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Official Huddle Mock Draft - 10-Team / Performance
June 7 , 2007

The following mock draft considered a standard performance scoring of 1/10 rush and receive yards, 1/20 passing yards, 2 point conversion are two fantasy points each participant, all touchdowns are six except passing is four. Receptions are awarded one point each. Kickers receive the NFL points from their kicks and defenses have one point sacks and turnovers, two point safeties and six point touchdowns.

Draft considered 10 teams drafting a starting lineup of QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, 1 Flex (RB, WR or TE), PK and DEF with no positional limits. This draft was for 16 rounds.

Draft by Round

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
1 RB Tomlinson,Lad. 1 WR Johnson,Chad 1 WR Fitzgerald,Larry 1 RB Jacobs,Brandon
2 RB Johnson,Larry 2 RB Johnson,Rudi 2 RB Jones,Thomas 2 WR Johnson,Andre
3 RB Jackson,Steven 3 RB Henry,Travis 3 WR Holt,Torry 3 TE Gates,Antonio
4 RB Gore,Frank 4 WR Smith,Steve 4 WR Owens,Terrell 4 RB Peterson,Adrian
5 RB Westbrook,Brian 5 RB McGahee,Willis 5 RB Jones-Drew,M. 5 WR Moss,Randy
6 RB Addai,Joseph 6 WR Wayne,Reggie 6 WR Williams,Roy 6 WR Boldin,Anquan
7 RB Alexander,Shaun 7 RB Brown,Ronnie 7 RB James,Edgerrin 7 RB Williams,Carnell
8 RB Parker,Willie 8 RB Portis,Clinton 8 WR Walker,Javon 8 WR Driver,Donald
9 RB Maroney,Laurence 9 WR Harrison,Marvin 9 WR Colston,Marques 9 QB Palmer,Carson
10 RB Bush,Reggie 10 RB Benson,Cedric 10 QB Manning,Peyton 10 WR Houshmandzadeh
Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8
1 WR Burress,Plaxico 1 WR Ward,Hines 1 QB McNabb,D. 1 RB Jones,Kevin
2 RB Lynch,Marshawn 2 WR Galloway,Joey 2 TE Winslow,Kellen 2 QB Young,Vince
3 WR Evans,Lee 3 RB McAllister,Deuce 3 TE Heap,Todd 3 WR Branch,Deion
4 WR Coles,Laveranues 4 TE Gonzalez,Tony 4 WR Jackson,Darrell 4 WR Brown,Reggie
5 RB Williams,DeAng. 5 QB Brady,Tom 5 WR Cotchery,Jerricho 5 RB Jackson,Brandon
6 RB Green,Ahman 6 RB Norwood,Jerious 6 WR Johnson,Calvin 6 TE Shockey,Jeremy
7 WR Chambers,Chris 7 QB Bulger,Marc 7 QB Kitna,Jon 7 TE Cooley,Chris
8 QB Brees,Drew 8 RB Barber,Marion 8 Def Bears 8 QB Hasselbeck,M.
9 RB Jordan,Lamont 9 WR Moss,Santana 9 TE Crumpler,Alge 9 Def Ravens
10 WR Edwards,Braylon 10 RB Lewis,Jamal 10 TE Davis,Vernon 10 TE Witten,Jason
Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12
1 RB Jones,Julius 1 RB Morency,Vernand 1 WR Jackson,Vincent 1 RB Turner,Michael
2 RB Taylor,Chester 2 QB Leinart,Matt 2 WR Clayton,Michael 2 Def Chargers
3 RB Betts,Ladell 3 WR Henderson,Dev. 3 Def Patriots 3 QB Green,Trent
4 RB Bell,Tatum 4 RB Dunn,Warrick 4 QB Romo,Tony 4 RB Hunt,Tony
5 WR Clayton,Mark 5 RB Foster,De'shaun 5 RB White,LenDale 5 QB Cutler,Jay
6 WR Hackett,D.J. 6 QB Favre,Brett 6 TE Smith,L.J. 6 QB Roethlisberger,B.
7 WR Holmes,Santonio 7 WR Stallworth,Donte' 7 WR Muhammad,M. 7 RB Droughns,Reuben
8 WR Glenn,Terry 8 RB Taylor,Fred 8 RB Bell,Mike 8 WR Marshall,Brandon
9 WR Bruce,Isaac 9 WR Jarrett,Dwayne 9 RB Henry,Chris 9 TE McMichael,Randy
10 WR Berrian,Bernard 10 WR Jennings,Greg 10 QB Manning,Eli 10 TE Watson,Ben
Round 13 Round 14 Round 15 Round 16
1 QB Vick,Michael 1 PK Vinatieri,Adam 1 Def Dolphins 1 WR Furrey,Mike
2 QB Delhomme,Jake 2 TE Daniels,Owen 2 Def Broncos 2 RB Irons,Kenny
3 QB Rivers,Philip 3 PK Graham,Shayne 3 WR Jones,Brandon 3 RB Davenport,Najeh
4 WR Curtis,Kevin 4 Def Jaguars 4 PK Kaeding,Nate 4 WR Jones,Matt
5 WR Porter,Jerry 5 RB Anderson,Mike 5 QB Garcia,Jeff 5 PK Wilkins,Jeff
6 Def Cowboys 6 Def Packers 6 WR Carter,Drew 6 PK Crosby,Mason
7 QB Pennington,Chad 7 Def Eagles 7 PK Gould,Robbie 7 WR Curry,Ronald
8 Def Steelers 8 RB Brown,Chris 8 TE Miller,Heath 8 PK Akers,David
9 WR Kennison,Eddie 9 WR Mason,Derrick 9 PK Elam,Jason 9 PK Rackers,Neil
10 TE Clark,Dallas 10 RB Rhodes,Dominic 10 Def Panthers 10 PK Brown,Josh

Draft by Position

Quarterbacks Tight Ends Defenses Placekickers
3.10 Manning,Peyton 4.03 Gates,Antonio 7.08 Bears 14.01 Vinatieri,Adam
4.09 Palmer,Carson 6.04 Gonzalez,Tony 8.09 Ravens 14.03 Graham,Shayne
5.08 Brees,Drew 7.02 Winslow,Kellen 11.03 Patriots 15.04 Kaeding,Nate
6.05 Brady,Tom 7.03 Heap,Todd 12.02 Chargers 15.07 Gould,Robbie
6.07 Bulger,Marc 7.09 Crumpler,Alge 13.06 Cowboys 15.09 Elam,Jason
7.01 McNabb,D. 7.10 Davis,Vernon 13.08 Steelers 16.05 Wilkins,Jeff
7.07 Kitna,Jon 8.06 Shockey,Jeremy 14.04 Jaguars 16.06 Crosby,Mason
8.02 Young,Vince 8.07 Cooley,Chris 14.06 Packers 16.08 Akers,David
8.08 Hasselbeck,M. 8.10 Witten,Jason 14.07 Eagles 16.09 Rackers,Neil
10.02 Leinart,Matt 11.06 Smith,L.J. 15.01 Dolphins 16.10 Brown,Josh
10.06 Favre,Brett 12.09 McMichael,Randy 15.02 Broncos    
11.04 Romo,Tony 12.10 Watson,Ben 15.10 Panthers    
11.10 Manning,Eli 13.10 Clark,Dallas        
12.03 Green,Trent 14.02 Daniels,Owen        
12.05 Cutler,Jay 15.08 Miller,Heath        
12.06 Roethlisberger,B.            
13.01 Vick,Michael            
13.02 Delhomme,Jake            
13.03 Rivers,Philip            
13.07 Pennington,Chad            
15.05 Garcia,Jeff            
Running Backs Wide Receivers
1.01 Tomlinson,Lad. 6.03 McAllister,Deuce 2.01 Johnson,Chad 8.03 Branch,Deion
1.02 Johnson,Larry 6.06 Norwood,Jerious 2.04 Smith,Steve 8.04 Brown,Reggie
1.03 Jackson,Steven 6.08 Barber,Marion 2.06 Wayne,Reggie 9.05 Clayton,Mark
1.04 Gore,Frank 6.10 Lewis,Jamal 2.09 Harrison,Marvin 9.06 Hackett,D.J.
1.05 Westbrook,Brian 8.01 Jones,Kevin 3.01 Fitzgerald,Larry 9.07 Holmes,Santonio
1.06 Addai,Joseph 8.05 Jackson,Brandon 3.03 Holt,Torry 9.08 Glenn,Terry
1.07 Alexander,Shaun 9.01 Jones,Julius 3.04 Owens,Terrell 9.09 Bruce,Isaac
1.08 Parker,Willie 9.02 Taylor,Chester 3.06 Williams,Roy 9.10 Berrian,Bernard
1.09 Maroney,Laurence 9.03 Betts,Ladell 3.08 Walker,Javon 10.03 Henderson,Dev.
1.10 Bush,Reggie 9.04 Bell,Tatum 3.09 Colston,Marques 10.07 Stallworth,Donte'
2.02 Johnson,Rudi 10.01 Morency,Vernand 4.02 Johnson,Andre 10.09 Jarrett,Dwayne
2.03 Henry,Travis 10.04 Dunn,Warrick 4.05 Moss,Randy 10.10 Jennings,Greg
2.05 McGahee,Willis 10.05 Foster,De'shaun 4.06 Boldin,Anquan 11.01 Jackson,Vincent
2.07 Brown,Ronnie 10.08 Taylor,Fred 4.08 Driver,Donald 11.02 Clayton,Michael
2.08 Portis,Clinton 11.05 White,LenDale 4.10 Houshmandzadeh 11.07 Muhammad,M.
2.10 Benson,Cedric 11.08 Bell,Mike 5.01 Burress,Plaxico 12.08 Marshall,Brandon
3.02 Jones,Thomas 11.09 Henry,Chris 5.03 Evans,Lee 13.04 Curtis,Kevin
3.05 Jones-Drew,M. 12.01 Turner,Michael 5.04 Coles,Laveranues 13.05 Porter,Jerry
3.07 James,Edgerrin 12.04 Hunt,Tony 5.07 Chambers,Chris 13.09 Kennison,Eddie
4.01 Jacobs,Brandon 12.07 Droughns,Reuben 5.10 Edwards,Braylon 14.09 Mason,Derrick
4.04 Peterson,Adrian 14.05 Anderson,Mike 6.01 Ward,Hines 15.03 Jones,Brandon
4.07 Williams,Carnell 14.08 Brown,Chris 6.02 Galloway,Joey 15.06 Carter,Drew
5.02 Lynch,Marshawn 14.10 Rhodes,Dominic 6.09 Moss,Santana 16.01 Furrey,Mike
5.05 Williams,DeAng. 16.02 Irons,Kenny 7.04 Jackson,Darrell 16.04 Jones,Matt
5.06 Green,Ahman 16.03 Davenport,Najeh 7.05 Cotchery,Jerricho 16.07 Curry,Ronald
5.09 Jordan,Lamont     7.06 Johnson,Calvin    

Evaluating teams in a league of ten means looking for playmakers at as many positions as possible and even more so for the highest scoring ones which would be running backs and quarterbacks in this scoring format. Everyone should (and did) have a solid team and depth is less important the smaller a league is - there are more "average" players left on the waiver wire so taking higher upside players as back-ups makes more sense with free agents to fall back on.

Draft by Team

By Round Final Roster
1.01 RB Tomlinson,Lad. 7.01 QB McNabb,D.
2.10 RB Benson,Cedric 13.01 QB Vick,Michael
3.01 WR Fitzgerald,Larry 1.01 RB Tomlinson,Lad.
4.10 WR Houshmandzadeh 2.10 RB Benson,Cedric
5.01 WR Burress,Plaxico 6.10 RB Lewis,Jamal
6.10 RB Lewis,Jamal 9.01 RB Jones,Julius
7.01 QB McNabb,D. 14.10 RB Rhodes,Dominic
8.10 TE Witten,Jason 8.10 TE Witten,Jason
9.01 RB Jones,Julius 12.10 TE Watson,Ben
10.10 WR Jennings,Greg 3.01 WR Fitzgerald,Larry
11.01 WR Jackson,Vincent 4.10 WR Houshmandzadeh
12.10 TE Watson,Ben 5.01 WR Burress,Plaxico
13.01 QB Vick,Michael 10.10 WR Jennings,Greg
14.10 RB Rhodes,Dominic 11.01 WR Jackson,Vincent
15.01 Def Dolphins 16.10 PK Brown,Josh
16.10 PK Brown,Josh 15.01 DEF Dolphins
Team #1 –geeteebee

Started: RB, RB, WR, WR, WR

Starters: McNabb, Tomlinson, Benson, J Lewis, Fitzgerald, Houshmandzadeh, Burress, Witten, J Brown, MIA

This plan works out well in a ten team league drafting first. Started with Tomlinson and then reached Cedric Benson at the 2.10. That still left Fitzgerald available for the third pick and then continued with the WR taking Houshmandzadeh and Burress. The flex position wasn't filled with a RB, but Tomlinson already counts like a RB and half by himself.

Took Jamal Lewis as a 3rd RB but later got Julius Jones who could be just as good potentially. McNabb in the 7th round is a ridiculously good value if he can stay healthy and Vick is another question mark currently who could really pull his weight. Only average picks at TE, PK and DEF but they score less anyway. This plan created a good team (which was already true after the first pick) but the turning point here is which would be better with that 5th and 6th pick? Burress and Jamal Lewis or Marshawn Lynch and Darrell Jackson/Calvin Johnson? Burress should be great but Lewis does not catch the ball. Lynch should but then a risk comes with either Jackson or Johnson. Love the QB duo since only one has to play and both are unlikely to be out.

Plan Grade: A-

By Round Final Roster
1.02 RB Johnson,Larry 4.09 QB Palmer,Carson
2.09 WR Harrison,Marvin 13.02 QB Delhomme,Jake
3.02 RB Jones,Thomas 1.02 RB Johnson,Larry
4.09 QB Palmer,Carson 3.02 RB Jones,Thomas
5.02 RB Lynch,Marshawn 5.02 RB Lynch,Marshawn
6.09 WR Moss,Santana 9.02 RB Taylor,Chester
7.02 TE Winslow,Kellen 7.02 TE Winslow,Kellen
8.09 Def Ravens 12.09 TE McMichael,Randy
9.02 RB Taylor,Chester 2.09 WR Harrison,Marvin
10.09 WR Jarrett,Dwayne 6.09 WR Moss,Santana
11.02 WR Clayton,Michael 10.09 WR Jarrett,Dwayne
12.09 TE McMichael,Randy 11.02 WR Clayton,Michael
13.02 QB Delhomme,Jake 14.09 WR Mason,Derrick
14.09 WR Mason,Derrick 16.09 PK Rackers,Neil
15.02 Def Broncos 8.09 DEF Ravens
16.09 PK Rackers,Neil 15.02 DEF Broncos
Team #2 –Hat Trick

Started: RB, WR, RB, QB RB

Starters: Palmer, L Johnson, T Jones, M Lynch, Harrison, S Moss, D Jarrett, Winslow, Rackers, BAL

Nice work on this team going for playmakers and yet balancing that with positional needs. Started with Larry Johnson but then landed Harrison for a top WR. Thomas Jones should fill in well at RB and could have been James, Jacobs or Jones-Drew. Snapped up Palmer with the 4.09 which was probably earlier than needed since the next QB went at the 5.08 but if he feels strongly about Palmer, then it makes sense.

Great set of tight ends in Winslow and McMichael but S Moss at the 6.09 in inconsistent and likely will have less catches in this reception point league. Dwayne Jarrett in KC as WR3 is a very optimistic swing for the fences considering the smaller league size.

Ended up very solid at QB, TE, PK and DEF and likely okay at RB though only has four and could be stronger. Wideouts are a weakness here since after Harrison he waited until the 6th round for WR2 and all the best WRs with reception points were already gone. Solid team but will really need for all positions to really carry their weight and for Jarrett to exceed expectations.

Plan Grade: B

By Round Final Roster
1.03 RB Jackson,Steven 8.08 QB Hasselbeck,M.
2.08 RB Portis,Clinton 13.03 QB Rivers,Philip
3.03 WR Holt,Torry 1.03 RB Jackson,Steven
4.08 WR Driver,Donald 2.08 RB Portis,Clinton
5.03 WR Evans,Lee 6.08 RB Barber,Marion
6.08 RB Barber,Marion 9.03 RB Betts,Ladell
7.03 TE Heap,Todd 10.08 RB Taylor,Fred
8.08 QB Hasselbeck,M. 14.08 RB Brown,Chris
9.03 RB Betts,Ladell 7.03 TE Heap,Todd
10.08 RB Taylor,Fred 3.03 WR Holt,Torry
11.03 Def Patriots 4.08 WR Driver,Donald
12.08 WR Marshall,Brandon 5.03 WR Evans,Lee
13.03 QB Rivers,Philip 12.08 WR Marshall,Brandon
14.08 RB Brown,Chris 15.03 WR Jones,Brandon
15.03 WR Jones,Brandon 16.08 PK Akers,David
16.08 PK Akers,David 11.03 DEF Patriots
Team #3 –Irish

Started: RB, RB, WR, WR, WR

Starters: Hasselbeck, S Jackson, C Portis, M Barber, Holt, Driver, Evans, Heap, Akers, NE

A standard approach with Steve Jackson starting out and then joined immediately by RB2 of Clinton Portis (could have been Benson, T Jones, Jones-Drew, etc. depending on preference). Then triple dipped on Holt, Driver and Evans for a very nice trio of starting receivers. Grabbed RB3 at the 9.03 with Barber.

Evans is a solid choice but could have been an RB like D Williams or McAllister with the WR at 6.08 instead which could have only been S Moss or D Jackson so probably took the correct chance on that one. If Barber can step up into more yardage and maintain his role at the goal line, then this was definitely the right choice to make.

Heap, Akers and the NE defense are fine and likely no advantage or disadvantage here. Waited until the 8.08 to take Hasselbeck but going QB then TE with the 7/8 would have been Kitna and then a lesser tight end. In this scoring, Kitna seems likely to score more than Hasselbeck by a larger margin gained by taking Heap over L.J. Smith or Ben Watson. The starting QB is below average in this league but the WRs could be very good. If Hasselbeck exceeds expectations and Barber takes over in DAL, then this team can compete.

Plan Grade: B

By Round Final Roster
1.04 RB Gore,Frank 6.07 QB Bulger,Marc
2.07 RB Brown,Ronnie 11.04 QB Romo,Tony
3.04 WR Owens,Terrell 1.04 RB Gore,Frank
4.07 RB Williams,Carnell 2.07 RB Brown,Ronnie
5.04 WR Coles,Laveranues 4.07 RB Williams,Carnell
6.07 QB Bulger,Marc 9.04 RB Bell,Tatum
7.04 WR Jackson,Darrell 12.07 RB Droughns,Reuben
8.07 TE Cooley,Chris 8.07 TE Cooley,Chris
9.04 RB Bell,Tatum 3.04 WR Owens,Terrell
10.07 WR Stallworth,Donte' 5.04 WR Coles,Laveranues
11.04 QB Romo,Tony 7.04 WR Jackson,Darrell
12.07 RB Droughns,Reuben 10.07 WR Stallworth,Donte'
13.04 WR Curtis,Kevin 13.04 WR Curtis,Kevin
14.07 Def Eagles 16.07 WR Curry,Ronald
15.04 PK Kaeding,Nate 15.04 PK Kaeding,Nate
16.07 WR Curry,Ronald 14.07 DEF Eagles
Team #4 - Scourge

Started: RB, RB, WR, RB, WR

Starters: Bulger, Gore, R Brown, C Williams, Owens, Coles, D Jackson, Cooley, Kaeding, PHI

This plan started very well. Opted for Gore and then Ronnie Brown who was an incredible value compared to most drafts this summer. After still reaching Owens for WR1, opted for Carnell Williams as RB3 at the 4.07. This draft slot ended up to just miss higher upside backs at the 4th pick but as a flex player, Williams may be okay if he somehow stops playing as he has for the last 29 games.

Bulger at the 6.07 was another great value pick. Ended up with Cooley who has upside with Jason Campbell and later PK and DEF as always are good enough. Strong at QB and first two RBs plus Owens at WR. Coles a decent WR2 here and Jackson could be a fine WR3. Depth seemed to have lesser upside than maybe would have looked better but could be solid enough to hold down the fort while free agents became available. Have to love Gore, Brown, Owens and Bulger but the rest make take some tending.

Plan Grade: B+

By Round Final Roster
1.05 RB Westbrook,Brian 10.06 QB Favre,Brett
2.06 WR Wayne,Reggie 12.06 QB Roethlisberger,B.
3.05 RB Jones-Drew,M. 15.05 QB Garcia,Jeff
4.06 WR Boldin,Anquan 1.05 RB Westbrook,Brian
5.05 RB Williams,DeAng. 3.05 RB Jones-Drew,M.
6.06 RB Norwood,Jerious 5.05 RB Williams,DeAng.
7.05 WR Cotchery,Jerricho 6.06 RB Norwood,Jerious
8.06 TE Shockey,Jeremy 11.05 RB White,LenDale
9.05 WR Clayton,Mark 8.06 TE Shockey,Jeremy
10.06 QB Favre,Brett 2.06 WR Wayne,Reggie
11.05 RB White,LenDale 4.06 WR Boldin,Anquan
12.06 QB Roethlisberger,B. 7.05 WR Cotchery,Jerricho
13.05 WR Porter,Jerry 9.05 WR Clayton,Mark
14.06 Def Packers 13.05 WR Porter,Jerry
15.05 QB Garcia,Jeff 16.06 PK Crosby,Mason
16.06 PK Crosby,Mason 14.06 DEF Packers
Team #5 –Bronco Billy

Started: RB, WR, RB, WR, RB

Starters: Favre, Westbrook, M Jones-Drew, D. Williams, Wayne, Boldin, Cotchery, Shockey, Crosby, GB

Took the reception points to heart when he made Westbrook the 5th player drafted and then found Wayne at the 2.06. Wayne could have been Harrison, Holt or Fitzgerald depending on personal preference. Jones-Drew and then Boldin rounded out the first four picks.

Did not like waiting until the 10th round to get Brett Favre as the starting QB - high scoring position and may not end up with a top ten QB seems a missed opportunity - and Roethlisberger is even less likely to be above average in a ten team league.

The oddity in this draft was that the QBs look weak and there could be plenty of risks with many of the picks. Unless Westbrook repeats his career marks from 2006 and Wayne finally takes a step over Harrison this year, it looks like a slow start here. But you have to love the upside in almost all the depth picks. Jones-Drew, Norwood and DeAngelo Williams could all become productive starters. Mark Clayton is a tremendous #4 WR. Shockey is always a great TE so long as he remains healthy. This plan worked well though I would have personally opted for other names with those first couple of picks and waiting on a QB that late leaves a hole in a ten team league. This team could end up really great or really bad - there's plenty of risk and reward to happen.

Plan Grade: B+

By Round Final Roster
1.06 RB Addai,Joseph 6.05 QB Brady,Tom
2.05 RB McGahee,Willis 12.05 QB Cutler,Jay
3.06 WR Williams,Roy 1.06 RB Addai,Joseph
4.05 WR Moss,Randy 2.05 RB McGahee,Willis
5.06 RB Green,Ahman 5.06 RB Green,Ahman
6.05 QB Brady,Tom 8.05 RB Jackson,Brandon
7.06 WR Johnson,Calvin 10.05 RB Foster,De'shaun
8.05 RB Jackson,Brandon 14.05 RB Anderson,Mike
9.06 WR Hackett,D.J. 11.06 TE Smith,L.J.
10.05 RB Foster,De'shaun 3.06 WR Williams,Roy
11.06 TE Smith,L.J. 4.05 WR Moss,Randy
12.05 QB Cutler,Jay 7.06 WR Johnson,Calvin
13.06 Def Cowboys 9.06 WR Hackett,D.J.
14.05 RB Anderson,Mike 15.06 WR Carter,Drew
15.06 WR Carter,Drew 16.05 PK Wilkins,Jeff
16.05 PK Wilkins,Jeff 13.06 DEF Cowboys
Team #6 –Goopster24

Started: RB, RB, WR, WR, RB

Starters: Brady, Addai, McGahee, A Green, R Williams, R Moss, C Johnson, L.J. SMith, Wilkins, DAL

Standard start with Addai and then McGahee (could have been R Brown or Benson). Then widely scooped two WR to get R Williams and R Moss. Those could both be surprises this year and were great value picks where they happened.

Waiting until the 5.06 for RB3 left only Ahman Green (could have been McAllister or Norwood) but finding Brady with the 6.05 was likely a steal. In this scoring system, may end up with a top ten player overall with the 6.05 pick. Using the 7.06 for Calvin Johnson was a risk but could pay off handsomely since he has as much upside as any rookie WR for many years. Of course that means the fortunes of this team really rely on the passing success with Detroit, but whatever is there belongs to this team.

Waited on TE and still got L.J. Smith which was fortunate and could be a nice value pick. Also grabbed Brandon Jackson for upside in RB depth. Hackett and Drew Carter should be fine fall backs in case Calvin Johnson does not meet his hype. Though 31-year old Ahman Green coming off an injury year was less attractive as a RB3 than some of the other upside picks available. have to like what happened with this plan. This draft spot allowed him to time the picks just right to get solid players in the first 4 picks and then make a steal in the 6th with Brady. This plan worked well so long as an eye is kept open for falling players like Brady.

Plan Grade: A-


By Round Final Roster
1.07 RB Alexander,Shaun 7.07 QB Kitna,Jon
2.04 WR Smith,Steve 13.07 QB Pennington,Chad
3.07 RB James,Edgerrin 1.07 RB Alexander,Shaun
4.04 RB Peterson,Adrian 3.07 RB James,Edgerrin
5.07 WR Chambers,Chris 4.04 RB Peterson,Adrian
6.04 TE Gonzalez,Tony 10.04 RB Dunn,Warrick
7.07 QB Kitna,Jon 12.04 RB Hunt,Tony
8.04 WR Brown,Reggie 6.04 TE Gonzalez,Tony
9.07 WR Holmes,Santonio 2.04 WR Smith,Steve
10.04 RB Dunn,Warrick 5.07 WR Chambers,Chris
11.07 WR Muhammad,M. 8.04 WR Brown,Reggie
12.04 RB Hunt,Tony 9.07 WR Holmes,Santonio
13.07 QB Pennington,Chad 11.07 WR Muhammad,M.
14.04 Def Jaguars 16.04 WR Jones,Matt
15.07 PK Gould,Robbie 15.07 PK Gould,Robbie
16.04 WR Jones,Matt 14.04 DEF Jaguars

Started: RB, WR, RB, RB, WR

Starters: Kitna, Alexander, James, A Peterson, S Smith, C Chambers, R Brown, Gonzalez, Gould, JAX

This plan worked out closely to what happened with team #5. Alexander was followed by Steve Smith for a stud wideout. That left James at the 3.07 and then a swing for the fence with RB3 of Adrian Peterson. Waiting on WR2 left only Chambers who could have a better year with Green there (could have been Edwards or Ward).

Took a difference maker at TE with Gonzalez at the 6.04 and then reached Jon Kitna at the 7.07 pick for a very nice value here with an above average QB. Waited until the last rounds for JAX and Gould but should be okay with PK and DEF.

Nice mix of old and new with Dunn and Tony Hunt, Muhammad and Santonio Holmes. Likely average or better at QB, TE and maybe WR and RBs could be powerful if - big if - Peterson can replicate collegiate success as a rookie in the NFL. Standard plan at the 7th pick with some good values. Team likely hinges of Peterson and Chambers.

Plan Grade: B+

By Round Final Roster
1.08 RB Parker,Willie 5.08 QB Brees,Drew
2.03 RB Henry,Travis 12.03 QB Green,Trent
3.08 WR Walker,Javon 1.08 RB Parker,Willie
4.03 TE Gates,Antonio 2.03 RB Henry,Travis
5.08 QB Brees,Drew 6.03 RB McAllister,Deuce
6.03 RB McAllister,Deuce 11.08 RB Bell,Mike
7.08 Def Bears 16.03 RB Davenport,Najeh
8.03 WR Branch,Deion 4.03 TE Gates,Antonio
9.08 WR Glenn,Terry 15.08 TE Miller,Heath
10.03 WR Henderson,Dev. 3.08 WR Walker,Javon
11.08 RB Bell,Mike 8.03 WR Branch,Deion
12.03 QB Green,Trent 9.08 WR Glenn,Terry
13.08 Def Steelers 10.03 WR Henderson,Dev.
14.03 PK Graham,Shayne 14.03 PK Graham,Shayne
15.08 TE Miller,Heath 7.08 DEF Bears
16.03 RB Davenport,Najeh 13.08 DEF Steelers
Team #8 –Pancake

Started: RB, RB, WR, TE, QB

Starters: Brees, Parker, Henry, McAllister, J Walker, Branch, Glenn, Gates, Graham, CHI

In a ten team league, this is a plan that probably results in more playmakers for teams than any other. Started out with Parker and Henry at RB - not as strong as preferred by at the 8th pick this is what was left. Went for best available WR with the 3.08 and surprisingly took Javon Walker with inexperienced Cutler over Andre Johnson, Randy Moss and Colston. Found Gates at the 4.03 as a playmaker that could not be passed up.

Brees at the 5.08 maybe a round early because he would have been there at the 6.03 but McAllister was a fine pick there so perhaps it did not matter. Could not have waited if Brees was the one he wanted. Nice upside in picks of Branch and Henderson with Glenn just in case Henderson didn't meet expectations. Went very early on the CHI defense and could have waited a round but that's all seen in retrospect now. Ended up with strengths at QB, TE and DEF, and should be solid enough at RB though depth left much to be desired. This is a very good standard plan to reach difference makers though I disagreed personally on a few names taken in their position.

Plan Grade: A-

By Round Final Roster
1.09 RB Maroney,Laurence 8.02 QB Young,Vince
2.02 RB Johnson,Rudi 10.02 QB Leinart,Matt
3.09 WR Colston,Marques 1.09 RB Maroney,Laurence
4.02 WR Johnson,Andre 2.02 RB Johnson,Rudi
5.09 RB Jordan,Lamont 5.09 RB Jordan,Lamont
6.02 WR Galloway,Joey 11.09 RB Henry,Chris
7.09 TE Crumpler,Alge 16.02 RB Irons,Kenny
8.02 QB Young,Vince 7.09 TE Crumpler,Alge
9.09 WR Bruce,Isaac 14.02 TE Daniels,Owen
10.02 QB Leinart,Matt 3.09 WR Colston,Marques
11.09 RB Henry,Chris 4.02 WR Johnson,Andre
12.02 Def Chargers 6.02 WR Galloway,Joey
13.09 WR Kennison,Eddie 9.09 WR Bruce,Isaac
14.02 TE Daniels,Owen 13.09 WR Kennison,Eddie
15.09 PK Elam,Jason 15.09 PK Elam,Jason
16.02 RB Irons,Kenny 12.02 DEF Chargers
Team #9 –rbmcdonald

Started: RB, RB, WR, WR, RB

Starters: Young, Maroney, R Johnson, L Jordan, Colston, A Johnson, J Galloway, Crumpler, Elam, SD

Interesting team here. Opted for Maroney for his upside at the 1.09 and then took Rudi Johnson for what is always solid numbers every week. WR's were Colston and A Johnson which were very nice picks at their slots and could well be two top ten wideouts. Lamont Jordan ended up as RB3 and no one could be ecstatic with that but he could have been McAllister or Norwood.

Waited on TE to get Crumpler and QB of Vince Young seems to carry risk but undeniable upside. Chris Henry at RB4 could end up a nice surprise. Went for the old guy plan at WR with Galloway, Bruce and Kennison but taking known players at WR is never that bad an idea. Lesser upside of course, but should easily hold up the WR3 position together.

Took some chances here in the selections made which will make for a fun (or frustrating) team to follow. Lot of youth on this team outside of WRs where you want more experience anyway. Unless Young can once again play above a tough schedule and an even bigger lack of receivers and Maroney can stay healthy to take advantage of his opportunity, this year could have problems reaching the top. Notice the difference that starting out RB-RB- WR-WR makes at this end of the first round compared to the early teams. Maroney, R Johnson, Colston and Andre Johnson versus Tomlinson, Benson, Fitzgerald and Houshmandzadeh.

Plan Grade: B

By Round Final Roster
1.10 RB Bush,Reggie 3.10 QB Manning,Peyton
2.01 WR Johnson,Chad 11.10 QB Manning,Eli
3.10 QB Manning,Peyton 1.10 RB Bush,Reggie
4.01 RB Jacobs,Brandon 4.01 RB Jacobs,Brandon
5.10 WR Edwards,Braylon 8.01 RB Jones,Kevin
6.01 WR Ward,Hines 10.01 RB Morency,Vernand
7.10 TE Davis,Vernon 12.01 RB Turner,Michael
8.01 RB Jones,Kevin 7.10 TE Davis,Vernon
9.10 WR Berrian,Bernard 13.10 TE Clark,Dallas
10.01 RB Morency,Vernand 2.01 WR Johnson,Chad
11.10 QB Manning,Eli 5.10 WR Edwards,Braylon
12.01 RB Turner,Michael 6.01 WR Ward,Hines
13.10 TE Clark,Dallas 9.10 WR Berrian,Bernard
14.01 PK Vinatieri,Adam 16.01 WR Furrey,Mike
15.10 Def Panthers 14.01 PK Vinatieri,Adam
16.01 WR Furrey,Mike 15.10 DEF Panthers
Team #10 –Men in Tights

Started: RB, WR, QB, RB, WR

Starters: P Manning, R Bush, B Jacobs, K Jones, C Johnson, Edwards, Ward, V Davis, Vinatieri, CAR

Ah yes, the Manning team. After starting with Reggie Bush ( a bit high for my tastes but could have been Henry, R Brown or R Johnson), went with Chad Johnson as the first WR taken - a stud at the 11th overall pick. Then could not pass on Manning at the 3.10 and that's hard to blame anyone. Another stud in a high scoring position. Finally going back to RB at the 4th round pick and still found Brandon Jacobs with nice upside.

Double downed on WR to get Edwards and Ward before making a play for Vernon Davis and all his upside. Kevin Jones at the 8.01 could be a nice later season addition as well and Morency should fill in for at least a while. Waited on PK and DEF and still has Vinatieri and CAR. Even went for blood by taking Eli as a back-up QB. Personally would have preferred wideouts with more upside than Berrian and Furrey, but otherwise this team looks about as good as you could hope taking Manning with the tenth overall draft slot. Manning to a top three team always seems to hurt but taken by the end of the third round by the tenth team actually looks like it worked better than usual. Nice upside picks to go with stars in Chad Johnson and Manning. This plan worked very well for a ten spot team.

Plan Grade: A

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