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Rest Of Season Player Rankings: Wide Receiver - Week 5
Tim Van Prooyen
October 2, 2007
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These player rankings track a player's value for the remainder of the season.
Mv Rank Player Team Bye
  1 Randy Moss NEP 10
  2 Chad Johnson CIN 5
  3 Steve Smith CAR 7
  4 Terrell Owens DAL 8
  5 Reggie Wayne IND 6
  6 Andre Johnson HOU 10
  7 Plaxico Burress NYG 9
  8 T.J. Houshmandzadeh CIN 5
9 Marvin Harrison IND 6
  10 Torry Holt STL 9
  11 Joey Galloway TBB 10
  12 Donald Driver GBP 7
  13 Roy Williams DET 6
  14 Chris Chambers MIA 9
  15 Laveranues Coles NYJ 10
  16 Javon Walker DEN 6
  17 Braylon Edwards CLE 7
  18 Deion Branch SEA 8
  19 Larry Fitzgerald ARI 8
  20 Anquan Boldin ARI 8
  21 Jerricho Cotchery NYJ 10
  22 Calvin Johnson DET 6
  23 Shaun McDonald DET 6
  24 Marques Colston NOS 4
25 Ronald Curry OAK 5
  26 Wes Welker NEP 10
27 Santonio Holmes PIT 6
  28 Kevin Curtis PHI 5
  29 Santana Moss WAS 4
30 Dwayne Bowe KCC 8
  31 Vincent Jackson SDC 7
  32 Derrick Mason BAL 8
  33 Hines Ward PIT 6
  34 Roddy White ATL 8
  35 Brandon Marshall DEN 6
  36 Darrell Jackson SFO 6
  37 Demetrius Williams BAL 8
38 Patrick Crayton DAL 8
  39 Dennis Northcutt JAC 4
  40 Brandon Jones TEN 4
41 Bernard Berrian CHI 9
  42 Joe Jurevicius CLE 7
  43 Antwaan Randle El WAS 4
  44 Bobby Engram SEA 8
  45 Amani Toomer NYG 9
46 Reggie Brown PHI 5
  47 James Jones GBP 7
  48 Ike Hilliard TBB 10
  49 Michael Jenkins ATL 8
50 Lee Evans BUF 6
  51 Roydell Williams TEN 4
  52 Donte' Stallworth NEP 10
53 Andre' Davis HOU 10
  54 Reggie Williams JAC 4
  55 Anthony Gonzalez IND 6
56 Isaac Bruce STL 9
57 Marty Booker MIA 9
  58 Mike Furrey DET 6
  59 D.J. Hackett SEA 8
  60 Devery Henderson NOS 4
  61 Muhsin Muhammad CHI 9
  62 Brandon Stokley DEN 6
  63 Drew Bennett STL 9
  64 Ernest Wilford JAC 4
  65 Matt Jones JAC 4
  66 Mark Clayton BAL 8
  67 Samie Parker KCC 8
68 Jerry Porter OAK 5
  69 Nate Burleson SEA 8
  70 Greg Jennings GBP 7

Marvin Harrison, Colts - Moving Down
The more I see the more I can’t justify leaving him at the very top of the list.  Now, before you start screaming bloody murder, let me explain a bit more.  Notwithstanding the knee injury that he sustained Sunday, his long term prognosis from a fantasy standpoint won’t take a swan dive, but it’s beginning to be obvious to me that he’s not likely to be the top fantasy receiver on this team anymore…at least on a regular basis.  His age is going to start catching up with him and Wayne has become the number one guy.  Youth will be served and this is a move down, but only a little one.  He’s still one of the best in the game, and will be for a long time to come – just not quite as good as he once was.

Ronald Curry, Raiders - Moving Down
A slight adjustment down after realizing that the passing game for the Raiders could be in for a long stretch…meaning a couple of  years…of inconsistency.  This being the case, Curry is a top target, but will be a hit and miss option…great when he hits but not so great when he misses.

Santonio Holmes, Steelers - Moving Up
Ward didn’t play this week, making Holmes the main man, and he delivered.  On a day the team struggled, he proved that his potential has grown beyond that.  He should go nowhere but up and likely will be the number one receiver in Pittsburgh by the end of the season if not before.

Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs- Moving Up
It’s official.  This guy is the real deal and KC has remembered what receivers are used for.  Bowe basically duplicated his season totals from the first three weeks against a solid San Diego defense.  This guy should be starting every week and should be in your long term plans, regardless of the type of league you’re in.

Patrick Crayton, Cowboys - Moving Up
I’ve gone back and forth with this guy, but it appears that he is in the plans for the future with the Cowboys.  With Glenn still out he’s getting plenty of opportunities.  He needs to get better hands – too many balls end up on the turf that should be caught – but he is a playmaker.  With defenses keeping Owens honest, he may not end up having to relinquish his role when Glenn comes back if he keeps his performance level up.

Bernard Berrian, Bears - Moving Down
This is a pure case of a receiver being screwed by a horrible quarterback situation coupled with a bad offensive situation.  He has big number potential, and when he gets the ball he makes the most of it, however, the surroundings hurt his ability to deliver on his potential.  As messed up as the Bears look right now, he doesn’t have a light at the end of the tunnel.

Reggie Brown, Eagles - Moving Down
Looks like last week was a fluke.  Not only that, but Brown has been fairly consistent this year…consistently underachieving.  The Eagles offense is inept with Westbrook out of the lineup and with him the passing game still isn’t that great.  Brown is the guy, so to speak, but being the guy in Philly doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence these days.

Lee Evans, Bills - Moving Up
Not a huge move, but it’s an acknowledgement that the team hasn’t forgotten he exists.  With a possible quarterback change he could once again regain his top dog status, but he has a ton of work to do.  The upside is, this is a very, very young team that could have a nice future ahead, a future that will have a big place for Evans.  For your long term plans he’s a must have, for the short term he’s a headache!

Andre’ Davis, Texans - Moving Up
This week’s biggest mover is quite deserving.  He’s quietly made the best of his opportunities the past two weeks with Andre Johnson out.  He has nine catches for almost 190 yards and a TD, showing his skill and making a case to be much more involved in the passing game.  He’ll be playing more as time goes on, making him a nice grab for dynasty and keeper leagues.

Isaac Bruce, Rams - Moving Down
He left the game this week with a hamstring injury and his age is a liability.  Keeping in mind the purpose of these rankings, he slides some this week.  The questions surrounding him are large enough already, but when added to the woes the Rams offense is experiencing, he looks less desirable for your starting lineup.  Drop him some and see how things go.

Marty Booker, Dolphins - Moving Down
I still think he’s possibly the most underrated receiver on the boards, but his age, the offense he plays for and the purpose of these rankings all bring him down a bit.  He performs well as a fill in receiver for your team in leagues that require three or more starters, but will never be a number two guy or better.  He’s a solid point producer, but he’s kind of settling in these rankings – not too high, not too low.

Jerry Porter, Raiders - Moving Up
He moves back up just a bit after a quarterback switch makes him relevant again.  He’s skilled, there is no doubt, the question is whether or not he’ll be used to his potential.  Until the signs point more in the direction of yes, he’ll languish at the low end of the rankings. 

And now a few observations…for those keeping score, Mark Clayton still is the fourth receiving option in Baltimore.  Williams continues to be the deep threat and end zone target, while Mason continues to get double digit tosses a game.  While Clayton may have more upside in years to come, there is no indication that the ‘years to come’ are close to on the horizon.  Mason continues to do a solid job at what he does, and Williams is hot, so Clayton will stay at the low end of the rankings until something changes. Not a lot of movement in either direction this week on or off the top seventy, due primarily to bye weeks as well as receivers living up to their ranking. 
Player(s) falling:  Drew Carter, Panthers

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