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Rest Of Season Player Rankings: Team Defenses - Week 11
Steve Gallo
November 13, 2007
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These player rankings track a player's value for the remainder of the season.
Mv Rank Team Bye
  1 Pittsburgh Steelers 6
  2 New England Patriots 10
  3 Dallas Cowboys 8
  4 Indianapolis Colts 6
  5 San Diego Chargers 7
  6 Chicago Bears 9
7 Green Bay Packers 7
  8 Minnesota Vikings 5
  9 Tennessee Titans 4
  10 Jacksonville Jaguars 4
  11 New York Giants 9
12 Detroit Lions 6
  13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10
14 Seattle Seahawks 8
15 Baltimore Ravens 8
  16 Kansas City Chiefs 8
  17 Washington Redskins 4
  18 Philadelphia Eagles 5
  19 Denver Broncos 6
  20 Houston Texans 10
  21 Oakland Raiders 5
  22 Carolina Panthers 7
23 Atlanta Falcons 8
24 Cincinnati Bengals 5
  25 Arizona Cardinals 8
26 San Francisco 49ers 6
  27 Buffalo Bills 6
  28 Miami Dolphins 9
  29 New York Jets 10
  30 St. Louis Rams 9
  31 Cleveland Browns 7
  32 New Orleans Saints 4

Packers – Moving Up
How can the Packers not move up the rankings (an argument could be made to move them higher)?  Over their last four games, they have held teams to 12 points per game while recording 14 sacks, 4 interceptions, 4 forced fumbles, & 4 fumble recoveries over that period.  On top of that, they recorded a shut out this week versus the Vikings.  The Packers have also not given up more then 71 yards rushing to any one RB over the past four weeks.
Ravens – Moving Down
This team is a mess and even a once formidable fantasy defense is proving to be “human”.  Three consecutive weeks of single digit fantasy production warrants a drop in the rankings but their reputation does keep them from falling even more.

Lions – Moving Up
With this weeks game the Lions have finally put together three consecutive weeks of double-digit fantasy production.  Early in the year, there were big games followed by poor games.  However, with consistency like we have seen the past three weeks you can feel good about plugging the Lions in to your starting lineup.

Seahawks – Moving Up
The Seahawks pitched the second shutout of the week beating San Francisco 24-0.  The Seahawks sacked Alex Smith 3 times while forcing 3 fumbles and recovering 2.  Frank Gore was held in check by a defense that looked as if it would have trouble stopping the run when they lost their starting DT earlier this year.  With better week-to-week consistency, the Seahawks would be higher in the rankings.

Falcons – Moving Up
The Falcons season has not been much to write home about but they did get a win this week and their defense had a solid effort versus a Vinny Testaverde led Panthers team.
This defense is far too inconsistent to warrant starting on a regular basis but if the match-up is right they are worthy of getting a look.  They do have two consecutive weeks with double-digit fantasy production too.

Bengals – Moving Up
Yes, the Bengals do have a defense.  However, thanks to enough injuries to fill a wing in a hospital, the Bengals defense NFL wise is bad, very bad but lucky for them they were playing the Ravens and their inept offense.  Do not read too much into their move up the rankings.  For the most part they are hit or miss so if you are a gambling man and have to play team defense roulette you can look at the Bengals for a possible spot start here or there if necessary.

49ers – Moving Down
When your offense can not get a 1st down the entire first half (yeah I know the hail mary at the end of the half was considered a 1st down) your defense is not going to be able to get much rest and in turn will wear down as the game goes on thus limiting their playmaking ability.  There are a few bright spots on this defense for the future one being Patrick Willis who will most likely be DROY.  Note I mentioned FUTURE but I do not recommend starting the 49er defense in the near future next year maybe but not this year.  If you are starting the 49er defense this year, you probably need a beer or five.


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