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Rest Of Season Player Rankings: Wide Receiver - Week 2
Tim Van Prooyen
September 11, 2007
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These player rankings track a player's value for the remainder of the season.
Mv Rank Player Team Bye
  1 Chad Johnson CIN 5
  2 Steve Smith CAR 7
  3 Terrell Owens DAL 8
  4 Marvin Harrison IND 6
  5 Reggie Wayne IND 6
6 Randy Moss NEP 10
  7 Larry Fitzgerald ARI 8
8 Plaxico Burress NYG 9
  9 Torry Holt STL 9
  10 Lee Evans BUF 6
  11 Andre Johnson HOU 10
  12 Donald Driver GBP 7
13 Roy Williams DET 6
  14 Laveranues Coles NYJ 10
  15 T.J. Houshmandzadeh CIN 5
  16 Anquan Boldin ARI 8
  17 Joey Galloway TBB 10
  18 Santonio Holmes PIT 6
  19 Javon Walker DEN 6
20 Marques Colston NOS 4
  21 Braylon Edwards CLE 7
22 Deion Branch SEA 8
  23 Chris Chambers MIA 9
  24 Reggie Brown PHI 5
  25 Devery Henderson NOS 4
26 Ronald Curry OAK 5
  27 Darrell Jackson SFO 6
  28 Jerricho Cotchery NYJ 10
  29 Calvin Johnson DET 6
30 Jerry Porter OAK 5
  31 Hines Ward PIT 6
  32 Santana Moss WAS 4
33 Vincent Jackson SDC 7
  34 Kevin Curtis PHI 5
  35 Muhsin Muhammad CHI 9
  36 Isaac Bruce STL 9
  37 Eddie Kennison KCC 8
  38 Roddy White ATL 8
  39 Bernard Berrian CHI 9
  40 Brandon Marshall DEN 6
41 Terry Glenn DAL 8
42 D.J. Hackett SEA 8
  43 Ernest Wilford JAC 4
  44 Brandon Jones TEN 4
  45 Demetrius Williams BAL 8
46 Derrick Mason BAL 8
47 Drew Bennett STL 9
  48 Joe Horn ATL 8
  49 Marty Booker MIA 9
  50 Mike Furrey DET 6
51 Antwaan Randle El WAS 4
52 Shaun McDonald DET 6
  53 Bobby Wade MIN 5
  54 James Jones GBP 7
  55 Jacoby Jones HOU 10
  56 Patrick Crayton DAL 8
  57 Michael Jenkins ATL 8
  58 Dennis Northcutt JAC 4
  59 Donte' Stallworth NEP 10
  60 Wes Welker NEP 10
  61 Dwayne Jarrett CAR 7
  62 Drew Carter CAR 7
  63 Steve Smith NYG 9
  64 Anthony Gonzalez IND 6
  65 Greg Jennings GBP 7
66 Amani Toomer NYG 9
  67 Joe Jurevicius CLE 7
68 Samie Parker KCC 8
69 Brandon Stokley DEN 6
70 Ike Hilliard TBB 10

Randy Moss, New England Patriots - Moving Up
We’ll know more next week when the team plays a bit stronger defense in San Diego, however, if this was any indication, guys who ‘stole’ Moss in the third or fourth round will look like geniuses when the season is over.  Moss did nothing but everything, finishing with over 180 yards and a touchdown.  He’d be number one if not for those pesky Colt receivers.

Plaxico Burress, New York Giants - Moving Up
The presence of Toomer makes Burress even more dangerous, and both are looking good.  It looks like people may have been burying Manning a bit prematurely, and this offense looks like it will put up a few points.  Make that a few deep points.

Roy Williams, Detroit Lions - Moving Down
Had a solid game, but moves down as it appears the Lions are going to try sharing the load between not just their four solid receivers, but a tight end and running back as well, meaning they’ll all put up points most weeks, but will rarely have the blockbuster week.  He doesn’t drop much, but enough to notice.

Marques Colston, New Orleans Saints - Moving Down
There could be a number of reasons Colston and the Saints offense struggled last week, but whatever the reason it became obvious that the unit needs work.  Without a solid number one guy on the team, Colston is no longer a ‘surprise’ and as such becomes easier to eliminate as a serious threat.  Many thought he was drafted too high in most leagues this year, and it could be true.

Deion Branch, Seattle Seahawks - Moving Down
When you’re supposed to be the ‘stud’ receiver on a team that throws the ball a lot and you don’t have a reception, it’s hard to justify a high ranking.  That is not to say Branch won’t rebound well, but for now he drops…all there is to it.

Ronald Curry, Oakland Raiders - Moving Up
He had one of the week’s biggest efforts, and proved that at least for now he is the man in Oakland.  His success eventually should open things up for Jerry Porter, but for now he’s the one you want to start.  Note that the quarterback situation is less than secure in Raider Nation, and a change could seriously affect Curry’s production.

Jerry Porter, Oakland Raiders - Moving Down
I watched the entire Detroit/Oakland game this weekend, and was shocked that Porter wasn’t included more in the offense, especially since the ball was flying every which way.  The bottom line here, I like Porter, but the reality is, if he didn’t do anything against Detroit in a shootout, he likely won’t do much against anyone else.  Until he does, be advised, he’s a gamble at best.

Vincent Jackson, San Diego Chargers - Moving Down
This one has to be classified as a necessary adjustment.  Jackson was likely ranked too highly by many prognosticators, mostly based on his late season performance last year.  He still is a solid candidate, but he didn’t rate as high a ranking as many had given him.  Of course, he was facing Chicago, so that must be taken into consideration – he could bounce back up next week.

Terry Glenn, Dallas Cowboys - Moving Down
Hated to drop him when he was out, but the fact is, he’s getting older and hasn’t been the sturdiest guy we’ve had on our fantasy squads.  If he comes back and starts being used, we’ll move him back up.  Meanwhile, keep an eye on Patrick Crayton.

D.J. Hackett, Seattle Seahawks - Moving Down
Injured right off the bat and likely to miss a week or two means a slight drop.  He should rebound nicely when he finally gets back on the field, but at the moment use one of your backups.  You also may want to start Nate Burleson for a week or two.

Derrick Mason, Baltimore Ravens - Moving Up
He was written off by many fantasy prognosticators, however it appears that Steve McNair still likes to throw to him.  He may not climb much higher than this, but he will get thrown to a lot and he plays against Cleveland a couple of times.  That alone should count for something!

Drew Bennett, St Louis Rams - Moving Down
He didn’t play and may miss another week or two.  Hard to stay high in the rankings when you’re not on the field, and he’s going to be the third guy to boot…he’ll have a chance to climb as the season wears on, but for now it’s a slide.

Antwaan Randle El, Washington Redskins - Moving Up
Sure, it’s only one week, but it looked like Campbell and Randle El had been playing together for quite a while, as they hooked up regularly Sunday.  It’s hard to say he’s going to be the number one guy there after one week, but he definitely has to move up the rankings…way up.

Shaun McDonald, Detroit Lions - Moving Up
A rare case of preseason being a picture of the regular season it appears.  Kitna was looking for McDonald all day long and it appeared that no one was guarding him most of the day.  This is notable because the Raiders had the best pass defense in the league last season.  While the ball will be spread around quite a bit, McDonald appears to be the guy that will be left alone more than anyone else.  Best thing is, in many leagues, he’ll still be available.

Amani Toomer, New York Giants - Moving Up
He’s been around a while and doesn’t make it through many seasons healthy any more, however, he’s healthy right now and that makes him valuable.  As long as he stays on the field look for him to put up solid numbers.  His greatest value is making Plaxico Burress more valuable.

Sammie Parker, Kansas City Chiefs - Moving Up
Sammie Parker stepped up more than he has in previous outings and led the team in receiving for week one.  While he led, he didn’t break fifty yards, so he has some work to do.  The key is that he had eight receptions…something that has to give fantasy owners hope.

Brandon Stokely, Denver Broncos - Moving Up
His preseason ‘injury’ seemed to have gotten better, as he put up a solid effort this weekend.  Look for him to remain in the three man mix that Denver will put up each week, with all having points weekly.  With few exceptions, however, Stokley won’t have many bust out weeks.

Ike Hilliard, Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Moving Up
Some probably thought Hilliard had retired, but he showed up quite nicely on the stat sheet for Tampa Bay today.  Four catches and forty nine yards make you get noticed, especially when you play for Tampa.  Don’t get too excited, but the team will be throwing a lot, especially with Cadillac Williams banged up, so he makes sense to keep an eye on and maybe grab as an emergency starter.

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