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November 29, 2006
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Sunday night
ATL at WAS MIN at CHI   TB at PIT Updated

Prediction: DAL 27, NYG 20

The Cowboys come off a big-time thumping of the Buccaneers and have had an extra three days to prepare this week. The Giants have lost their last three and are battling a total meltdown after last week's collapse against the Titans. There could not be a bigger game for either franchise. If the Giants win, they will again tie the Cowboys for the division lead and hold the first tie breaker. If the Cowboys win, they will have a two game lead over the Giants who will likely never get over their fourth straight loss. It is stand and deliver time for the Giants and this match-up appears much different than the first one. The Giants won 36-22 in Dallas back in week 7.

Dallas Cowboys (7-4)
1 17-24 @JAX 10 27-10 @ARZ
2 27-10 WAS 11 21-14 IND
3 Open Bye 12 38-10 TB
4 45-14 @TEN 13 --- @NYG
5 24-38 @PHI 14 --- NO
6 34-6 HOU 15 --- @ATL
7 22-36 NYG 16 --- PHI
8 35-14 @CAR 17 --- DET
9 19-22 @WAS M THU SAT
DAL at NYG Rush Catch Pass
QB Tony Romo 0 0 270,2
RB Julius Jones 40 10 0
RB Marion Barber 30,1 10 0
TE Jason Witten 0 40,1 0
WR Terrell Owens 0 100,1 0
WR Terry Glenn 0 80 0
WR Patrick Crayton 0 20 0
PK Martin Gramatica 2 FG 3 XP -
Pregame Notes: Thanks to the Romoization of the offense, the Cowboys are now the second highest scoring team in the NFL with 309 points. Only the Chargers have more. The running game is clicking along even if it needs two players to get it done and the passing game has never been better (like ever since Romo just tied the franchise record for touchdown passes in a game). The defense has not allowed more than 14 points in the last three games including the Colts match-up.

Quarterback: As if the fires of Romo-mania in Dallas needing any fanning, his 308 yard, five touchdown game on Thanksgiving seemingly has the media already reserving his spot on the Ring of Honor. What Tony Romo has enjoyed is a fairly kind slate of games for his starting stretch and against the Colts he had no scores.

When Romo played against the Giants in week seven, it was when he replaced Bledsoe and threw for 227 yards and two scores with three interceptions. He has only had two interceptions in the next five successive games. Other than his one Colts game when the Cowboys elected to use the rushing game heavily, Romo has not thrown for less than 270 yards in a game.

Running Backs: Not only do the Cowboys like their rotation of Julius Jones and Marion Barber, last week saw the Cowboys get a big early lead and Jones was only given a season low 11 carries in the game. While he gained 40 yards, Marion Barber had 16 carries for 83 yards and caught two passes - both touchdowns. This offense will run Jones right up to the endzone and then trot in Barber who has scored 11 touchdowns this year - twice in each of the last two games.

Troubling for the Jones owners is that he has not rushed for 100 yards in the last six games. Barber has been the more productive play for fantasy teams thanks to his scoring.

Jones only gamed 30 yards on 13 carries against the Giants in week seven while Barber gained only 29 yards on six runs. Neither back scored that week.

Wide Receivers: The red-hot Romo last week had big benefits for the wideouts. Terry Glenn returned and look healthy again as he turned four catches into 89 yards and two scores while Terrell Owens had eight catches for 107 yards and a score. Owens now has eight touchdowns on the season and two games over 100 yards - both with Romo.

In the previous game against the Giants, Glenn only had four catches for 42 yards while Owens had six receptions for 98 yards and one score.

Tight Ends: Jason Witten only had three catches for 30 yards last week and has really tailed off in the last couple of games. In the previous match-up with the Giants, Witten had four catches for 72 yards.

Match Against the Defense: The Giants defense has hit a hard stretch as of late and yet the Cowboys are likely not going to be able to just run the ball to win. The Giants at home in a desperate game should put up a solid rush defense much as they have all season. Look for barely moderate numbers here with one rushing score for Barber.

Romo will have to win this game and thankfully the Giants secondary has allowed about 250 passing yards to each of the last three opponents and considering that they were CHI, JAX and TEN, that is not too impressive. Romo already had a decent game against the Giants last time and that was playing only the second half. He's better this time around, weather permitting, and should continue his nice streak with three scores. One of those should end up with Witten who is due and the Giants are bad against tight ends.

RANKS (1-32, 1 = BEST) TEAM    QB   RB   WR   TE   PK  DEF
Gaining Fantasy Points DAL 5 5 4 16 9 4
Preventing Fantasy Points NYG 31 9 13 26 12 11


New York Giants (6-5)
1 21-26 IND 10 20-38 CHI
2 30-24 @PHI 11 10-26 @JAX
3 30-42 @SEA 12 21-24 @TEN
4 Open Bye 13 --- DAL
5 19-3 WAS 14 --- @CAR
6 27-14 @ATL 15 --- PHI
7 36-22 @DAL 16 --- NO
8 17-3 TB 17 --- @WAS
9 14-10 HOU - MON SAT
NYG vs DAL Rush Catch Pass
QB Eli Manning 0 0 190,1
RB Tiki Barber 90 40 0
RB Brandon Jacobs 20,1 0 0
TE Jeremy Shockey 0 50,1 0
WR David Tyree 0 10 0
WR Plaxico Burress 0 80 0
WR Tim Carter 0 10 0
PK Jay Feeley 2 FG 2 XP -

Pregame Notes: Times are tough in New York with a three game losing streak and the players talking publicly about the coaching. Even HC Tom Coughlin threw Manning under the bus after last week's loss. The team had a players-only meeting to air out the differences but this is a team on the verge of a collapse, not the least of which is that killer of a coach "losing" his team. If the Giants lose here, consider Coughlin as unemployed after this season. Then again, that may not be much motivation for the Giants to pull off a win here.

Quarterback: Eli Manning's season continues to spiral downward thanks to an offensive line that cannot contain the pass rush lately and receivers that have a case of the drops. Manning hasn't had a truly decent game in the last five weeks nor has he had more than one score in any game. Even his yardage remains below 200 in six of the last seven efforts. The loss of Toomer hurt, but maybe not as much as the losses on the offensive line. Throw in a coach that appears to no longer back his quarterback and this is not a recipe for success. Manning has thrown two interceptions in each of the last three losses.

Manning had 189 yards and two scores in Dallas this year.

Running Backs: After complaining how he was misused in week 11 after only getting ten carries that gained 27 yards against the Jaguars, Tiki Barber had his highest amount of carries in the last month last Sunday. He ran 25 times - but he only gained 82 yards and of course never scored. Barber did have five catches for 30 yards. But Barber always plays better at home where he topped 100 yards in the last two games there. He just almost never actually scores a touchdown. Barber is a veteran player who has been vocal about his unhappiness with the coaching.

Barber ran for 114 yards on 27 carries against the Cowboys in week seven while Jacobs scored once and gained 40 yards on 10 carries.

Wide Receivers: The loss of Toomer has meant that Plaxico Burress is the main focus for Manning and no other wideout here has any real fantasy value. David Tyree was the only other wideout with a catch last week and that ended with just two receptions for 16 yards. Burress scored last Sunday for the seventh time this year but he has been dropping far too many passes along the way. Burress only caught two passes in Dallas this season but gained 94 yards and scored once. That was his best game in the last eight weeks. It either happens for Burress or it happens for no wideout in this crew.

Tight Ends: Jeremy Shockey dislocated his left ring finger just prior to the Titans game that actually broke through his skin and required stitches but he still played. He ended with five catches for 39 yards so think about that the next time you get a paper cut. Shockey only had two receptions for 23 yards in Dallas but scored once.

Match Against the Defense: Barber always runs best at home and he'll have plenty of motivation. But the Cowboys have been solid against the run this year and more so lately so expect Barber to need receiving yards to crest the 100 yard mark. Jacobs should manage at least one score here as well.

Manning may need a big game here but outside of Burress and Shockey he is not getting much help. Look for one passing score from Manning to favor Shockey despite his bad finger and for Burress to actually catch enough passes to turn in a respectable game. Outside of that duo no one matters and all defenses have caught on to that by now.

RANKS (1-32, 1 = BEST) TEAM    QB   RB   WR   TE   PK  DEF
Gaining Fantasy Points NYG 21 8 16 11 20 15
Preventing Fantasy Points DAL 10 8 10 20 7 23