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Rest Of Season Player Rankings: Quarterbacks - Week 4
Scott Boyter
September 25, 2007
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These player rankings track a player's value for the remainder of the season.
Mv Rank Player Team Bye
  1 Carson Palmer CIN 5
  2 Tom Brady NEP 10
  3 Peyton Manning IND 6
  4 Jon Kitna DET 6
  5 Tony Romo DAL 8
6 Donovan McNabb  PHI 5
7 Brett Favre GBP 7
8 Philip Rivers SDC 7
9 Matt Hasselbeck SEA 8
10 Marc Bulger STL 9
11 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 6
12 Jay Cutler DEN 6
  13 Matt Schaub HOU 10
  14 Jason Campbell WAS 4
15 Jake Delhomme CAR 7
  16 Jeff Garcia TBB 10
  17 Vince Young TEN 4
  18 Eli Manning NYG 9
19 Matt Leinart ARZ 8
  20 Alex Smith SFO 6
  21 Derek Anderson CLE 7
  22 David Garrard JAC 4
23 Drew Brees NOS 4
24 Joey Harrington ATL 8
25 Trent Green MIA 9
26 Chad Pennington NYJ 10
27 Josh McCown OAK 5
28 Kyle Boller BAL 8
  29 Steve McNair BAL 8
30 Rex Grossman CHI 9
31 Trent Edwards BUF 6
  32 Damon Huard KCC 8
  33 Kelly Holcomb MIN 5
34 Daunte Culpepper OAK 5
  35 David Carr CAR 7

Donovan McNabb, Eagles – Moving Up
Raise your hand if you saw that coming on Sunday, after McNabb had looked so horrible the previous Monday night. Countless Fantasy players rightly benched McNabb after that exhibition and probably lost their games this week as a result. Maybe he’s back on track officially. Maybe he’ll be schizophrenic for the rest of the season. But from what we saw Sunday, and with some defenses coming up on his schedule (the Giants, Jets and suddenly human Bears) he should be able to take advantage of, McNabb is once again a solid Top 10 QB and a must start.
Brett Favre, Packers – Moving Up
OK, I’m convinced. I was certain San Diego’s pass D would derail the Favre train, but he skewered it for 369 yards and three TDs. He now trusts rookie James Jones, Greg Jennings looks to have fully recovered from his hamstring injury, and Donald Driver is as reliable as ever. Combine all of those factors with the fact that Green Bay appears to have a running game that’s questionable at best, and Favre should put up consistently strong numbers.

Philip Rivers, Chargers – Moving Up
The Chargers are incredibly frustrated with a 1-2 record, but Rivers’ production isn’t the problem. With 306 yards and three touchdowns against Green Bay, Rivers now has as many touchdown passes as Peyton Manning and has more yardage than Marc Bulger. As long as Antonio Gates remains healthy and he has LaDainian Tomlinson to throw screen passes to, Rivers will remain a more than viable Fantasy starter.

Marc Bulger, Rams – Moving Down
After a great Week 1, Bulger has gone south with the remainder of his team. It’s really hard to make a case for Bulger remaining a Top 10 quarterback; the only argument I can make is to say is it’s too early to give up on him completely. Donovan McNabb was about to take a massive fall and look what happened to him. The Rams have to turn it around sometime, right?

Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks – Moving Up
It’s easy to discount his 248-yard, three-TD performance on Sunday because it came against the Bengals, but Hasselbeck should post solid-to-strong numbers every week. Bobby Engram and Deion Branch make a good tandem and Nate Burleson’s face can finally be removed from the milk carton, because he’s back. Add to that a reliable, if not spectacular (yet) Shaun Alexander, and Hasselbeck looks like a good start just about every week.

Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers – Moving Down
Roethlisberger’s living off of his Week 1 explosion from a Fantasy standpoint, but he hasn’t completely stunk it up the last two weeks. His move down is more a function of guys moving up. And when that happens, somebody’s got to slide. He should remain at least serviceable each week; somebody who might not win a week, but someone who won’t cripple your team, either.

Jay Cutler, Broncos – Moving Down
Cutler hasn’t been bad, he just hasn’t been good enough to withstand the charge of guys like Hasselbeck, Rivers and Favre. Cutler’s just kind of there. Going up against the Jacksonville pass defense can do that to you, however. Don’t sour on Cutler, not by a long shot. Javon Walker is a bona fide top-tier receiver (Sunday’s non-showing against the Jaguars notwithstanding), Brandon Marshall broke out in a big way and looks like an emerging stud, and Travis Henry provides a strong running game. Cutler will be more than serviceable the rest of the way.
Jake Delhomme, Panthers – Moving Down
The only reason Delhomme takes a dip is he hurt his elbow and it’s unclear whether or not he’ll play on Sunday. Early indications are that he won’t. Even if he does come back the next week against New Orleans, there’s no guarantee that he’ll be 100 percent. Once he proves he can go full speed, he’s worth a start every week as long as Steve Smith remains healthy – except maybe Week 10 when they play Atlanta again.

Matt Leinart, Cardinals – Moving Down
Leinart would obviously be moving way, way down if there was any indication he was losing his job to Kurt Warner. But all signs point to Leinart remaining the starter, and his surrounding cast seems too good for Leinart not to be able to put up strong numbers every week. If Leinart starts against the Steelers this week, and can at least have a decent game, that will restore his confidence and he’ll be fine the rest of the season.

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints Moving Down
Brees’ value has sunk to unimaginable depths. Three straight pathetic outings is enough for me to drop Brees like a stone. To make matters much, much worse, it’s reported that Deuce McAllister will miss the rest of the regular season with a torn ACL, a development that will only put more pressure on the passing game. The only reason you want Brees right now is as either bye week filler or when the Saints play a pass defense as bad as their own. Yes, it’s that bad.

Joey Harrington, Falcons – Moving Up
The poor guy has been dumped on for years, so somebody’s got to give him kudos when he does something right. And for one week, at least, he did, putting up an astounding (for him) 361 yards and two TDs against the Panthers. Of course he’ll slip back into Fantasy oblivion, and soon. But for one week he earned some praise.

Trent Green, Dolphins – Moving Up
Green actually had a pretty good game against Dallas in Week 2, but his turnovers overshadowed his numbers. Against the Jets he minimized his mistakes and had 318 yards and a score. The most important development from that game from a Fantasy perspective, however, is that Ronnie Brown returned from the dead. If that’s the Brown we’re going to see the rest of the season, Green’s stock will dramatically rise.

Chad Pennington, Jets – Moving Up
Pennington’s ankle apparently held up well enough to where his starting status won’t be in doubt for the foreseeable future. And he did have two TDs against the Dolphins even though he only threw for 124 yards. Thomas Jones showed signs of life, and if he can keep that up that will take pressure off of the Jet passing game, so Pennington’s numbers should be good. Not enough to make him a consistently viable Fantasy starter, however.

Josh McCown, Raiders – Moving Down
The foot injury he’d been struggling with finally forced him out of the Cleveland game. That doesn’t bode well for his near future; he may need to sit out two or three games to once again get back to full health. Until that happens, he needs to remain on your Fantasy team’s bench. Don’t drop him yet, however, because if he’s not seriously hurt he could be a good bye week fill-in.

Rex Grossman, Bears – Moving Down
He’s sinking faster than a drowning man with an anvil tied to his neck. “Bad Rex” has fully supplanted “Good Rex,” and no matter what Lovie Smith says, the Bears simply have to consider making a quarterback change. But until that happens, we’ll keep Brian Griese where he is. As for Grossman, at least last season he’d have a good-to-phenomenal game every once in a while. This season he’s just pathetic, and he’s dragging the whole team down with him this time.

Trent Edwards, Bills – Moving Up
Not that it really matters, but Edwards should be the starter for at least the next couple of weeks while J.P. Losman recovers from a knee injury he suffered Sunday against New England. But this team is so bad Johnny Unitas could rise from the grave and it wouldn’t make a difference. Until they show a pulse, steer way clear of any Buffalo player with the possible exception of Marshawn Lynch.
Daunte Culpepper, Raiders – Moving Up
Culpepper will probably be the starter for at least the next couple of weeks. But then again, that’s pure speculation on my part after Josh McCown had to leave the Cleveland game. If McCown comes back next week or the week after, Culpepper will probably be back on the bench. If McCown misses extended time, however, Culpepper could be worth a look as a bye week starter.

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