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Official Huddle Mock Draft - 10-Team / TD Only / No TE Required
June 20 , 2007

The following mock draft considered a TD-only scoring scenario where only touchdowns, two point conversions, field goals and extra points matter - just like the real NFL. This is an older style of scoring that decreases every year but many established leagues elect to keep the format. It is easier to score to be sure, but is also much harder to field a team which can consistently score.

Draft considered 10 teams drafting a starting lineup of QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, PK and DEF with no positional limits. This draft was for 14 rounds.

Draft by Round

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
1 RB Tomlinson,Lad. 1 RB Parker,Willie 1 WR Holt,Torry 1 WR Colston,Marques
2 RB Johnson,Larry 2 RB Henry,Travis 2 RB Barber,Marion 2 WR Fitzgerald,Larry
3 RB Alexander,Shaun 3 RB Addai,Joseph 3 QB Bulger,Marc 3 WR Wayne,Reggie
4 RB Jackson,Steven 4 QB Brees,Drew 4 RB Benson,Cedric 4 WR Moss,Randy
5 QB Manning,Peyton 5 RB Brown,Ronnie 5 RB Jones,Thomas 5 WR Burress,Plaxico
6 RB Johnson,Rudi 6 QB McNabb,Donovan 6 WR Johnson,Chad 6 RB McAllister,Deuce
7 RB Gore,Frank 7 WR Smith,Steve 7 RB Jacobs,Brandon 7 WR Williams,Roy
8 RB Maroney,Laurence 8 RB Portis,Clinton 8 WR Harrison,Marvin 8 WR Evans,Lee
9 QB Palmer,Carson 9 WR Owens,Terrell 9 RB James,Edgerrin 9 WR Driver,Donald
10 RB Jones-Drew,M. 10 QB Brady,Tom 10 TE Gates,Antonio 10 WR Johnson,Andre
Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8
1 WR Houshmandzadeh 1 WR Brown,Reggie 1 DEF Ravens 1 WR Ward,Hines
2 QB Kitna,Jon 2 RB Lynch,Marshawn 2 WR Galloway,Joey 2 WR Hackett,D.J.
3 WR Chambers,Chris 3 QB Romo,Tony 3 WR Clayton,Mark 3 QB Manning,Eli
4 RB McGahee,Willis 4 DEF Bears 4 WR Johnson,Calvin 4 WR Moss,Santana
5 RB Westbrook,Brian 5 QB Hasselbeck,Matt 5 WR Branch,Deion 5 QB Delhomme,Jake
6 RB Green,Ahman 6 WR Boldin,Anquan 6 WR Henderson,Devery 6 WR Cotchery,Jerricho
7 WR Walker,Javon 7 WR Jackson,Darrell 7 RB Bush,Reggie 7 QB Leinart,Matt
8 WR Coles,Laveranues 8 RB Williams,Carnell 8 RB Williams,DeAngelo 8 QB Favre,Brett
9 WR Edwards,Braylon 9 RB Lewis,Jamal 9 QB Rivers,Philip 9 QB Cutler,Jay
10 QB Young,Vince 10 RB Peterson,Adrian 10 RB Norwood,Jerious 10 RB Jordan,Lamont
Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12
1 PK Vinatieri,Adam 1 DEF Eagles 1 DEF Broncos 1 PK Kasay,John
2 RB Jones,Kevin 2 RB Taylor,Fred 2 WR Jones,Matt 2 WR Berrian,Bernard
3 RB Betts,Ladell 3 RB Dunn,Warrick 3 WR Porter,Jerry 3 PK Elam,Jason
4 QB Roethlisberger,Ben 4 PK Wilkins,Jeff 4 WR Jennings,Greg 4 WR Muhammad,M.
5 DEF Patriots 5 RB Morency,Vernand 5 WR Holmes,Santonio 5 PK Gould,Robbie
6 WR Jenkins,Michael 6 RB Hunt,Tony 6 QB Pennington,Chad 6 PK Gostkowski,St.
7 QB Vick,Michael 7 DEF Steelers 7 RB Jones,Julius 7 RB Turner,Michael
8 WR Glenn,Terry 8 PK Graham,Shayne 8 DEF Cowboys 8 DEF Jaguars
9 PK Kaeding,Nate 9 Def Dolphins 9 RB Bell,Mike 9 PK Akers,David
10 QB Frye,Charlie 10 QB Smith,Alex 10 WR Jackson,Vincent 10 WR Bruce,Isaac
Round 13 Round 14    
1 WR Curtis,Kevin 1 RB Duckett,T.J.            
2 TE Gonzalez,Tony 2 WR Bennett,Drew            
3 RB Dayne,Ron 3 WR Kennison,Eddie            
4 TE Davis,Vernon 4 WR Carter,Drew            
5 QB Green,Trent 5 WR Williams,Reggie            
6 Def Panthers 6 WR Curry,Ronald            
7 QB McNair,Steve 7 PK Nedney,Joe            
8 PK Rackers,Neil 8 QB Grossman,Rex            
9 DEF Vikings 9 QB Schaub,Matt            
10 RB Bell,Tatum 10 RB Brown,Chris            

Draft by Position

Quarterbacks Placekickers Defenses
1.05 Manning,Peyton 8.07 Leinart,Matt 9.01 Vinatieri,Adam 6.04 Bears
1.09 Palmer,Carson 8.08 Favre,Brett 9.09 Kaeding,Nate 7.01 Ravens
2.04 Brees,Drew 8.09 Cutler,Jay 10.04 Wilkins,Jeff 9.05 Patriots
2.06 McNabb,Donovan 9.04 Roethlisberger,Ben 10.08 Graham,Shayne 10.01 Eagles
2.10 Brady,Tom 9.07 Vick,Michael 12.01 Kasay,John 10.07 Steelers
3.03 Bulger,Marc 9.10 Frye,Charlie 12.03 Elam,Jason 10.09 Dolphins
5.02 Kitna,Jon 10.10 Smith,Alex 12.05 Gould,Robbie 11.01 Broncos
5.10 Young,Vince 11.06 Pennington,Chad 12.06 Gostkowski,St. 11.08 Cowboys
6.03 Romo,Tony 13.05 Green,Trent 12.09 Akers,David 12.08 Jaguars
6.05 Hasselbeck,Matt 13.07 McNair,Steve 13.08 Rackers,Neil 13.06 Panthers
7.09 Rivers,Philip 14.08 Grossman,Rex 14.07 Nedney,Joe 13.09 Vikings
8.03 Manning,Eli 14.09 Schaub,Matt        
8.05 Delhomme,Jake            
Running Backs Wide Receivers and Tight Ends
1.01 Tomlinson,Lad. 6.10 Peterson,Adrian 2.07 Smith,Steve 7.04 Johnson,Calvin
1.02 Johnson,Larry 7.07 Bush,Reggie 2.09 Owens,Terrell 7.05 Branch,Deion
1.03 Alexander,Shaun 7.08 Williams,DeAngelo 3.01 Holt,Torry 7.06 Henderson,Devery
1.04 Jackson,Steven 7.10 Norwood,Jerious 3.06 Johnson,Chad 8.01 Ward,Hines
1.06 Johnson,Rudi 8.10 Jordan,Lamont 3.08 Harrison,Marvin 8.02 Hackett,D.J.
1.07 Gore,Frank 9.02 Jones,Kevin 3.10 Gates,Antonio 8.04 Moss,Santana
1.08 Maroney,Laurence 9.03 Betts,Ladell 4.01 Colston,Marques 8.06 Cotchery,Jerricho
1.10 Jones-Drew,M. 10.02 Taylor,Fred 4.02 Fitzgerald,Larry 9.06 Jenkins,Michael
2.01 Parker,Willie 10.03 Dunn,Warrick 4.03 Wayne,Reggie 9.08 Glenn,Terry
2.02 Henry,Travis 10.05 Morency,Vernand 4.04 Moss,Randy 11.02 Jones,Matt
2.03 Addai,Joseph 10.06 Hunt,Tony 4.05 Burress,Plaxico 11.03 Porter,Jerry
2.05 Brown,Ronnie 11.07 Jones,Julius 4.07 Williams,Roy 11.04 Jennings,Greg
2.08 Portis,Clinton 11.09 Bell,Mike 4.08 Evans,Lee 11.05 Holmes,Santonio
3.02 Barber,Marion 12.07 Turner,Michael 4.09 Driver,Donald 11.10 Jackson,Vincent
3.04 Benson,Cedric 13.03 Dayne,Ron 4.10 Johnson,Andre 12.02 Berrian,Bernard
3.05 Jones,Thomas 13.10 Bell,Tatum 5.01 Houshmandzadeh 12.04 Muhammad,M.
3.07 Jacobs,Brandon 14.01 Duckett,T.J. 5.03 Chambers,Chris 12.10 Bruce,Isaac
3.09 James,Edgerrin 14.10 Brown,Chris 5.07 Walker,Javon 13.01 Curtis,Kevin
4.06 McAllister,Deuce     5.08 Coles,Laveranues 13.02 Gonzalez,Tony
5.04 McGahee,Willis     5.09 Edwards,Braylon 13.04 Davis,Vernon
5.05 Westbrook,Brian     6.01 Brown,Reggie 14.02 Bennett,Drew
5.06 Green,Ahman     6.06 Boldin,Anquan 14.03 Kennison,Eddie
6.02 Lynch,Marshawn     6.07 Jackson,Darrell 14.04 Carter,Drew
6.08 Williams,Carnell     7.02 Galloway,Joey 14.05 Williams,Reggie
6.09 Lewis,Jamal     7.03 Clayton,Mark 14.06 Curry,Ronald

Evaluating teams in a league of ten for TD-only is a big challenge since player value depend on "single play" events (like a touchdown scored) and not what their total yardage production will be which is far more predictable. Quarterbacks score the most and are obviously the most coveted players but running backs and stud wideouts also can make a difference. With such a small league, kickers matter less since there's always ten kickers worth owning and defenses typically only score once every three games or more.

Draft by Team

By Round Final Roster
1.01 RB Tomlinson,Lad. 2.10 QB Brady,Tom
2.10 QB Brady,Tom 10.10 QB Smith,Alex
3.01 WR Holt,Torry 1.01 RB Tomlinson,Lad.
4.10 WR Johnson,Andre 6.10 RB Peterson,Adrian
5.01 WR Houshmandzadeh 8.10 RB Jordan,Lamont
6.10 RB Peterson,Adrian 14.10 RB Brown,Chris
7.01 Def Ravens 3.01 WR Holt,Torry
8.10 RB Jordan,Lamont 4.10 WR Johnson,Andre
9.01 PK Vinatieri,Adam 5.01 WR Houshmandzadeh
10.10 QB Smith,Alex 12.10 WR Bruce,Isaac
11.01 DEF Broncos 13.01 WR Curtis,Kevin
12.10 WR Bruce,Isaac 9.01 PK Vinatieri,Adam
13.01 WR Curtis,Kevin 7.01 DEF Ravens
14.10 RB Brown,Chris 11.01 DEF Broncos
Team #1 –LTerrific

Started: RB, QB, WR, WR, WR

Starters: Brady, Tomlinson, Peterson, Holt, A Johnson, Houshmandzadeh, Vinatieri, BAL

Have to love getting Tomlinson in this format and followed that up with a solid QB of Brady. Felt so good about owning LT that he triple dipped on wideouts to get a nice set with A Johnson, Houshmandzadeh and Holt though Johnson's touchdown totals so far have not been that impressive.

Have to love this team in this format with not only a great runner in LT, a very good QB and solid wideouts but took a calculated risk with Adrian Peterson (MIN) that could pay off well. Grabbing BAL and Vinatieri were also big coups considering the inconsistency of the position.

Plan Grade: A

By Round Final Roster
1.02 RB Johnson,Larry 5.02 QB Kitna,Jon
2.09 WR Owens,Terrell 8.09 QB Cutler,Jay
3.02 RB Barber,Marion 14.09 QB Schaub,Matt
4.09 WR Driver,Donald 1.02 RB Johnson,Larry
5.02 QB Kitna,Jon 3.02 RB Barber,Marion
6.09 RB Lewis,Jamal 6.09 RB Lewis,Jamal
7.02 WR Galloway,Joey 9.02 RB Jones,Kevin
8.09 QB Cutler,Jay 13.02 TE Gonzalez,Tony
9.02 RB Jones,Kevin 2.09 WR Owens,Terrell
10.09 DEF Dolphins 4.09 WR Driver,Donald
11.02 WR Jones,Matt 7.02 WR Galloway,Joey
12.09 PK Akers,David 11.02 WR Jones,Matt
13.02 TE Gonzalez,Tony 12.09 PK Akers,David
14.09 QB Schaub,Matt 10.09 DEF Dolphins
Team #2 –Old School

Started: RB, WR, RB, WR, QB

Starters: Kitna, L Johnson, Barber, Owens, Driver, Galloway, Akers, MIA

Started with Larry Johnson for an advantage and Owens could end up the #1 WR for TD's as well. Nice start added Barber the touchdown machine from last year and Kitna at QB in a Martz-offense should pay some dividends as well.

Decent depth at RB with Lewis and Kevin Jones. This is a solid team though behind Kitna is just Cutler and Schaub which likely won't be an advantage. This should be a solid team at the least with LJ and Owens and could definitely challenge for the title.

Plan Grade: A-

By Round Final Roster
1.03 RB Alexander,Shaun 3.03 QB Bulger,Marc
2.08 RB Portis,Clinton 8.08 QB Favre,Brett
3.03 QB Bulger,Marc 14.08 QB Grossman,Rex
4.08 WR Evans,Lee 1.03 RB Alexander,Shaun
5.03 WR Chambers,Chris 2.08 RB Portis,Clinton
6.08 RB Williams,Carnell 6.08 RB Williams,Carnell
7.03 WR Clayton,Mark 9.03 RB Betts,Ladell
8.08 QB Favre,Brett 13.03 RB Dayne,Ron
9.03 RB Betts,Ladell 4.08 WR Evans,Lee
10.08 PK Graham,Shayne 5.03 WR Chambers,Chris
11.03 WR Porter,Jerry 7.03 WR Clayton,Mark
12.08 DEF Jaguars 11.03 WR Porter,Jerry
13.03 RB Dayne,Ron 10.08 PK Graham,Shayne
14.08 QB Grossman,Rex 12.08 DEF Jaguars
Team #3 –Team Spackle

Started: RB, RB, QB, WR, WR

Starters: Bulger, Alexander, Portis, Evans, Chambers, Clayton, Graham, JAX,

Started out with Alexander and Portis which would be great if this were 2005 and a death knell if 2006 repeats. Bulger is a solid pick at QB and Evans is stepping up at WR.

Lot of risk with those first two picks and not much behind them for RB depth. Only taking 4 WR when three must start is another risk and means the waiver wire will be constantly scoured. Could be a decent team if Alexander and Portis return to form but not much else to fight with other than Bulger.

Plan Grade: B

By Round Final Roster
1.04 RB Jackson,Steven 8.07 QB Leinart,Matt
2.07 WR Smith,Steve 9.04 QB Roethlisberger,Ben
3.04 RB Benson,Cedric 1.04 RB Jackson,Steven
4.07 WR Williams,Roy 3.04 RB Benson,Cedric
5.04 RB McGahee,Willis 5.04 RB McGahee,Willis
6.07 WR Jackson,Darrell 12.07 RB Turner,Michael
7.04 WR Johnson,Calvin 13.04 TE Davis,Vernon
8.07 QB Leinart,Matt 2.07 WR Smith,Steve
9.04 QB Roethlisberger,Ben 4.07 WR Williams,Roy
10.07 DEF Steelers 6.07 WR Jackson,Darrell
11.04 WR Jennings,Greg 7.04 WR Johnson,Calvin
12.07 RB Turner,Michael 11.04 WR Jennings,Greg
13.04 TE Davis,Vernon 14.07 PK Nedney,Joe
14.07 PK Nedney,Joe 10.07 DEF Steelers
Team #4 - Dexter D

Started: RB, WR, RB, WR, RB

Starters: Leinart, S Jackson, C Benson, S Smith, R Williams, D Jackson, Nedney, PIT

Got a gift potentially when Jackson fell to #4 and Smith with the 2.07 was a great pick. Reaching Benson with the 3.04 another solid choice though a little more risky than the first two picks.

Nice depth here with McGahee in reserve and the wideouts should be stellar - maybe even scary if Calvin Johnson meets his hype. The only real weakness here is at QB with Leinart and Roethlisberger but that is the highest scoring position - not where you want a weakness. Strength at RB and WR should compensate.

Plan Grade: A-

By Round Final Roster
1.05 QB Manning,Peyton 1.05 QB Manning,Peyton
2.06 QB McNabb,Donovan 2.06 QB McNabb,Donovan
3.05 RB Jones,Thomas 13.05 QB Green,Trent
4.06 RB McAllister,Deuce 3.05 RB Jones,Thomas
5.05 RB Westbrook,Brian 4.06 RB McAllister,Deuce
6.06 WR Boldin,Anquan 5.05 RB Westbrook,Brian
7.05 WR Branch,Deion 10.06 RB Hunt,Tony
8.06 WR Cotchery,Jerricho 6.06 WR Boldin,Anquan
9.05 DEF Patriots 7.05 WR Branch,Deion
10.06 RB Hunt,Tony 8.06 WR Cotchery,Jerricho
11.05 WR Holmes,Santonio 11.05 WR Holmes,Santonio
12.06 PK Gostkowski,St. 14.06 WR Curry,Ronald
13.05 QB Green,Trent 12.06 PK Gostkowski,St.
14.06 WR Curry,Ronald 9.05 DEF Patriots
Team #5 –Dirty Water

Started: QB, QB, RB, RB, RB

Starters: Manning, T Jones, McAllister, Boldin, Branch, Cotchery, Gostkowski, NE

Fascinating ploy by taking two top QBs in Manning and McNabb and a trade would have to be made to a team needing a QB and willing to give up a great RB or WR to make any sense of this. QBs score a lot more in this format but only starters count every week.

The two QB ploy makes this team look weak and it will be even with a 1:1 trade of McNabb. WR's ended up very weak since they only started in the 6th round and that position will be very little help. This was too early to get cute with the QB-QB ploy. Manning should be great but literally all other staring positions are weaker than they should be.

Plan Grade: D

By Round Final Roster
1.06 RB Johnson,Rudi 6.05 QB Hasselbeck,Matt
2.05 RB Brown,Ronnie 8.05 QB Delhomme,Jake
3.06 WR Johnson,Chad 11.06 QB Pennington,Chad
4.05 WR Burress,Plaxico 1.06 RB Johnson,Rudi
5.06 RB Green,Ahman 2.05 RB Brown,Ronnie
6.05 QB Hasselbeck,Matt 5.06 RB Green,Ahman
7.06 WR Henderson,Devery 10.05 RB Morency,Vernand
8.05 QB Delhomme,Jake 3.06 WR Johnson,Chad
9.06 WR Jenkins,Michael 4.05 WR Burress,Plaxico
10.05 RB Morency,Vernand 7.06 WR Henderson,Devery
11.06 QB Pennington,Chad 9.06 WR Jenkins,Michael
12.05 PK Gould,Robbie 14.05 WR Williams,Reggie
13.06 DEF Panthers 12.05 PK Gould,Robbie
14.05 WR Williams,Reggie 13.06 DEF Panthers
Team #6 –Ocho Uno

Started: RB, RB, WR, WR, RB

Starters: Hasselbeck, R Johnson, R Brown, C Johnson, Burress, D Henderson, Gould, CAR

This plan looks more like a performance league draft - not a TD only league. Rudi Johnson and Ronnie Brown should post average scores and Chad Johnson at the 3.06 was a great find. Burress adds another solid scorer for a WR.

Hasselbeck at QB won't likely be a difference maker now that Jackson is gone though grabbing Delhomme early made sense and could combine well if the owner can figure out which one to start each week. Outside of Chad Johnson, this team looks very average at best and even Johnson had troubles scoring in most weeks of 2006. Safe draft picks here will lead only to an average team that won't score consistently enough to challenge for the top.

Plan Grade: C

By Round Final Roster
1.07 RB Gore,Frank 2.04 QB Brees,Drew
2.04 QB Brees,Drew 9.07 QB Vick,Michael
3.07 RB Jacobs,Brandon 13.07 QB McNair,Steve
4.04 WR Moss,Randy 1.07 RB Gore,Frank
5.07 WR Walker,Javon 3.07 RB Jacobs,Brandon
6.04 DEF Bears 7.07 RB Bush,Reggie
7.07 RB Bush,Reggie 11.07 RB Jones,Julius
8.04 WR Moss,Santana 4.04 WR Moss,Randy
9.07 QB Vick,Michael 5.07 WR Walker,Javon
10.04 PK Wilkins,Jeff 8.04 WR Moss,Santana
11.07 RB Jones,Julius 12.04 WR Muhammad,M.
12.04 WR Muhammad,M. 14.04 WR Carter,Drew
13.07 QB McNair,Steve 10.04 PK Wilkins,Jeff
14.04 WR Carter,Drew 6.04 DEF Bears
Team #7 –Chicago Blairs

Started: RB, QB, RB, WR, WR

Starters: Brees, Gore, Jacobs, R Moss, J Walker, S Moss, Wilkins, CHI

This is likely as good as it gets with a 7th pick in this format. Started with Gore who fell in this format and then grabbed Brees for a great QB. Jacobs may not rack up Tiki-esque yardage but he should provide the scores and that's all that matters here. Randy Moss is another shrewd pick who will likely not meet previous levels of yardage but in NE he could surprise with the touchdown passes from Brady.

Walker did not mesh well with Cutler last year but should get better and had some nice depth picks in Vick and Reggie Bush that could work out well. Wilkins likely to be above average for a kicker and took the Bears at the 6.04 for a difference maker there.

Plan Grade: A

By Round Final Roster
1.08 RB Maroney,Laurence 6.03 QB Romo,Tony
2.03 RB Addai,Joseph 8.03 QB Manning,Eli
3.08 WR Harrison,Marvin 1.08 RB Maroney,Laurence
4.03 WR Wayne,Reggie 2.03 RB Addai,Joseph
5.08 WR Coles,Laveranues 7.08 RB Williams,DeAngelo
6.03 QB Romo,Tony 10.03 RB Dunn,Warrick
7.08 RB Williams,DeAngelo 3.08 WR Harrison,Marvin
8.03 QB Manning,Eli 4.03 WR Wayne,Reggie
9.08 WR Glenn,Terry 5.08 WR Coles,Laveranues
10.03 RB Dunn,Warrick 9.08 WR Glenn,Terry
11.08 DEF Cowboys 14.03 WR Kennison,Eddie
12.03 PK Elam,Jason 12.03 PK Elam,Jason
13.08 PK Rackers,Neil 13.08 PK Rackers,Neil
14.03 WR Kennison,Eddie 11.08 DEF Cowboys
Team #8 –Blue Nights

Started: RB, RB, WR, WR, WR

Starters: Romo, Maroney, Addai, Harrison, Wayne, Coles, Elam, DAL

A standard approach in a performance league, this team will be interesting in a TD only format. Scooped on Maroney, Addai and DeAngelo Williams to own the top three RBs drafted in 2006. Harrison and Wayne means the team relies on IND to come through but it is a great offense and one of the two should score every week - of not both.

This is a riskier team but one that could surprise since many of the picks are upside players except for solid veterans at WR. This team's fortunes will likely rely on Tony Romo. If he comes through with a big year, this year will compete and if not, it will be hard to make up the difference with Eli Manning. This is a boom or bust team.

Plan Grade: B+

By Round Final Roster
1.09 QB Palmer,Carson 1.09 QB Palmer,Carson
2.02 RB Henry,Travis 7.09 QB Rivers,Philip
3.09 RB James,Edgerrin 2.02 RB Henry,Travis
4.02 WR Fitzgerald,Larry 3.09 RB James,Edgerrin
5.09 WR Edwards,Braylon 6.02 RB Lynch,Marshawn
6.02 RB Lynch,Marshawn 10.02 RB Taylor,Fred
7.09 QB Rivers,Philip 11.09 RB Bell,Mike
8.02 WR Hackett,D.J. 4.02 WR Fitzgerald,Larry
9.09 PK Kaeding,Nate 5.09 WR Edwards,Braylon
10.02 RB Taylor,Fred 8.02 WR Hackett,D.J.
11.09 RB Bell,Mike 12.02 WR Berrian,Bernard
12.02 WR Berrian,Bernard 14.02 WR Bennett,Drew
13.09 DEF Vikings 9.09 PK Kaeding,Nate
14.02 WR Bennett,Drew 13.09 DEF Vikings
Team #9 –RX97

Started: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR

Starters: Palmer, Henry, James, Fitzgerald, Edwards, Hackett, Kaeding, MIN,

Have to like getting Palmer even if it meant using the 1.09 but without Chris Henry for 8 weeks that may not start as well as desired. Henry is a play at good numbers and James could surprise in the new offense. Fitzgerald another very solid pick for WR and only cost a 4.02.

In this format, owning Palmer should provide consistent scores and solid picks throughout means this team should be better than average but ending up a top team will require most players to exceed their 2006 production levels. This team would look better in a performance format.

Plan Grade: B

By Round Final Roster
1.10 RB Jones-Drew,M. 5.10 QB Young,Vince
2.01 RB Parker,Willie 9.10 QB Frye,Charlie
3.10 WR Gates,Antonio 1.10 RB Jones-Drew,M.
4.01 WR Colston,Marques 2.01 RB Parker,Willie
5.10 QB Young,Vince 7.10 RB Norwood,Jerious
6.01 WR Brown,Reggie 13.10 RB Bell,Tatum
7.10 RB Norwood,Jerious 14.01 RB Duckett,T.J.
8.01 WR Ward,Hines 3.10 TE Gates,Antonio
9.10 QB Frye,Charlie 4.01 WR Colston,Marques
10.01 DEF Eagles 6.01 WR Brown,Reggie
11.10 WR Jackson,Vincent 8.01 WR Ward,Hines
12.01 PK Kasay,John 11.10 WR Jackson,Vincent
13.10 RB Bell,Tatum 12.01 PK Kasay,John
14.01 RB Duckett,T.J. 10.01 DEF Eagles
Team #10 –rbmcdonald

Started: RB, RB, WR, WR, QB

Starters: Young, Jones-Drew, Parker, Colston, Gates, R Brown, Kasay, PHI

Taking Jones-Drew with the 1.10 pick was reasonable enough though Parker at the 2.01 may not pan out as well in the new offensive scheme in PIT. Gates would be great if tight end was a separate position but lumped in with wide receivers means his nine scores from 2006 may be hard to replicate in the new offense and players like Fitzgerald were passed over.

Quarterback is a little troubling too since the Titans lost Bennett and Wade and did not really replace them and rushing scores are the same value as passing scores so Young only had 19 in 2006 and will be hard pressed to repeat that with a lesser offense and a brutal schedule. Frye as the back-up QB is also risky since Brady Quinn could end up taking over there by the end of the season. But this plan worked out fairly well by positions taken. WIth Young, Parker, Jones-Drew and Colston, the big surprise players from last year will need to repeat their production. I would prefer different names in some of those picks but the plan by position worked well enough.

Plan Grade: B+

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