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Tunnel Vision - Week 3
David Dorey
September 17, 2007
Sunday Salutes
Quarterbacks Yards TD
Carson Palmer 401 6
Derek Anderson 328 5
Jake Delhomme 307 3
Running Backs Yards TD
Jamal Lewis 215 1
Rudi Johnson 151 1
Marion Barber 95 2
Wide Receivers Yards TD
Chad Johnson 209 2
Steve Smith 153 3
Braylon Edwards 146 2
Tight Ends Yards TD
Kellen Winslow 100 1
Antonio Gates 77 1
Todd Heap 76 1
Placekickers XP FG
Phil Dawson 6 3
Jeff Reed 2 4
Nick Folk 4 3
Defense/Special Teams TDs Sacks TOs
Vikings 1 4 5
Chicago 1 3 2
Detroit 0 2 5

Week 2 Bumps, Bruises & Bow-outs

Week one was a surprisingly tough one for injuries but last week was kinder unless you played for the Giants.

Steve Smith (NYG) - Sprained shoulder
Plaxico Burress (NYG) - Unspecified leg injury
Andre Johnson (HOU) - Sprained knee
Jon Kitna (DET) - Mild concussion
Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ) - Sprained shoulder
Tarvaris Jackson (MIN) - Strained groin

It Ain't Parity, It's Bedlam

After just two weeks of playing, 23 teams have lost at least one game and only nine remain at 2-0. Those undefeated teams:

New England - Oh just go to the Championship game already
Pittsburgh - New offense and defense but same players still win
Houston - 'Gulp'... Okay, so Any Given Sundays can be consecutive
Indianapolis - Oh just go to the Championship game already
Denver - Last second field goals against BUF and OAK? Whew!
Dallas - Maybe all that focus on defense was wasted time
Detroit - Half the rushing and three times the passing evidently works
Green Bay - Favre ending on a high note so far
San Francisco - @PIT this week, fun while it lasted

To no shock, the rest of the AFC East is all 0-2 as are the Raiders and Chiefs in the AFC West. The Giants have lost players and both games while the Saints are doing exactly as expected last year. The Falcons have gone to the dogs while the Rams have discovered not having an offensive line makes a difference... a very bad difference.

It will change within a few weeks, but so far the NFL is already chock full of surprises and yet - one very nice major scoring weekend.

Boom Goes The Dynamite!

After a largely low-scoring opening weekend, we were treated to one major fireworks show on Sunday. The running backs were led by Jamal Lewis (ouch... it hurts to write that) who had 215 rushing yards but only one touchdown. There were five backs with 120 or more rushing yards but none of them had more than one score and two had none. But there were four backs with two scores and none had more than the 89 rushing yards that Marion Barber turned in.

The quarterbacks turned in five games over 300 passing yards and five of them had three or more touchdowns. The wide receivers may have never been better at the top with the best six fantasy scorers turning in two touchdowns and Steve Smith catching three of them. The top three averaged 169 receiving yards. There had to be some major point scoring games in your league this week and enough of them that undoubtedly there were a few heart break "BUT LOOK AT MY SCORE!" losses. It didn't happen last week and it may not happen next week. Or the next. But it happened this week, baby, and it was a good thing.

Bless Momma, bless Poppa and please give me a top three draft pick...

Every year one of the biggest league events is seeing who gets one of those top three draft picks. You know, those three teams that get to start out with a ridiculous advantage by have the proverbial "running back and a half" with just one pick. After Tomlinson's monster campaign in 2007, some leagues even changed the rules so that the third round did not reverse draft order just to penalize those smug jerks with a top three pick. Oh yeah, they are feeling it:

Running Back 2006 Per Game Average 2007 Per Game Average  
LaDainian Tomlinson 113 rush, 32 receive, 2 TD 34 rush, 33 receive, 1 TD  
Steven Jackson 96 rush, 50 receive, 1 TD 59 rush, 20 receive, 0 TD  
Larry Johnson 112 rush, 26 receive, 1.2 TD 49 rush, 38 receive, 0 TD  

So I guess it is back to asking for world peace or a new motorcycle from now on...

Huddle Player of the Week

Carson Palmer - Sure it was a weekend with a lot of big games but no one had SIX passing touchdowns and 401 passing yards. True enough, the Bengals lost but it could hardly be blamed on Palmer. That one performance undoubtedly won a number of fantasy games this week, at least as long as it wasn't going against Chad Johnson and Steve Smith. Palmer turned in a career best game and one that likely will stand as tops for the year.


Drama 101 - Somebody has to laugh, somebody has to cry

Comedy Lineup Yards TDs Tragedy Lineup Yards TDs
QB Derek Anderson 328 5 QB Drew Brees 260 1
RB DeShawn Wynn 68 2 RB Maurice Jones-Drew 41 0
RB Mewelde Moore 86 0 RB LaDainian Tomlinson 58 0
WR Joe Jurevicius 44 2 WR Muhsin Muhammad 7 0
WR Roydell Williams 72 1 WR Lee Evans 17 0
WR Reggie Williams 41 1 WR Ronald Curry 12 0
PK Phil Dawson 6 XP 3 FG PK John Kasay 3 XP

Huddle Fantasy Points = 106

Huddle Fantasy Points = 27

Sunday's Couch Commentary

HOU 34, CAR 21

This game was pretty representative of the weekend. The Panthers dominate the Rams in St. Louis last week and then couldn't hold off the Texans. The Panthers offense shrank to nothing more than Steve Smith (153 yards, 3 TDs) while the rushing game disappeared. Foster only managed 22 yards on nine carries and Williams ran for 31 yards on eight attempts. Jake Delhomme did throw for 307 total yards but should this offense ever lose Steve Smith it is scary to think what it would look like. The Panthers defense gave up two scores and 120 yards to Andre Johnson who left the game late with a knee sprain. All other Texans wideouts combined for only one catch for seven yards. Ahman Green, still playing uninjured, gained 71 yards on 15 carries with one score and never had a catch. Though Green was more productive, the Texans opted to run Ron Dayne 18 times so that he could gain 44 yards. Think of it as 18 less chances that Green would get hurt in a game that was surprisingly decided already entering the fourth quarter. The Texans are now 2-0 and host the Colts this week while the Panthers fall to 1-1 and head to Atlanta to get a winning record again.

There is also no proof that the Texans traded David Carr to the Panthers in order to win this game. It just worked out that way.

IND 22, TEN 20
The Titans are pesky at best and dangerous at worst. Vince Young had a fairly big passing game with 184 yards and one score which went to Roydell Williams (4-72) who will be snapped up off waivers in your league this week. If you miss him, that's okay. He'll likely be back on the waivers with a couple of games. Chris Brown turned back into a pumpkin when he could only gain 34 yards on 12 carries and this week LenDale White (15-64, 1 TD) looks like the guy you had but didn't start. The Colts managed to eke out this win by holding off a late drive by the Titans but there were solid enough numbers all around for the usual suspects. Peyton Manning threw for 312 yards and one score while Joseph Addai gained 81 yards on 20 carries with one score. Marvin Harrison (6-87) and Reggie Wayne (5-70) were good enough but Dallas Clark caught seven passes for 69 yards and the lone passing score so trade him now while you can. The Titans are really good at winning games - or barely losing them - even though it is hard to decide exactly how they did it other than it had a lot to do with Vince Young. The Titans travel to New Orleans this week where it's pretty much anyone's guess what is going to happen while the Colts travel to Houston to remind the Texans that their tied AFC South lead was only a temporary thing.
NO 14, TB 31
Here's one of the bigger surprises from the day. The Saints got thumped by the Colts in opening week but that was only mildly unexpected. But heading into Tampa Bay where last year they won 31-14... hey wait... that's the same score they just lost by. OH MY GOD IT REALLY IS REVERSO WORLD! How else can you explain Carnell Williams scoring twice with bad ribs? HE ONLY SCORED TWICE ALL LAST YEAR! Wow.... I mean Jeff Garcia (243 yards, 2 TDs) outplayed Drew Brees (260 yards, 1 TD) . The last time Brees was in Tampa Bay he only had 314 yards and three touchdowns. The Buccaneers had the aging Galloway held to only four catches that only covered 135 yards and scored two touchdowns. Devery Henderson was held to no catches and Reggie Bush ran for 27 yards on 10 attempts and had six catches for 43 yards. The Saints are almost incapable of connecting on long passes which was a staple last year. David Patten had a 58-yard gain but otherwise it not unlike week one. Even with that catch, Brees still only averaged 10 yards per completion. Compare that to 24 yards per completion for Garcia. Now the Buccaneers are 1-1 and get to host the Rams this week. The Saints finally return to New Orleans for their home opener and after these two road games, they need every advantage they can get because the most explosive passing game of 2006 is now relying on late game trash yards just to make it look like they were trying. Oh look, here come the Titans. Almost guaranteed to be a weird game to call.
SF 17, STL 16
The 49ers are 2-0 now and squeaked past the Rams thanks to a 56-yard field goal by Jeff Wilkins falling inches short. Alex Smith (126 yards) still bears little resemblance to someone taking the next step up and Frank Gore only managed to gain 81 yards on 20 carries that included a 43 yard run for one of his two rushing scores. Torry Holt was about to score what would have been the winning touchdown when Nate Clements knocked the ball out of his hands and through the side of the endzone for a touchback. The Rams offensive line lost two players last week including Orlando Pace and one of the replacement tackles also left the game injured. That has left Steven Jackson (21 - 60) wondering what happened to all those holes from last year. At least this week he had three catches for 36 yards thought. Marc Bulger threw for 368 yards and one score to Holt who had 74 yards on the day. Isaac Bruce ended up with 8 catches for 145 yards as well. Basically the Rams beat the 49ers in almost every way other than that whole "points" area which proves so critical each week. The 49ers passing game looks like it has taken a step back towards 2005 and Vernon Davis only had two catches for 23 yards while Darrell Jackson's 61 yards looks huge for this passing offense. No matter how it got there, the 49ers are 2-0 and get to go into Pittsburgh this week where their opponent will be more amused than fearful. The Rams had blown their two game homestand to start the year and look for their first win of the season in Tampa Bay this year.
BUF 3, PIT 26
On a day filled with odd games and unpredictable events, at least this game did everything it was supposed to do. J.P. Losman was only able to produce 154 yards by using Roscoe Parrish (6-56) and Peerless Price (3-33) because by now defenses just cover Lee Evans (2-17) who has turned in two straight stinkers to open the year and now gets to play in New England this week. His trade value is not going to be any higher this time next week. The rookie Marshawn Lynch look much more rookie-ish by gaining only 64 yards on 18 carries and all that blah-blah about RBBC in Buffalo was completely unfounded. Lynch may not have done much this week but he did have every RB carry for the Bills. Oh yeah, hang on to Anthony Thomas because he's sure to get many .... I just can never keep a straight face. Whatever is there belongs to Lynch. The Steelers are now 2-0 and Willie Parker had his standard big home game with 126 yards and one score though Parker is hardly used as a receiver this year. Big Ben Roethlisberger threw for 242 yards and one score to Matt Spaeth who now has three career catches and two touchdowns. Hines Ward (5-55) and Santonio Holmes (3-53) didn't do all that much because they had no need. The Bills are 0-2 and head onto New England while the Steelers remain home to play the 49ers. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
GB 35, NYG 13
If teams could barter their match-ups for money, how much would it cost to get every game against the Giants? Imagine that schedule on ebay. The Generous-Men now have made Tony Romo and Brett Favre (286 yards, 3 TDs) look like elite quarterbacks. They have given up 80 points over the first two weeks. The Packers could not get much done rushing with Brandon Jackson (17-35) so they turned to Deshawn Wynn who gained 50 yards and scored his first two NFL touchdowns. James Jones (4-75) had a good game while Donald Driver (8-73, 1 TD) was solid as always. The Packers won largely because the Giants offense continues to lose players. Derrick Ward ran 15 times for 90 yards but the passing game could only score once during a pass to Plaxico Burress who left the game injured. The rookie Steve Smith also left with a shoulder injury and even when the Giants put in Jared Lorenzen he was hurt as well. The Giants are reeling at 0-2 with a defense that is a sieve against the pass and injuries that continue to mount. Heading into Washington may be no better either. The Packers are 2-0 after beating up on the NFL East and now return home to host the Chargers who are going to be in another one of those moods this week.
ATL 7, JAX 13
This was the game that you made your kids watch if they had been bad. And I mean like "robbing grandma again" bad. Joey Harrington threw for 200 yards but no scores. Warrick Dunn ran 13 times for 50 yards and the lone Atlanta score. Roddy White (4-81) has emerged as the closest thing to a "go-to" wideout gets in Atlanta while all other wide receivers were still stuck in Vick-esque performances. Had Matt Prater connected on his two field goal attempts, this would have been a tied game. He is only 1 for 4 this year and has to be on a hot seat. This team is not only rebuilding, they haven't even decided on blueprints yet. The Jaguars had this be a far closer game than reason said it should and the awesome rushing game from last year is still relatively AWOL since Fred Taylor only gained 56 yards on 16 carries and the touchdown machine of Maurice Jones-Drew (11-31) apparently loses a lot of fantasy value when the Jags never get near the goal line. Just to extend the overall weirdness here, Reggie Williams had the lone Jags score despite not even playing last week. David Garrard (272 yards, 1 TD) still hasn't figured out how to consistently move this team after two home games against TEN and ATL. Next week will in Denver where the passing should be even worse. The Falcons finally get their home opener this week when they host the Panthers who will be either awesome or terrible depending on which week repeats.
SEA 20, ARZ 23
While the jury is still out on how good the Cards may be this year, it seems evident that the Seahawks have continued their slide backwards. Matt Leinart returned to better form this week when he had 299 passing yards and one touchdown and Edgerrin James is really enjoying that offensive line that actually blocks. James gained 128 yards on 24 carries and scored once. Larry Fitzgerald (7-87) and Anquan Boldin (4-83) had decent games but tight end Leonard Pope caught the only passing score on a 30 yard reception. The Seahawks got 70 rushing yards and a score from Shawn Alexander though almost all of that came in the second half. Matt Hasselbeck (281 yards, 1 TD) did remember about Deion Branch this week and connected for seven receptions and 122 yards. This game showed that the Cards and the Seahawks are equivalents now though the teams went in different directions to meet in the middle. Seattle falls to 1-1 and returns home to face some very pissed off Bengals while the Cardinals head up to Baltimore where their progress will be temporarily untracked.
DAL 37, MIA 20
The Cowboys have now scored 82 points in their first two games and racking up 37 in Miami was impressive enough but largely thanks to Trent Green's ability to connect with the Cowboy's cornerbacks (4 interceptions). Green threw for 287 yards and two scores with Chris Chambers (9-109) leading the team and Marty Booker (4-79, 1 TD) not far behind. Ronnie Brown only was given 11 carries and gained 33 yards though he added two catches for 36 yards. Problem here was constantly giving the Cowboys the short field. Tony Romo threw for only 186 yards but had two touchdowns. Julius Jones once again had the most carries with 15 for 32 yards while Marion Barber could only turn his 14 runs into 89 yards and two scores. And yes, Jones is the starter next week. I mean they are winning and all. By now it must be more a good luck charm than a strategy. Terrell Owens caught five passes for 97 yards and the obligatory score while all other Cowboys receivers never had more than two catches for 27 yards. It was mostly about waiting for the next interception and then turning that into a Barber or Owen's touchdown. Now the 2-0, high scoring Cowboys head to Chicago where the real test lies and the 0-2 Dolphins gets to head into New York to face the Jets.
MIN 17, DET 20
This was a fairly entertaining game but for all the wrong reasons. The Lions were looking sharp until Jon Kitna was blasted and left the game. J.T. O'Sullivan replaced him until late in the game when Kitna returned for the final drive. Together, they accounted for 393 passing yards which pretty much ruins the Vikings pass defense ranking. Roy Williams made amends for his small opening week by catching seven passes for 111 yards and one score while Shaun McDonald had seven catches for 71 yards as the busiest #4 wideout in the world. Calvin Johnson had four catches for 61 yards and his second career touchdown and even Mike Furrey had 60 yards on five catches. This is one happening passing attack so far which is fortunate since the rushing game was even more horrible than usual. The Vikings stuck with Tarvaris Jackson through his four interceptions until he suffered a groin strain and let Bollinger finish the game. Adrian Peterson ran for 66 yards on 20 carries and added four receptions for 52 but the Vikings mixed in Mewelde Moore as well just the decrease the fantasy value of Peterson. The Vikes defense came up huge this week and now get to go to Arrowhead to play the Chiefs this week. The Lions take their 2-OH NO FREAKING WAY record into Philly this week. The Vikings had this game won but the field goal attempt by Ryan Longwell doinked off the left goal post.
OAK 20, DEN 23
Okay, there are those that will say this was a wildly entertaining game and others that saw it as frustrating. I would categorize this as just stupid. The Raiders should not be this good (which really wasn't all that good) and the Broncos shouldn't be this bad (which really wasn't all that good). Josh "remember the Lions" McCown threw for only 73 passing yards and one score against three interceptions. But Lamont Jordan rumbled for 159 yards on 25 carries basically right up the gut in Denver, making them look worse than the Lions defense which we had previously believed was impossible. That trade for Ronald Curry last week only got you a cool two catches for 12 yards because WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Jerry Porter scored once on his only catch in the game. The Broncos got 269 yards and one score with two interceptions from Jay Cutler and once again Javon Walker came up big with 101 yards on eight catches. Even Brandon Marshall (5-82) had a nice game. And Travis Henry ran for 128 yards on 26 carries while sharing with Selvin Young (3-43) and even Cecil Sapp who scored the lone rushing touchdown. And yet the Broncos not only could have lost, they probably should have - how stupid was that? The Raiders kicked a game winning field goal from 52 yards out except Mike Shanahan had called a last second time out knowing that Sebastian Janikowski couldn't possibly do that twice in a row (he couldn't). Fortunately Al Davis was napping when all this happened and was happy when told they lost by only three points. This makes two weeks that the Broncos won their game on the final play with a field goal - against the Bills and Raiders no less. Now they host the Jaguars where they will likely do it for a third straight time. The 0-2 Raiders return to host the Browns and things will only get weirder.
KC 10, CHI 20
The Chiefs drop to 0-2 with a sound loss in Chicago where Damon Huard and Brodie Croyle combined for 230 passing yards and one score with just one interception. But Larry Johnson only managed 55 rushing yards on 16 carries in Chicago and when he cannot run, this offense doesn't move. Tony Gonzalez had 43 yards on four catches while remembering the good old days and Dwayne Bowe turned two catches for 22 yards into the lone passing score. He also had a 36-yard touchdown catch that was negated by an illegal shift which had nothing to do with the play. Rex Grossman was himself by throwing for 160 yards and one score with two interceptions while Cedric Benson ran for 101 yards on 24 carries. That was just good enough to satisfy the Bears for the week and not much more. Devin Hester had his seventh return touchdown of his career. The first and only offensive touchdown of the year for the Bears was a catch by a tackle eligible at the goal line. If you play in a touchdown only league and really wanted a Chicago Bear on your team, so far John St.Clair was the only choice to make. But the defense is still tops and Benson has delayed his critics for one week. Now the Bears host the Cowboys this week for a test while the 0-2 Chiefs return home to host the Vikings.
NYJ 13, BAL 20
Kellen Clemens had his NFL debut in Baltimore and throwing for 260 yards and a score against two interceptions really was a good accomplishment (just not, you know, a winning one). Jerricho Cotchery went nuts with 165 yards on seven catches while Laveranues Coles had six receptions for a mere 57 yards. But Thomas "I miss Chicago" Jones only gained 67 yards on 24 carries but at least he never shared carries with Leon Washington. Kyle Boller replaced Steve McNair this week and threw for 185 yards and two scores while Willis McGahee had 26 carries for 97 yards. Todd Heap was thrilled with Boller's return and caught seven passes for 76 yards and one score. This was a low scoring, defensive game as expected and a bit of a yawner outside of Cotchery's big day before he was injured. Had the Jets not had any dropped passes, this could have been a very close game indeed. Now the 0-2 Jets return home to host the 0-2 Dolphins so things are looking up. The Ravens remain home to host the Cardinals that so far do not travel well.
NE 38, SD 14
The Patriots were dominating once again last night when they hosted the Chargers. Back in January, it required a comeback by Brady and a general collapse by the Chargers for the Pats to win. Last night, the Pats caved again but the Pats were well ahead when it happened. Brady cooley threw for 279 yards and three scores while barely breaking a sweat and Randy Moss turned in eight catches for 105 yards and two more touchdowns. Wes Welker had eight receptions for 91 yards and this passing attack doesn't even look like it is trying hard yet. Laurence Maroney gained 77 yards on 15 carries mainly in the second half but still shares with Sammy Morris (10-51) who had the lone rushing score. This was a butt-whooping and even LaDainian Tomlinson could only gain 43 yards on 18 carries. Philip Rivers had 179 passing yards and two scores but threw two interceptions and was banged around enough that he never had any rhythm. Antonio Gates managed seven catches for 77 yards and a score but little else was happening in this game. The soon to be 3-0 Patriots host the Bills this week while the 1-1 Chargers head into Green Bay where surprising things have been happening.


On the heels of a low scoring opening week, the NFL treated fantasy football with a week of dreams when seven teams scored over 30 points this week. The "overs" were the definite play and the passing games came to life in such a way as to question what ever happened to the defenses. It was all about big scores and big performances this Sunday with enough repeat scorers that defensive film review is not going to be a happy place this week. But one game stands over the rest, towers over all others and likely will remain so for the entirety of the year. It was... 'sniff"... a thing of fantasy football beauty. It was everything good and noble and ridiculously unbelievable about the NFL.

Cincinnati 45, Cleveland 51

There were a total of 22 scoring drives in this game. There were only six drives which did not score points and two of those ended each half so really only four times did a team start a drive and not end up with points. Let's catalogue this:

First Quarter

Bengals - Palmer throws to Rudi Johnson for a 13-yard touchdown.
Browns - Punts
Bengals - Palmer throws an interception
Browns - Dawson kicks 39-yard field goal
Bengals - Punts
Browns - Dawson kicks another 39-yard field goal
Score: Bengals 7, Browns 6 (ho-hum, anything else on?)

Second Quarter

Bengals - Rudi Johnson loses a fumble
Browns - Anderson hits Jurevicius with a 17-yard touchdown.
Bengals - Palmer throws a 23-yard touchdown to Chad Johnson
Browns - Anderson hits Jurevicius with a 9-yard touchdown
Bengals - Palmer finds Chad Johnson for a 22-yard touchdown.
Browns - Anderson scored a 25-yard touchdown to Kellen Winslow.
Bengals - end of half.
Score: Bengals 21, Cleveland 27 (you have got to be kidding)

Third Quarter

Bengals - Shayne Graham has a 20-yard field goal.
Browns - Anderson finds Braylon Edwards for a 34-yard touchdown
Bengals - Palmer throws a 14-yard touchdown to Chad Johnson
Browns - Jamal Lewis runs 66-yards for a touchdown
Bengals - Palmer scores a 5-yard touchdown pass to Houshmandzadeh
Score: Bengals 38, Browns 41 (Is this the Apocalypse? Funniest Home Videos? WHAT?)

Fourth Quarter

Browns - Loss ball on downs after missing a fourth-and-one at CIN 49
Bengals - Punts
Browns - Anderson hits Braylon Edwards with a 37-yard touchdown
Bengals - Punts
Browns - Dawson 18-yard field goal
Bengals - Palmer throws 7-yard score to Holt
Browns - Punts
Bengals - Interception
Score: Bengals 45, Browns 51 (It is a Funniest Home Video of the Apocalypse. It has to be...)

By the time this fantasy football utopia was over, Carson Palmer had thrown for 401 yards and six touchdowns while Chad Johnson scored twice on 11 catches for 209 yards and Houshmandzadeh also scored twice on eight catches for 69 yards. Rudi Johnson gained a total of 151 yards and scored once. That was pumping some major fantasy points into starting lineups out there.

But what about those benches? The ones that had Jamal Lewis gaining 215 rushing yards and scoring once? Braylon Edwards with 146 yards and two scores? Winslow gained 100 yards and scored once for his owners but I'd bet your waiver wire has Joe Jurevicius with his 44 yards and two scores and Derek Anderson with 328 yards and five touchdowns.

It was an incredible game that had 1448 yards of offense and 12 touchdowns. The Browns had a game of the ages. Jamal Lewis only gained 35 yards last week. Braylon Edwards had just 49 yards. The Browns passed for 184 yards and scored only once on a pass to Lawrence Vickers.

This is why we play fantasy football and why you never really know until you know. Big things happen that could never be foreseen. This game was the 8th highest scoring one in NFL history! Jamal Lewis ran for more yards than any Brown since 1963 when Jim Brown gained 223 yards in a single game.

This was a refreshing, astounding way to start the year and you know what? Diamonds may be formed from coal, but there's a whole lot more coal in the world than diamonds. Yes, the waiver wire will be cleared of Browns players for a week or two and the whole Brady Quinn argument just took a major step backwards. But it won't happen again as much as we would like to see it. This was the day the defenses died. They will be reborn again but for one glorious afternoon in Cleveland, Ohio we witnessed one of the best scoring games of all time.

Hope springs eternal though. No matter who you have on your roster, now you can look at your lineup this week and think:

"Heck, if the Browns can do it."

Now get back to work...

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