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Rest Of Season Player Rankings: Team Defenses - Week 3
Steve Gallo
September 18, 2007
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These player rankings track a player's value for the remainder of the season.
Mv Rank Team Bye
1 Chicago Bears 9
  2 New England Patriots 10
  3 Baltimore Ravens 8
4 San Diego Chargers 7
  5 Jacksonville Jaguars 4
  6 Pittsburgh Steelers 6
7 Minnesota Vikings 5
8 Indianapolis Colts 6
  9 Denver Broncos 6
10 Green Bay Packers 7
  11 Philadelphia Eagles 5
  12 Miami Dolphins 9
  13 San Francisco 49ers 6
14 Carolina Panthers 7
  15 Dallas Cowboys 8
  16 Houston Texans 10
  17 Washington Redskins 4
18 Seattle Seahawks 8
  19 Oakland Raiders 5
  20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10
  21 Buffalo Bills 6
  22 Arizona Cardinals 8
  23 Tennessee Titans 4
  24 New York Jets 10
25 St. Louis Rams 9
  26 Atlanta Falcons 8
27 New Orleans Saints 4
  28 Kansas City Chiefs 8
  29 Detroit Lions 6
  30 New York Giants 9
31 Cleveland Browns 7
32 Cincinnati Bengals 5

Bears – Moving Up
The Bears held Larry Johnson to just 55 yards rushing with a 3.44 ypc.  On top of that do you know what happens when you have 4 sacks, 1 interception, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery and the Devon Hester show is playing in the End Zone again?  You move up to #1 that is what happens.

Chargers - Moving Down
Give up 38 points and you are most definitely going to slide down the rankings.  One of the more concerning issues in this loss is the injury to stud DT Jamal Williams.  If Williams is out for an extended amount of time it could have a negative impact on the rush defense and in turn cause even more problems for the defense as a whole. 

Vikings – Moving Up
The Vikings have something to smile about and I am not talking about Adrian Peterson.
This defense is for real.  They held Lions RB’s to 36 yards rushing with a 2.57 ypc and no TD’ but the real treat is that they had 4 sacks, 3 interceptions, 3 forced fumbles, 3 fumble recoveries & a defensive TD.  Yes, the Lions passed for 393 yards and two scores but not many teams can keep a Mike Martz passing offense in check.  Just imagine how good this defense could be if the offense could give them a lead to work with.

Colts – Moving Up
The Colts were without two starting LB’s (Freddie Kieaho & Rob Morris) this week vs. the Titans but that did not slow this defense down one bit.  Bob Sanders is still healthy and posted 11 total tackles and 2 ½ sacks.  You have heard it before and will hear it again; the Colts defense goes as Bob Sanders goes.

Packers – Moving Up
The Pack gets a slight uptick in this weeks ranking considering that, they have only allowed two touchdowns in two weeks.  Also, remember that they still get to play both the Vikings and Lions twice each and both those teams have thrown a combined 10 interceptions over the last two weeks.
Panthers – Moving Down
The Panthers did not record a single sack versus the Texans this week.  I bet they wished they could have kidnapped Matt Schaub and made the Texans run David Carr out at QB.
Amazing what a year will do for an offense.  If it wants to start to move back up the rankings this defense needs for Julius Peppers to start creating havoc for opposing QB’s.
On a positive note, Dan Morgan made it thru another game without a concussion and rookie John Beason is performing very well at WLB.

SeattleMoving Down
If a defense is going to be successful, they have to do two things, pressure the QB, and stop the run.  The loss of DT Marcus Tubbs is definitely showing.  This week the Seahawks did neither.  Edge carried 24 times for 128 yards and a score and Matt Leinart passed for the second most yards (299) in his young career.  The Seahawks were unable to sack Leinart and only recorded two quarterback hurries and logging one interception. 

Rams – Moving Up
The Rams defensive unit held San Francisco to five or less net yards on nine out of 13 possessions and four of those possessions were for 0, -1, -3 & -7 net yards.  They held San Francisco to just 189 net yards for the game while on the other hand the Rams offense put up 392 net yards.  Unfortunately, for the Rams they also gave up one more point then their offense was able to score.

Saints – Moving Down
The defense for the Saints is playing almost as poorly as their offense.  Luckily, for the Saints they got to beat up on the Buccaneers this week.  No wait they did not beat up on the Bucs it was actually quite the opposite.  The Saints gave up 93 yards in the air on two Joey Galloway touchdowns.  They even let Cadillac Williams match his last years rushing touchdown total of two.  The Saints posted a great big fat donut this week with no sacks, forced fumbles, or interceptions.  This defense is making sure that their offensive players do not shoulder all the blame for their 0-2 start.

Browns – Moving Up
If a team moves up in the rankings because someone else moves down there generally will not be any write up about the move.  However, this may be the only time we can say that the Browns are moving up even if it is because some just stunk it up a bit more then they did(Bengals).

Bengals – Moving Down
The Bengals gave up 51 points to the Browns.  The BROWNS!  Really, there are probably some college defenses that deserve to be ranked higher then the Browns and Bengals right now.  The Bengals allowed 216 yards rushing and a score to Jamal Lewis.
Yes, Jamal Lewis!  To make matters worse starting MLB Ahmad Brooks left in the first quarter with a groin injury.  The Bengals will not occupy the basement in these rankings for very long but after this week, they deserve to be here more then the Browns do.

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