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LAG - NFL Scoring
David Dorey
August 13, 2007


6 PT Touchdown


6 PT Touchdown


6 PT Touchdown

  Top 3 Scorers 4th - 10th Top 3 vs 4-10 11-20th 4-10 vs 11-20
Average Scoring Average Points Lost Scoring Average Points Lost
QB 180 140 40 113 27
RB 136 81 55 48 32
TE 48 33 15 21 12
WR 71 56 15 44 12
DEF 49 29 20 17 12

LAG Synopsis

This "TD-only" scoring system does still exist and usually only with really old leagues that never wanted to change. Some of those leagues may use other nuances like deducting for interceptions and making distance scoring matter. Defenses can also be made valuable with other categories but this is just the NFL scoring considered. Sort of like a LAG for the NFL.

Quarterbacks - Other than when a player (Tomlinson) has a NFL record-year, QBs are the scoring king in this system and owning a top three player is absolute gold. After about the third best, there is a much less pronounced decline through the rest but the line continues in the same decline beyond that point. Having a top QB is paramount to winning this league. This is like the Manning league.

Running Back - This position skewed so highly with Tomlinson's record-setting year but dismissing that aberration of all-time, running backs are not as valuable as QBs but more so than any other position. And the decline is pretty sharp though the first dozen or so before flattening out. Owning a top ten back in this league is still a pretty big advantage.

Tight Ends - While it is nice to get any points in this league, tight ends are not particularly valuable and Gates deserves to be an early pick if only because after him it gets so spotty with TD-only considered.

Defenses - The top ten defenses decline somewhat sharply but after that there was little difference (or many touchdowns for that matter). The harder part of this position in this scoring is that all that matters are touchdowns. Owning a special teams like Chicago with Devin Hester played huge last year since he scored six times on returns.


Top 20 Scorers
212 QB Manning,Peyton
198 RB Tomlinson,Ladainian
168 QB Palmer,Carson
160 QB Brees,Drew
148 QB Brady,Tom
146 QB Bulger,Marc
144 QB Manning,Eli
138 QB Grossman,Rex
138 QB Kitna,Jon
134 QB Rivers,Philip
132 QB Vick,Michael
120 QB Losman,J.P.
120 QB McNabb,Donovan
120 QB Roethlisberger,Ben
118 QB Romo,Tony
116 QB Young,Vince
114 QB Favre,Brett
114 RB Johnson,Larry
110 QB Hasselbeck,Matt
108 QB Smith,Alex

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