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Team Defense Rankings - Week 12
Darin Tietgen
November 22, 2007

Tier One - Must Starts

  1. New England – Philly will most likely be without Donovan McNabb and while AJ Feeley has performed alright in his absence before, you know the Patriot D is licking their chops.
  2. San Diego – Yes they will score more than they did last week and then some.  The Raven offense is simply not good enough to keep up with the playmakers on the Charger D.
  3. Indianapolis –The Colts have a great matchup against the weak Atlanta offense and have been playing solid defense over the past month.
  4. Green Bay – They’re hot as blazes and will have their cylinders firing on Turkey Day.   

 Tier Two - Good Starts

  1. Pittsburgh – I was hesitant to make them a must start due to their quiet couple of weeks.  But the matchup, you can’t beat that.  You know they’re gonna pummel the Fins no matter who is out due to injury.
  2. ArizonaOne of the hotter team Ds over the past few weeks, and they’ll face a horrible San Francisco offense. 
  3. Denver – Averaging 18 fantasy points per game in the past two weeks, and traveling to Chicago to face Rex Grossman’s Bears.  You know the Bronco secondary will pick him off at least once.

Tier Three – Average Starts

  1. Tampa Bay – Are they back?  We’ll see how they do against Jason Campbell and the Redskins.  They looked good last week and could do some damage this week too.
  2. Cleveland – Not a fantastic start against the Texans but they did put up good scores two weeks in a row.
  3.  Jacksonville – Expect double digit fantasy points against the Bills.  The Jags have a solid D but that doesn’t always translate into fantasy success.  Look for them to pick JP Losman off at least once this week.
  4. Cincinnati – Not a great start against VY and the Titans but they could make some things happen if they can contain Young on the ground.
  5. Seattle –Seven points against the Bears brings cause for concern but they can make up for it against a pretty inconsistent Ram offense.

Track Record – Week 10
(Last week’s rank/Actual rank)

  1. Green Bay (7):  Another solid effort for the Packer D.  Go ahead and start ‘em despite the short week and tough matchup on Turkey Day.
  2. New England (4):  Well at least one team D played up to par.  This Patriot team – defense and offense – is just firing on all cylinders. 
  3. San Diego (32):  What the heck?  No points?  Nothing?  They’ve been on fire and then a total 180.  Keep ‘em in your lineup though. 
  4. Seattle (19):  Not a great effort against a struggling Bear team.  They’re a decent start against the Rams this week though.
  5. Pittsburgh (25):  This Steeler D has not been very consistent, fantasy or otherwise.  Watch them rebound, however, against the Fins.
  6. Detroit (20):  Not a great effort for the Lion D, or at least not as good as they have been in the past.  Bench ‘em this week against the Pack.
  7. Indianapolis (15):  Can’t argue with double digits from your fantasy D.  Couple of sacks, couple of fumble recoveries.  Only 10 points given up.  Go ahead and rely on them for the rest of the season.
  8. Tennessee (29):  Yuck.  The Titan D is really missing Albert Haynesworth and it looks like their fantasy prospects take a hit with him out too.
  9. Cincinnati (17): Nine points, not bad.  The TD was the big score for the Bengal D. 
  10. Dallas (22):  The Boys got a couple turnovers but only sacked Jason Campbell once.  Look for better games from the Dallas D in the future.
  11. Tampa Bay (1):  Well check that out, a huge game for the Bucs’ D.  Atlanta is just bad.  Go ahead and start just about any D against them, and maybe the Bucs are a viable fantasy D again.
  12. Chicago (26):  Couple of sacks and a turnover; nice.  30 points against, not so nice.  These Bears are just not the same.

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