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December 20, 2006
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Sunday Late
Sunday Late
updated IND at HOU TEN at BUF CIN at DEN NYJ at MIA

Prediction: KC 20, OAK 3

The loss to the Chargers drops the Chiefs to 7-9 and likely has ended their playoff hopes. The Raiders are finally settling to the bottom officially now and the players cannot even hope to make their resumes look good in these final two weeks. This could be the first time that a game doesn't happen because everyone called in sick.

The Chiefs won 17-12 when they hosted the Raiders in week 11.

Kansas City Chiefs (7-9)
1 10-23 CIN 10 10-13 @MIA
2 6-9 @DEN 11 17-13 OAK
3 Open Bye 12 19-10 DEN
4 41-0 SF 13 28-31 @CLE
5 23-20 @ARZ 14 10-20 BAL
6 7-45 @PIT 15 9-20 @SD
7 30-27 SD 16 --- @OAK
8 35-28 SEA 17 --- JAX
9 31-17 @STL - THU SAT
KCC at OAK Rush Catch Pass
QB Trent Green 0 0 150
RB Larry Johnson 150,2 20 0
TE Tony Gonzalez 0 50 0
WR Eddie Kennison 0 40 0
WR Samie Parker 0 20 0
WR Dante Hall 0 10 0
PK Lawrence Tynes 2 FG 2 XP -
Pregame Notes: The Chiefs could still end 9-7 on the season but that may not be enough to get into the playoffs in the AFC this year - at least not without a lot of help that is unrealistic to happen. But it is the first year for Herman Edwards who will want to end on a positive note. Larry Johnson is still within striking distance of the rushing lead so long as Tomlinson stops popping 85-yard runs and sits out the final week. Having Johnson get the rushing title will be tough but it is about all that is left to win this year.

Quarterback: Take away the one game against the Browns and Trent Green's season has been a disaster. He has thrown for a score in only two of six games played and he has six interceptions against only five touchdowns - four of those all coming in one game. Green threw for just 102 yards and no scores against the visiting Raiders in week 11. Chances are great Green will just be handing off again this week.

Running Backs: Larry Johnson is now 110 yards behind Tomlinson for the rushing lead and the Raiders could be key in cutting down the margin. Johnson ran for 154 yards and two scores on 31 carries against the Raiders this year.

Wide Receivers: No wideout had more than 44 yards in the previous match-up against the Raiders because Johnson was running so well. No reason why that won't happen again this week.

Tight Ends: Tony Gonzalez was out for the last game against the Raiders and he had 44 yards on five catches in Oakland last year. He's been good for at least 30 yards in each game since Green returned.

Match Against the Defense: There is no reason to expect anything less than a big effort here by Johnson since he's already ripped the Raiders up earlier this year and Oakland is even worse than they were back in week 11. Look for big yardage and at least two scores here. Green could end up throwing for a score but it won't be needed.

RANKS (1-32, 1 = BEST) TEAM    QB   RB   WR   TE   PK  DEF
Gaining Fantasy Points KC 29 6 29 2 15 30
Preventing Fantasy Points OAK 1 25 3 6 24 32


Oakland Raiders (2-12)
1 0-27 SD 10 13-17 DEN
2 6-28 @BAL 11 13-17 @KC
3 Open Bye 12 14-21 @SD
4 21-24 CLE 13 14-23 HOU
5 20-34 @SF 14 10-27 @CIN
6 3-13 @DEN 15 0-20 STL
7 22-9 ARZ 16 --- KC
8 20-13 PIT 17 --- @NYJ
9 0-16 @SEA - MON SAT
OAK vs OAK Rush Catch Pass
QB Aaron Brooks 0 0 180
RB Justin Fargas 40 10 0
TE Courtney Anderson 0 30 0
TE Randal Williams 0 20 0
WR Doug Gabriel 0 30 0
WR Johnnie Morant 0 10 0
WR Ronald Curry 0 70 0
PK S. Janikowski 1 FG 0 XP -

Pregame Notes: The Raiders come off their third shut out of the year and thanks to the Buccaneers 31 point game last week, now the Raiders hold a commanding lead in the least points scored this season. It's been a long time since the Raiders beat the Steelers back in week eight and it could be a long time before they notch another win all things considered. With Randy Moss on the sideline and Lamont Jordan on injured reserve, this is still the same sad sack team that started the season. There has been no progress other than removing the offensive coordinator and next year the team will look much different - or everything will just look the same.

Quarterback: Aaron Brooks was pulled last week and replaced by Andrew Walter who threw for 131 yards and only two interceptions. Brooks threw for 179 yards and one score with just one interception in Kansas City this year, so he'll likely be the starter again this week. If you are starting an Oakland quarterback, you must be in a total points league without playoffs. And you must be looking up at everyone else in the standings.

Running Backs: The Raiders totaled 95 rushing yards using four different backs against the Chiefs this season and none scored. Justin Fargas comes off his best chance of the year to have a decent game when the Rams came to town and he still could only come up with 43 yards on 12 carries. The Raiders will use Zack Crockett and Reshard Lee as well, so that any possible fantasy value here is negated. Not that there really was any as it is.

Wide Receivers: Randy Moss was out last week and in his place Alvis Whitted played just as well, failing to catch any of the four passes thrown to him. Ronald Curry is the only player here with any value and he has turned in over 85 yards in both the last two games which is pretty impressive for this team. The Raiders need to throw every game but that doesn't translate into much outside of Curry. I will assume Moss is out this week but even if he isn't you may not notice.

Alvis Whitted injured his wrist and has been placed on injured reserve.

Curry caught five passes for 85 yards in Kansas City this season while Moss was held without a catch.

Tight Ends: Courtney Anderson had a freak high game last week with 52 yards on four catches but much of that came because Walter was playing. Anderson hadn't topped 18 yards in a game for seven weeks.

Anderson only had one catch back in week 11 but it went for a 15 yard touchdown.

Match Against the Defense: There's no reason why the Raiders will score more than once in this game if that much. The quarterback spot is being swapped around so neither Brooks or Walter can feel good about this season and the rushing game has disappeared.

RANKS (1-32, 1 = BEST) TEAM    QB   RB   WR   TE   PK  DEF
Gaining Fantasy Points OAK 32 31 31 12 32 15
Preventing Fantasy Points KC 10 17 16 15 20 15