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LAG - WCAFF Scoring
David Dorey
August 13, 2007

(Using the scoring system found at the World Championship Auction of Fantasy Football for the highest scoring 20 players in each position)


1 Pt for 20 yards
6 Pt touchdown
-1 Pt Interception
-1 Fumble


1 for 10 yards
6 Pt Touchdown
1 Pt Catch
-1 Fumble


6 Pt Touchdown
1 Pt Sack
2 Pt Turnover
2 Pt Safety

Points Allowed:
0 = 5
1-6 = 2
7-12 = 1

  Top 3 Scorers 4th - 10th Top 3 vs 4-10 11-20th 4-10 vs 11-20
Average Scoring Average Points Lost Scoring Average Points Lost
QB 385 321 64 263 57
RB 423 293 130 219 74
TE 202 162 39 100 63
WR 285 262 23 229 33
DEF 179 134 46 117 17

LAG Synopsis

Quarterbacks - This scoring system is about as QB-friendly as any you will see. With 1/20 yardage and six point scores against only a one point ding for a turnover, this position not only scores really well, it towers over all others - even RBs. The decline in value comes around the fifth or sixth best QB so this position is a definite early consideration. This is an auction league so draft position doesn't matter but where you put your money does - spend a bit more on a QB.

Running Backs - Standard output for running backs in a reception points league. Huge decline in the top ten then starts to flatten out for the next 20 or so until the higher scoring starters are all gone. After the eighth or tenth best RB is taken, wideouts start to become just as comparatively valuable.

Tight Ends - Like all the others, either you get the best one (Gates) and hope for a monster year or your tight end is just not going to make any major difference for your team as long as you have a top ten or so player.

Wideouts - Reception points place wideouts more on an even keel with running backs after the first ten RBs are gone but the decline from player to player is not particularly severe if even noticeable. Loading up on a couple top guys are great for a team but those bigger name players will cost you much more than grabbing a couple of 10th to 20th sort of players. Do not want to ignore the position at all but overpaying for a top star doesn't show much bang for the buck here.

Defenses - Standard defensive scoring means getting a top two defense likely will be a small advantage and reality says you have to overpay for them in an auction anyway so that money is likely more wisely spent elsewhere.


Top 20 Scorers
474 RB Tomlinson, Ladainian
424 QB Manning, Peyton
419 RB Jackson, Steven
375 RB Johnson, Larry
369 QB Brees, Drew
360 QB Palmer, Carson
355 QB Bulger, Marc
347 QB Vick, Michael
342 QB Kitna, Jon
335 RB Westbrook, Brian
333 RB Gore, Frank
319 QB Brady, Tom
304 WR Harrison, Marvin
301 RB Barber, Tiki
299 RB Parker, Willie
298 QB Rivers, Philip
293 QB Favre, Brett
290 QB Manning, Eli
283 QB Roethlisberger, Ben
281 WR Owens, Terrell

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