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LAG - HuddlePerfect Scoring
David Dorey
August 13, 2007

(Using the scoring system of HuddlePerfect for the highest scoring 20 players in each position)


1 Pt for 20 yards
6 Pt touchdown
-1 Pt Interception


1 for 10 yards
1 for 5 yards TE
6 Pt Touchdown
1 Pt Catch - WR,TE


6 Pt Touchdown
1 Pt Sack
2 Pt Turnover
2 Pt Safety
-3 Pt Opp Off TD

Yards Allowed

0-150 = 10
151-250 = 5
251-350 = 0
351-400 = -5
451-500 = -10
501+ = -15

  Top 3 Scorers 4th - 10th Top 3 vs 4-10 11-20th 4-10 vs 11-20
Average Scoring Average Points Lost Scoring Average Points Lost
QB 385 311 74 256 56
RB 365 239 126 181 59
TE 292 233 59 141 92
WR 287 262 24 229 33
DEF 62 -6 68 -46 39

LAG Synopsis -This scoring system was devised to help mix up drafts so that the first two rounds would not necessarily be mostly running backs with almost no other positions considered. This is a very different way to score and yet one that makes for a much more competitive league since the balanced team has an advantage, not the one with a top three running back.

Quarterbacks - This is the highest scoring position in the league and only a huge performance by Tomlinson kept the QB's from occupying the top five spots. Much like the other leagues, the first six had a sharp decline and are a definite advantage but the decline doesn't flatten out quite as much as seen in other systems in part because of the -2 interceptions which penalizes the lesser rated quarterbacks. You can wait on a QB in this league but the advantage is definitely in having a top guy.

Running Backs - As usual, the top ten or so decline sharply and then flatten out with only a gradual decline in value until all the NFL starters are taken. Where this scoring system changes up positional value is compared to all others. In this system running backs remain valuable but are no longer the kings, particularly after the top ten are gone. The wideouts take on more value in the deeper comparative ranks and tight ends end up being roughly as important as a running back for the first dozen or so before sharply falling off. A first round back is probably still the best bet, but by the second round the drafter should be looking at QB, WR and TE for the best available value.

Tight Ends - As noted, this scoring system really rewards the productive tight ends. They are toughly as valuable as running backs though you only start one each week. A strategic decision must be made when to take one and in no case do you want to grab yours after the natural tier around the 12th best one is gone.

Wide Receivers - The decline in value for wideouts is not severe so waiting a little on one maybe doesn't hurt so badly but the reality is that these players are actually more valuable than running backs once the top tens are dealt with. Drafting two top wideouts is like having two top running backs.

Defense - The scoring here is a big deal because in most weeks for most defenses, they will score negative. Only the top 5 had positive overall scores by the end of the season. It's not that a bad defense here doesn't hurt you, it is that it will kill you. You cannot wait too long on a defense or you are just subtracting points every week. Defenses are meant to prevent the opponent not score points in the NFL and the same here.

The intent of this scoring system was to give positional equality so that no draft position is an advantage or disadvantage - it all depends on what you do with it. And you have to strategically determine what the best available player is - not who the next running back is.


Top 20 Scorers
432 RB Tomlinson,Ladainian
425 QB Manning,Peyton
372 QB Brees,Drew
359 QB Palmer,Carson
355 QB Bulger,Marc
334 QB Kitna,Jon
334 RB Johnson,Larry
329 RB Jackson,Steven
318 QB Brady,Tom
310 TE Gates,Antonio
304 WR Harrison,Marvin
297 QB Rivers,Philip
295 QB Vick,Michael
292 QB Favre,Brett
289 QB Manning,Eli
285 TE Gonzalez,Tony
283 WR Owens,Terrell
282 TE Winslow,Kellen
278 QB Roethlisberger,Ben
278 QB Grossman,Rex

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