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Official Huddle Mock Draft - 10-Team / Performance
August 14 , 2007

The following mock draft considered a standard performance scoring of 1/10 rush and receive yards, 1/20 passing yards, 2 point conversion are two fantasy points each participant, all touchdowns are six except passing is four. Receptions are awarded one point each. Kickers receive the NFL points from their kicks and defenses have one point sacks and turnovers, two point safeties and six point touchdowns.

Draft considered 10 teams drafting a starting lineup of QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, PK and DEF with no positional limits. This draft was for 16 rounds.

Draft by Round

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
1 RB  Tomlinson, LaD. 1 RB  Henry, Travis 1 RB  Jones, Thomas 1 QB  Brady, Tom
2 RB  Jackson, Steven 2 RB  Bush, Reggie 2 WR  Harrison, Marvin 2 QB  Brees, Drew
3 RB  Johnson, Larry 3 RB  McGahee, Willis 3 WR  Owens, Terrell 3 WR  Burress, Plaxico
4 RB  Addai, Joseph 4 RB  Jones-Drew, M. 4 WR  Holt, Torry 4 WR  Walker, Javon
5 RB  Gore, Frank 5 QB  Manning, Peyton 5 WR  Fitzgerald, Larry 5 WR  Houshmandzadeh
6 RB  Parker, Willie 6 RB  Portis, Clinton 6 RB  James, Edgerrin 6 WR  Colston, Marques
7 RB  Westbrook, Brian 7 QB  Palmer, Carson 7 WR  Williams, Roy 7 RB  Benson, Cedric
8 RB  Alexander, Shaun 8 RB  Brown, Ronnie 8 WR  Moss, Randy 8 WR  Boldin, Anquan
9 RB  Maroney, Laurence 9 WR  Johnson, Chad 9 WR  Wayne, Reggie 9 QB  Bulger, Marc
10 RB  Johnson, Rudi 10 WR  Smith, Steve 10 WR  Johnson, Andre 10 WR  Ward, Hines
Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8
1 TE  Gates, Antonio 1 TE  Gonzalez, Tony 1 RB  Peterson, Adrian 1 WR  Jennings, Greg
2 RB  Lynch, Marshawn 2 WR  Brown, Reggie 2 WR  Galloway, Joey 2 TE  Shockey, Jeremy
3 QB  McNabb, Donovan 3 WR  Coles, Laveranues 3 RB  McAllister, Deuce 3 TE  Heap, Todd
4 WR  Driver, Donald 4 WR  Johnson, Calvin 4 WR  Jackson, Darrell 4 RB  Jones, Julius
5 QB  Rivers, Philip 5 RB  Norwood, Jerious 5 RB  Barber, Marion III 5 WR  Cotchery, Jerricho
6 WR  Moss, Santana 6 WR  Glenn, Terry 6 WR  Berrian, Bernard 6 TE  Winslow, Kellen
7 RB  Jacobs, Brandon 7 RB  Williams, Carnell 7 QB  Young, Vince 7 TE  Davis, Vernon
8 QB  Kitna, Jon 8 WR  Edwards, Braylon 8 RB  Williams, DeAngelo 8 TE  Cooley, Chris
9 WR  Evans, Lee 9 RB  Green, Ahman 9 RB  Lewis, Jamal 9 WR  Jackson, Vincent
10 WR  Branch, Deion 10 WR  Chambers, Chris 10 RB  Taylor, Fred 10 WR  Stallworth, Donte'
Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12
1 QB  Romo, Tony 1 WR  Holmes, Santonio 1 RB  Turner, Michael 1 RB  Droughns, Reuben
2 DT  Bears 2 WR  Porter, Jerry 2 TE  Crumpler, Alge 2 DT  Cowboys
3 WR  Clayton, Mark 3 WR  Henderson, Devery 3 WR  Muhammad, M 3 RB  Jones, Kevin
4 DT  Ravens 4 WR  Hackett, D.J. 4 WR  Bruce, Isaac 4 QB  Favre, Brett
5 DT  Patriots 5 TE  Watson, Ben 5 QB  Leinart, Matt 5 RB  Dunn, Warrick
6 RB  Jackson, Brandon 6 WR  Jones, Matt 6 WR  Jones, Brandon 6 RB  Bell, Mike
7 TE  Witten, Jason 7 RB  Jordan, LaMont 7 RB  Taylor, Chester 7 QB  Manning, Eli
8 DT  Chargers 8 QB  Hasselbeck, Matt 8 QB  Roethlisberger, B 8 PK  Vinatieri, Adam
9 RB  Bell, Tatum 9 RB  Betts, Ladell 9 RB  Foster, DeShaun 9 TE  Clark, Dallas
10 WR  Curtis, Kevin 10 WR  Horn, Joe 10 RB  White, Lendale 10 QB  Cutler, Jay
Round 13 Round 14 Round 15 Round 16
1 RB  Brown, Chris 1 WR  Williamson, Troy 1 DT  Jaguars 1 PK  Stover, Matt
2 RB  Thomas, Anthony 2 WR  Furrey, Mike 2 QB  Schaub, Matt 2 WR  Booker, Marty
3 RB  Rhodes, Dominic 3 DT  Broncos 3 DT  Panthers 3 PK  Gostkowski, Stephen
4 WR  Bennett, Drew 4 RB  Morency, Vernand 4 RB  Washington, Leon 4 PK  Rackers, Neil
5 WR  Marshall, Brandon 5 QB  Pennington, Chad 5 WR  Ginn Jr., Ted 5 WR  Kennison, Eddie
6 DT  Eagles 6 DT  Dolphins 6 PK  Kaeding, Nate 6 PK  Elam, Jason
7 WR  Gonzalez, Anthony 7 WR  Welker, Wes 7 DT  Cardinals 7 PK  Gould, Robbie
8 WR  Mason, Derrick 8 RB  Pittman, Michael 8 WR  Carter, Drew 8 WR  Williams, Reggie
9 QB  Delhomme, Jake 9 PK  Graham, Shayne 9 PK  Wilkins, Jeff 9 WR  Baskett, Hank
10 DT  Steelers 10 WR  Curry, Ronald 10 WR  Jarrett, Dwayne 10 PK  Brown, Josh

Draft by Position

Quarterbacks Tight Ends Defenses Placekickers
2.05 Manning, Peyton 5.01 Gates, Antonio 12.08 Vinatieri, Adam 9.02 Bears
2.07 Palmer, Carson 6.01 Gonzalez, Tony 14.09 Graham, Shayne 9.04 Ravens
4.01 Brady, Tom 8.02 Shockey, Jeremy 15.06 Kaeding, Nate 9.05 Patriots
4.02 Brees, Drew 8.03 Heap, Todd 15.09 Wilkins, Jeff 9.08 Chargers
4.09 Bulger, Marc 8.06 Winslow, Kellen 16.01 Stover, Matt 12.02 Cowboys
5.03 McNabb, Donovan 8.07 Davis, Vernon 16.03 Gostkowski, Stephen 13.06 Eagles
5.05 Rivers, Philip 8.08 Cooley, Chris 16.04 Rackers, Neil 13.10 Steelers
5.08 Kitna, Jon 9.07 Witten, Jason 16.06 Elam, Jason 14.03 Broncos
7.07 Young, Vince 10.05 Watson, Ben 16.07 Gould, Robbie 14.06 Dolphins
9.01 Romo, Tony 11.02 Crumpler, Alge 16.10 Brown, Josh 15.01 Jaguars
10.08 Hasselbeck, Matt 12.09 Clark, Dallas x x 15.03 Panthers
11.05 Leinart, Matt x x x x 15.07 Cardinals
11.08 Roethlisberger, B x x x x x x
12.04 Favre, Brett x x x x x x
12.07 Manning, Eli x x x x x x
12.10 Cutler, Jay x x x x x x
13.09 Delhomme, Jake x x x x x x
14.05 Pennington, Chad x x x x x x
15.02 Schaub, Matt x x x x x x
Running Backs Wide Receivers
1.01 Tomlinson, LaD. 8.04 Jones, Julius 2.09 Johnson, Chad 8.01 Jennings, Greg
1.02 Jackson, Steven 9.06 Jackson, Brandon 2.10 Smith, Steve 8.05 Cotchery, Jerricho
1.03 Johnson, Larry 9.09 Bell, Tatum 3.02 Harrison, Marvin 8.09 Jackson, Vincent
1.04 Addai, Joseph 10.07 Jordan, LaMont 3.03 Owens, Terrell 8.10 Stallworth, Donte'
1.05 Gore, Frank 10.09 Betts, Ladell 3.04 Holt, Torry 9.03 Clayton, Mark
1.06 Parker, Willie 11.01 Turner, Michael 3.05 Fitzgerald, Larry 9.10 Curtis, Kevin
1.07 Westbrook, Brian 11.07 Taylor, Chester 3.07 Williams, Roy 10.01 Holmes, Santonio
1.08 Alexander, Shaun 11.09 Foster, DeShaun 3.08 Moss, Randy 10.02 Porter, Jerry
1.09 Maroney, Laurence 11.10 White, Lendale 3.09 Wayne, Reggie 10.03 Henderson, Devery
1.10 Johnson, Rudi 12.01 Droughns, Reuben 3.10 Johnson, Andre 10.04 Hackett, D.J.
2.01 Henry, Travis 12.03 Jones, Kevin 4.03 Burress, Plaxico 10.06 Jones, Matt
2.02 Bush, Reggie 12.05 Dunn, Warrick 4.04 Walker, Javon 10.10 Horn, Joe
2.03 McGahee, Willis 12.06 Bell, Mike 4.05 Houshmandzadeh 11.03 Muhammad, M
2.04 Jones-Drew, M. 13.01 Brown, Chris 4.06 Colston, Marques 11.04 Bruce, Isaac
2.06 Portis, Clinton 13.02 Thomas, Anthony 4.08 Boldin, Anquan 11.06 Jones, Brandon
2.08 Brown, Ronnie 13.03 Rhodes, Dominic 4.10 Ward, Hines 13.04 Bennett, Drew
3.01 Jones, Thomas 14.04 Morency, Vernand 5.04 Driver, Donald 13.05 Marshall, Brandon
3.06 James, Edgerrin 14.08 Pittman, Michael 5.06 Moss, Santana 13.07 Gonzalez, Anthony
4.07 Benson, Cedric 15.04 Washington, Leon 5.09 Evans, Lee 13.08 Mason, Derrick
5.02 Lynch, Marshawn x x 5.10 Branch, Deion 14.01 Williamson, Troy
5.07 Jacobs, Brandon x x 6.02 Brown, Reggie 14.02 Furrey, Mike
6.05 Norwood, Jerious x x 6.03 Coles, Laveranues 14.07 Welker, Wes
6.07 Williams, Carnell x x 6.04 Johnson, Calvin 14.10 Curry, Ronald
6.09 Green, Ahman x x 6.06 Glenn, Terry 15.05 Ginn Jr., Ted
7.01 Peterson, Adrian x x 6.08 Edwards, Braylon 15.08 Carter, Drew
7.03 McAllister, Deuce x x 6.10 Chambers, Chris 15.10 Jarrett, Dwayne
7.05 Barber, Marion III x x 7.02 Galloway, Joey 16.02 Booker, Marty
7.08 Williams, DeAngelo x x 7.04 Jackson, Darrell 16.05 Kennison, Eddie
7.09 Lewis, Jamal x x 7.06 Berrian, Bernard 16.08 Williams, Reggie
7.10 Taylor, Fred x x x x 16.09 Baskett, Hank

Evaluating teams in a league of ten means looking for playmakers at as many positions as possible and even more so for the highest scoring ones which would be running backs and quarterbacks in this scoring format. Everyone should (and did) have a solid team and depth is less important the smaller a league is - there are more "average" players left on the waiver wire so taking higher upside players as back-ups makes more sense with free agents to fall back on.

Draft by Team

By Round Final Roster
1.01 RB  Tomlinson, LaD. 9.01 QB  Romo, Tony
2.10 WR  Smith, Steve 12.10 QB  Cutler, Jay
3.01 RB  Jones, Thomas 1.01 RB  Tomlinson, LaD.
4.10 WR  Ward, Hines 3.01 RB  Jones, Thomas
5.01 TE  Gates, Antonio 7.01 RB  Peterson, Adrian
6.10 WR  Chambers, Chris 11.01 RB  Turner, Michael
7.01 RB  Peterson, Adrian 13.01 RB  Brown, Chris
8.10 WR  Stallworth, Donte' 5.01 TE  Gates, Antonio
9.01 QB  Romo, Tony 2.10 WR  Smith, Steve
10.10 WR  Horn, Joe 4.10 WR  Ward, Hines
11.01 RB  Turner, Michael 6.10 WR  Chambers, Chris
12.10 QB  Cutler, Jay 8.10 WR  Stallworth, Donte'
13.01 RB  Brown, Chris 10.10 WR  Horn, Joe
14.10 WR  Curry, Ronald 14.10 WR  Curry, Ronald
15.01 DT  Jaguars 16.10 PK  Brown, Josh
16.10 PK  Brown, Josh 15.01 DEF  Jaguars
Team #1

Started: RB, WR,RB,WR,TE

Starters: Romo, Tomlinson, T Jones, Gates, S Smith, H Ward, C Chambers, J Brown, JAX

It is already easy to hate the Tomlinson guy and the beauty of the first pick and early double up in the 2/3 makes it even harder to like the guy. After starting with Tomlinson, snapped up Steve Smith and Thomas Jones for a solid start. Hines Ward is a safe pick for the 4th and then Gates falling to the 5.01 was a gift even with a ten team league.

The drafter was able to add Adrian Peterson for some big upside RB depth and then finished out with solid enough picks including the back-up Turner for LT. Waiting on QB means not getting any advantage there, especially in a ten team league. Great start and a gift in Gates makes this team a contender but if either LT Steve Smith gets injured, this team turns much more average with a slight liability at QB.

Plan Grade: B+ (cannot count on Gates falling that far even in a ten man league)

By Round Final Roster
1.02 RB  Jackson, Steven 4.09 QB  Bulger, Marc
2.09 WR  Johnson, Chad 15.02 QB  Schaub, Matt
3.02 WR  Harrison, Marvin 1.02 RB  Jackson, Steven
4.09 QB  Bulger, Marc 5.02 RB  Lynch, Marshawn
5.02 RB  Lynch, Marshawn 6.09 RB  Green, Ahman
6.09 RB  Green, Ahman 10.09 RB  Betts, Ladell
7.02 WR  Galloway, Joey 13.02 RB  Thomas, Anthony
8.09 WR  Jackson, Vincent 11.02 TE  Crumpler, Alge
9.02 DT  Bears 12.09 TE  Clark, Dallas
10.09 RB  Betts, Ladell 2.09 WR  Johnson, Chad
11.02 TE  Crumpler, Alge 3.02 WR  Harrison, Marvin
12.09 TE  Clark, Dallas 7.02 WR  Galloway, Joey
13.02 RB  Thomas, Anthony 8.09 WR  Jackson, Vincent
14.09 PK  Graham, Shayne 16.09 WR  Baskett, Hank
15.02 QB  Schaub, Matt 14.09 PK  Graham, Shayne
16.09 WR  Baskett, Hank 9.02 DEF  Bears
Team #2

Started: RB, WR, WR, QB, RB,

Starters: Bulger, S Jackson, M Lynch, Crumpler, C Johnson, M Harrison, J Galloway, Graham, CHI

Plan Grade: Like team one, got the obligatory super RB with Jackson and then used his back-end swing to snatch up both Chad Johnson and Harrison. In a team team league that works better than in a 12 man league. That allowed him to still reach a decent QB with Bulger and fill in RB2 with either Marshawn Lynch or Ahman Green.

Taking CHI gives that small advantage at DEF but TE was left forgotten with a double up in the 11/12 to only net Crumpler and Clark. This team should compete with a good QB, great RB and WR1 and WR2 and enough otherwise to carry the load. Betts is another nice pickup later on. While not all the names are what I would have chosen, this RB-WR-WR ploy could work out very well in a ten man league.

Plan Grade: A-

By Round Final Roster
1.03 RB  Johnson, Larry 5.03 QB  McNabb, Donovan
2.08 RB  Brown, Ronnie 10.08 QB  Hasselbeck, Matt
3.03 WR  Owens, Terrell 1.03 RB  Johnson, Larry
4.08 WR  Boldin, Anquan 2.08 RB  Brown, Ronnie
5.03 QB  McNabb, Donovan 7.03 RB  McAllister, Deuce
6.08 WR  Edwards, Braylon 13.03 RB  Rhodes, Dominic
7.03 RB  McAllister, Deuce 14.08 RB  Pittman, Michael
8.08 TE  Cooley, Chris 8.08 TE  Cooley, Chris
9.03 WR  Clayton, Mark 3.03 WR  Owens, Terrell
10.08 QB  Hasselbeck, Matt 4.08 WR  Boldin, Anquan
11.03 WR  Muhammad, M 6.08 WR  Edwards, Braylon
12.08 PK  Vinatieri, Adam 9.03 WR  Clayton, Mark
13.03 RB  Rhodes, Dominic 11.03 WR  Muhammad, M
14.08 RB  Pittman, Michael 16.08 WR  Williams, Reggie
15.03 DT  Panthers 12.08 PK  Vinatieri, Adam
16.08 WR  Williams, Reggie 15.03 DEF  Panthers
Team #3

Started: RB, RB, WR, WR, QB

Starters: McNabb, L Johnson, R Brown, Cooley, Owens, Boldin, B Edwards, Vinatieri, CAR

Plan Grade: Started with Larry Johnson on a holdout as a calculated risk and then went for Ronnie Brown to ensure the RBs would be okay even without LJ. Owens at the 3.03 was a nice value and Boldin as WR2 is a very solid WR2 in this league. McNabb at the 5.03 will be golden until he gets hurt and late pick of Hasselbeck a nice QB2.

Overall, this built a solid team with some star power in McNabb, LJ and Owens. Solid depth in WR and RB will help keep team afloat. This team will compete once LJ is wearing a helmet again and at worst it should be no less than an average team in the ten team format. This was a more standard, safe way to draft that started out with Larry Johnson as the key.

Plan Grade: B

By Round Final Roster
1.04 RB  Addai, Joseph 2.07 QB  Palmer, Carson
2.07 QB  Palmer, Carson 12.07 QB  Manning, Eli
3.04 WR  Holt, Torry 1.04 RB  Addai, Joseph
4.07 RB  Benson, Cedric 4.07 RB  Benson, Cedric
5.04 WR  Driver, Donald 6.07 RB  Williams, Carnell
6.07 RB  Williams, Carnell 10.07 RB  Jordan, LaMont
7.04 WR  Jackson, Darrell 15.04 RB  Washington, Leon
8.07 TE  Davis, Vernon 8.07 TE  Davis, Vernon
9.04 DT  Ravens 3.04 WR  Holt, Torry
10.07 RB  Jordan, LaMont 5.04 WR  Driver, Donald
11.04 WR  Bruce, Isaac 7.04 WR  Jackson, Darrell
12.07 QB  Manning, Eli 11.04 WR  Bruce, Isaac
13.04 WR  Bennett, Drew 13.04 WR  Bennett, Drew
14.07 WR  Welker, Wes 14.07 WR  Welker, Wes
15.04 RB  Washington, Leon 16.07 PK  Gould, Robbie
16.07 PK  Gould, Robbie 9.04 DEF  Ravens
Team #4

Started: RB, QB, WR, RB, WR

Starters: Palmer, Addai, Benson, V Davis, Holt, Driver, D Jackson, Gould, BAL

By-passed Gore and Alexander for the riskier pick of Addai - nice play for upside though. Taking Palmer is a big advantage at QB and then Holt at the 3.04 gets a top player for WR1 (could have been Larry Fitzgerald). In this ten team format, that still left Cedric Benson for an upside RB2 - very nice.

Cadillac made for a great RB3 and then upside once again with the choice of Vernon Davis for TE. BAL defense yet again an advantage. This team should definitely compete and the play for upside really should make this team fun to follow. Top QB in Palmer and then really nice upside in RB and TE. The WRs is more solid than spectacular, but overall this plan really worked well in this format.

Plan Grade: A

By Round Final Roster
1.05 RB  Gore, Frank 5.05 QB  Rivers, Philip
2.06 RB  Portis, Clinton 11.05 QB  Leinart, Matt
3.05 WR  Fitzgerald, Larry 1.05 RB  Gore, Frank
4.06 WR  Colston, Marques 2.06 RB  Portis, Clinton
5.05 QB  Rivers, Philip 7.05 RB  Barber, Marion III
6.06 WR  Glenn, Terry 12.06 RB  Bell, Mike
7.05 RB  Barber, Marion III 8.06 TE  Winslow, Kellen
8.06 TE  Winslow, Kellen 3.05 WR  Fitzgerald, Larry
9.05 DT  Patriots 4.06 WR  Colston, Marques
10.06 WR  Jones, Matt 6.06 WR  Glenn, Terry
11.05 QB  Leinart, Matt 10.06 WR  Jones, Matt
12.06 RB  Bell, Mike 13.05 WR  Marshall, Brandon
13.05 WR  Marshall, Brandon 15.05 WR  Ginn Jr., Ted
14.06 DT  Dolphins 16.06 PK  Elam, Jason
15.05 WR  Ginn Jr., Ted 9.05 DEF  Patriots
16.06 PK  Elam, Jason 14.06 DEF  Dolphins
Team #5

Started: RB, RB, WR, WR, QB

Starters: Rivers, Gore, Portis, Winslow, Fitzgerald, Colston, Glenn, Elam, MIA

The middle pick in the draft went a very safe route. Started with Gore who fell to most people and then went with Portis at the 2.06. Still was able to reach Fitzgerald for WR1 and once again hit WR to come away with Colston. Finally went for QB and took Rivers over Kitna, Young and Romo.

Ended up with better than average at TE with Winslow and NE for DEF and mixed in a blend of upside with older solid veterans at WR. Getting Betts would have made this work much better but Barber for RB3 should ease the pain some if Portis gets hurt again. A solid team but no real stars in a ten man league. Safe picks, solid team but weakness at QB will likely hurt.

Plan Grade: B

By Round Final Roster
1.06 RB  Parker, Willie 2.05 QB  Manning, Peyton
2.05 QB  Manning, Peyton 14.05 QB  Pennington, Chad
3.06 RB  James, Edgerrin 1.06 RB  Parker, Willie
4.05 WR  Houshmandzadeh 3.06 RB  James, Edgerrin
5.06 WR  Moss, Santana 6.05 RB  Norwood, Jerious
6.05 RB  Norwood, Jerious 9.06 RB  Jackson, Brandon
7.06 WR  Berrian, Bernard 12.05 RB  Dunn, Warrick
8.05 WR  Cotchery, Jerricho 10.05 TE  Watson, Ben
9.06 RB  Jackson, Brandon 4.05 WR  Houshmandzadeh
10.05 TE  Watson, Ben 5.06 WR  Moss, Santana
11.06 WR  Jones, Brandon 7.06 WR  Berrian, Bernard
12.05 RB  Dunn, Warrick 8.05 WR  Cotchery, Jerricho
13.06 DT  Eagles 11.06 WR  Jones, Brandon
14.05 QB  Pennington, Chad 16.05 WR  Kennison, Eddie
15.06 PK  Kaeding, Nate 15.06 PK  Kaeding, Nate
16.05 WR  Kennison, Eddie 13.06 DEF  Eagles
Team #6

Started: RB, QB, RB, WR, WR

Starters: P Manning, Parker, James, Watson, Houshmandzadeh, S Moss, Berrian, Kaeding, PHI

Parker a reasonable choice for RB1 and then could not resist Peyton Manning with the 2.05. That left him with James at RB2 - not bad - and then only Houshmandzadeh for WR1 - sort of weak in a league of ten teams. Oddly enough, taking Manning in the second round here seems to do the same thing as in a 12 team league - made this plan seem like positions were addressed a round too late.

Overall good RB stocks with Parker, James and Norwood. TE is very weak with Watson and it's like this team has no WR1 for a ten team league. This plan just did not end up with any advantage at any area other than QB. That counts, but only as one starter per week while the rest will struggle to be even average.

Plan Grade: C

By Round Final Roster
1.07 RB  Westbrook, Brian 7.07 QB  Young, Vince
2.04 RB  Jones-Drew, M. 12.04 QB  Favre, Brett
3.07 WR  Williams, Roy 1.07 RB  Westbrook, Brian
4.04 WR  Walker, Javon 2.04 RB  Jones-Drew, M.
5.07 RB  Jacobs, Brandon 5.07 RB  Jacobs, Brandon
6.04 WR  Johnson, Calvin 8.04 RB  Jones, Julius
7.07 QB  Young, Vince 11.07 RB  Taylor, Chester
8.04 RB  Jones, Julius 14.04 RB  Morency, Vernand
9.07 TE  Witten, Jason 9.07 TE  Witten, Jason
10.04 WR  Hackett, D.J. 3.07 WR  Williams, Roy
11.07 RB  Taylor, Chester 4.04 WR  Walker, Javon
12.04 QB  Favre, Brett 6.04 WR  Johnson, Calvin
13.07 WR  Gonzalez, Anthony 10.04 WR  Hackett, D.J.
14.04 RB  Morency, Vernand 13.07 WR  Gonzalez, Anthony
15.07 DT  Cardinals 16.04 PK  Rackers, Neil
16.04 PK  Rackers, Neil 15.07 DEF  Cardinals
Team #7

Started: RB, RB, WR, WR, RB

Starters: Young, Westbrook, Jones-Drew, Witten, R Williams, J Walker, C Johnson, Rackers, ARZ

This plan took one of the toughest spots in a ten team league and went very safe. Started with Westbrook and then Jones-Drew before heading into WR to get Roy Williams and Javon Walker. At the 5.07, opted to get RB3 with Brandon Jacobs. That is great for RB depth but before five other starting positions.

Loved the Calvin Johnson pick for WR3 but QB of Vince Young almost certain to be no advantage and could be a liability if TEN receivers do not step up. Witten at best an average TE and waited until the end to take a DEF of ARZ. Overall, team has nice depth at RB without any real stars and not much advantage at any other position either. Safe picks probably built an average team at best and in all four first picks will just hope that the players coming off a career best year can hold on to their marks when there could be reasons why it doesn't happen.

Plan Grade: C

By Round Final Roster
1.08 RB  Alexander, Shaun 5.08 QB  Kitna, Jon
2.03 RB  McGahee, Willis 11.08 QB  Roethlisberger, B
3.08 WR  Moss, Randy 1.08 RB  Alexander, Shaun
4.03 WR  Burress, Plaxico 2.03 RB  McGahee, Willis
5.08 QB  Kitna, Jon 7.08 RB  Williams, DeAngelo
6.03 WR  Coles, Laveranues 12.03 RB  Jones, Kevin
7.08 RB  Williams, DeAngelo 8.03 TE  Heap, Todd
8.03 TE  Heap, Todd 3.08 WR  Moss, Randy
9.08 DT  Chargers 4.03 WR  Burress, Plaxico
10.03 WR  Henderson, Devery 6.03 WR  Coles, Laveranues
11.08 QB  Roethlisberger, B 10.03 WR  Henderson, Devery
12.03 RB  Jones, Kevin 13.08 WR  Mason, Derrick
13.08 WR  Mason, Derrick 15.08 WR  Carter, Drew
14.03 DT  Broncos 16.03 PK  Gostkowski, St
15.08 WR  Carter, Drew 9.08 DEF  Chargers
16.03 PK  Gostkowski, St 14.03 DEF  Broncos
Team #8

Started: RB, RB, WR, WR, QB

Starters: Kitna, S Alexander, McGahee. Heap, R Moss, Burress, Coles, Gostkowski, SD

Another safe plan but one that made some more upside picks that could grow instead of players that need to try to hold on to a big 2006 like team #7. Started with Alexander who at the #8 was a great value and a safe pick of McGahee nothing special. But Randy Moss has upside at WR1 (with a lot of risk) and Burress fine as WR2. Kitna at the 5.08 was a gift and should really help this team.

Overall, solid enough with Heap and SD defense and liked the upside depth with DeAngelo Williams, Kevin Jones and Henderson. Good team with some room to grow and upside on many picks.

Plan Grade: B

By Round Final Roster
1.09 RB  Maroney, Laurence 4.02 QB  Brees, Drew
2.02 RB  Bush, Reggie 13.09 QB  Delhomme, Jake
3.09 WR  Wayne, Reggie 1.09 RB  Maroney, Laurence
4.02 QB  Brees, Drew 2.02 RB  Bush, Reggie
5.09 WR  Evans, Lee 7.09 RB  Lewis, Jamal
6.02 WR  Brown, Reggie 9.09 RB  Bell, Tatum
7.09 RB  Lewis, Jamal 11.09 RB  Foster, DeShaun
8.02 TE  Shockey, Jeremy 8.02 TE  Shockey, Jeremy
9.09 RB  Bell, Tatum 3.09 WR  Wayne, Reggie
10.02 WR  Porter, Jerry 5.09 WR  Evans, Lee
11.09 RB  Foster, DeShaun 6.02 WR  Brown, Reggie
12.02 DT  Cowboys 10.02 WR  Porter, Jerry
13.09 QB  Delhomme, Jake 14.02 WR  Furrey, Mike
14.02 WR  Furrey, Mike 16.02 WR  Booker, Marty
15.09 PK  Wilkins, Jeff 15.09 PK  Wilkins, Jeff
16.02 WR  Booker, Marty 12.02 DEF  Cowboys
Team #9

Started: RB, RB, WR, QB, WR

Starters: Brees, Maroney, Bush, Shockey, Wayne, Evans, R Brown, Wilkins, DAL

Interesting to see this team after teams 7 and 8. Notice the difference in moving up a round to take a QB. Started safe (sort of) with Maroney and Bush and then found Wayne and Brees for QB very nice.

Went back to round out the WR with Evans and Brown and reaching Shockey means TE won't suffer at all. Overall, has advantage at QB and major upside at RB thought not without risk. Taking Sammy Morris to back-up Maroney would have been more desirable. Solid team with some room to grow in most positions, should compete but fall just short unless someone really exceeds expectations.

Plan Grade: B+

By Round Final Roster
1.10 RB  Johnson, Rudi 4.01 QB  Brady, Tom
2.01 RB  Henry, Travis 1.10 RB  Johnson, Rudi
3.10 WR  Johnson, Andre 2.01 RB  Henry, Travis
4.01 QB  Brady, Tom 7.10 RB  Taylor, Fred
5.10 WR  Branch, Deion 11.10 RB  White, Lendale
6.01 TE  Gonzalez, Tony 12.01 RB  Droughns, Reuben
7.10 RB  Taylor, Fred 6.01 TE  Gonzalez, Tony
8.01 WR  Jennings, Greg 3.10 WR  Johnson, Andre
9.10 WR  Curtis, Kevin 5.10 WR  Branch, Deion
10.01 WR  Holmes, Santonio 8.01 WR  Jennings, Greg
11.10 RB  White, Lendale 9.10 WR  Curtis, Kevin
12.01 RB  Droughns, Reuben 10.01 WR  Holmes, Santonio
13.10 DT  Steelers 14.01 WR  Williamson, Troy
14.01 WR  Williamson, Troy 15.10 WR  Jarrett, Dwayne
15.10 WR  Jarrett, Dwayne 16.01 PK  Stover, Matt
16.01 PK  Stover, Matt 13.10 DEF  Steelers
Team #10

Started: RB, RB, WR, QB, WR

Starters: Brady, R Johnson, Henry, Gonzalez, A Johnson, D Branch, G Jennings, Stover, PIT

Went safe route of RB-RB with R Johnson and Henry. Had to take WR for Andre Johnson which is weaker at WR1 than ideal but had to love getting Brady at the 4.01 and then Gonzalez at the 6.01. Those are two definite advantages.

Ended up with great QB and solid RB though likely not an advantage. WR are solid but not spectacular and TE is above average. Brady really makes this team look a lot better but the highest scoring positions otherwise are only average. Not much upside in depth either other than Santonio Holmes at WR. Probably just an average team with a lack of any real star power outside of a lucky find of Brady still available in the 4th round.

Plan Grade: B-

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