OAK
3 Open Bye 12 --- DEN
4 41-0 SF 13 --- @CLE
5 23-20 @ARZ 14 --- BAL
6 7-45 @PIT 15 --- @SD
7 30-27 SD 16 --- @OAK
8 --- SEA 17 --- JAX
9 --- @STL - THU SAT
KCC vs SEA Rush Catch Pass
QB Damon Huard 0 0 220,1
RB Larry Johnson 110,2 40 0
TE Tony Gonzalez 0 30 0
WR Eddie Kennison 0 80,1 0
WR Samie Parker 0 40 0
WR Dante Hall 0 20 0
PK Lawrence Tynes 1 FG 3 XP -

Pregame Notes: The Chiefs sense of timing is impeccable catching the Seahawks perhaps weaker than they have ever been in the last five years or more. The win over the Chargers last week pumped some much needed confidence into the team and they've scored an average of 35 points in each of the last two home games. The Seattle offense may have taken major hits, but the defense is still intact and won't let this game get too far out of hand.

Quarterback: Trent Green has been cleared to return to practice this week for the first time since sustaining a severe concussion in the season opener. He's still expected to need two more weeks before he will play. Damon Huard is starting to get the hang of this starting quarterback thing and has thrown for two scores in three of the last four games. Other than the road game in Pittsburgh, he's been staying above the 200 yard mark each week as well.

Running Backs: After starting slowly, Larry Johnson has scored in each of the last four games and has six scores on the year. Important this week - he only had two efforts over 100 yards and both game in home games. He only has two games with two touchdowns - same home games. If the Seattle offense struggles, Johnson could rack up some nice numbers this week if only thanks to volume of carries.

Wide Receivers: Eddie Kennison turned in his second touchdown of the year last week but he only had 30 yards against the Chargers and had only one game this year where he went above 57 yards. He's just a possession guy now but still good for the odd score. Samie Parker, unlike the rest of the team, has only one decent game this year and that came against the Steelers when he had five catches for 72 yards. More typically he is turning in only around 30 or 40 yards per week.

Tight Ends: Tony Gonzalez comes off his best game of the year when he had six catches for 138 yards against the Chargers last week. His numbers came mainly from a 57 yard catch and then adding two caches for 31 yards on the final drive of the game. Prior to last week, Gonzalez has been languishing in near obscurity with Huard at the helm.

Match Against the Defense: The Seattle rush defense has been good this year and hadn't given up a 100 yard runner until last week when Chester Taylor peeled off a 95 yard run. But Seattle has given up at least one rushing score in each of the last three games and that seems like a lock this week in a game that should turn into heavy running by the Chiefs. Look for a nice game here from Johnson that could turn to a big one if Seattle throws in the towel early enough.

Huard faces a secondary that has allowed each of the last five opponents to pass for at least one score and three of the last four have had two more. The Chiefs need the win this week and will score via the pass that should strongly favor a wideout like McCardell. If Huard throws more than one score, it means that the Seahawks have exceeded expectations and made this into a higher scoring game.

RANKS (1-32, 1 = BEST) TEAM    QB   RB   WR   TE   PK  DEF
Gaining Fantasy Points KC 25 9 28 8 17 22
Preventing Fantasy Points SEA 20 10 29 13 14 27