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LAG - CBS Sportsline Scoring
David Dorey
August 13, 2007

(Using the scoring system found on CBS Sportsline for the highest scoring 20 players in each position)


1 Pt for 25 yards
6 Pt touchdown
-2 Pt Int. or Fum


1 for 10 yards
6 Pt Touchdown
-2 Pt Fumble


6 Pt Touchdown
1 Pt Sack
2 Pt Turnover
2 Pt Safety

Points Allowed

2 to 8 Pts gained

Yardage Allowed

2 to 12 Pts gained

  Top 3 Scorers 4th - 10th Top 3 vs 4-10 11-20th 4-10 vs 11-20
Average Scoring Average Points Lost Scoring Average Points Lost
QB 319 252 67 202 50
RB 348 221 127 164 57
TE 124 94 30 57 37
WR 189 169 20 143 26
DEF 273 209 64 114 184

LAG Analysis

Quarterbacks - This scoring puts a fairly sharp decline in quarterbacks largely due to the presence of two points lost for each interception or fumble. Players that have decent yardage and touchdowns suffer when significant interceptions are introduced. Last year the top 4 had a distinct advantage before a natural tier brought it down. Having a top QB over just another starter was a distinct advantage and the value declined sharply enough that waiting too long for a QB meant risking losing out on significant points. Other than the top three running backs, this was the highest scoring position and given the decline, this is probably not where you want to wait until late to get one.

Running Backs - The value in this position declined very rapidly in the top ten and means a first round back is pretty much mandatory in this scoring. But after the first ten players or so, the line flattened out with very little difference between the tenth and 20th best running back. This would again start to decline more rapidly once all the starters (about 35) backs were taken but the value decline to consider here is that a top ten is great, but after that the decline is not nearly so severe in maybe waiting a round to grab a RB2. Running backs still were very high scoring players here and should be desired but amazingly their value declined below a commensurate defense in this nutty scoring.

Tight Ends - Wow. Even having Gates didn't make a huge difference to any team in this scoring mostly because of the absence of reception points. The difference here between owning a top three tight end and just another starter probably only costs about 2 points per week overall. This is a definite "middle round or later" pick. The value just is not there and the value for starters is too close to really worry much about.

Wide Receivers - Without reception points, this position had a slight nudge up in value for the top three but that was the smallest difference against the rest of the wideout starters (WR1) in the league of any position. Sadly, this is the sort of league scoring that rightfully makes wideouts go later in drafts and not matter that much. Compared to other positions, wideouts just don't fare all that well. Better than tight ends and that is about it.

Defense - Here is where a LAG really helps out. Look at the value of a defense in this league! This is the sort of league you hope no one else notices how valuable defenses are so that you can wait and grab Chicago or Baltimore and not pay that much for them. The use of both points and yardage allowed also helps make the defenses much more predictable. I would consider this my "Chicago League". I'd want to wait only long enough that I could still reach Chicago (or Baltimore).


Top 20 Scorers
416 RB Tomlinson, Ladainian
369 QB Manning, Peyton
330 RB Johnson, Larry
325 RB Jackson, Steven
308 QB Brees, Drew
303 QB Vick, Michael
298 QB Bulger, Marc
293 QB Palmer, Carson
264 QB Brady, Tom
260 RB Gore, Frank
260 QB Kitna, Jon
258 RB Parker, Willie
254 RB Westbrook, Brian
251 QB Rivers, Philip
241 RB Barber, Tiki
237 QB McNabb, Donovan
234 QB Manning, Eli
226 QB Favre, Brett
226 RB Jones-Drew, Maurice
225 QB Young, Vince

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