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Rest Of Season Player Rankings: Team Defenses - Week 13
Steve Gallo
November 27, 2007
Quarterbacks | Running Backs | Wide Receivers | Tight Ends | Kickers | Team Defenses
These player rankings track a player's value for the remainder of the season.
Mv Rank Team Bye
1 New England Patriots 10
  2 Pittsburgh Steelers 6
  3 Dallas Cowboys 8
4 Chicago Bears 9
  5 Green Bay Packers 7
6 Minnesota Vikings 5
  7 San Diego Chargers 7
8 Indianapolis Colts 6
  9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10
10 Seattle Seahawks 8
11 New York Giants 9
  12 Tennessee Titans 4
  13 Detroit Lions 6
  14 Jacksonville Jaguars 4
  15 Baltimore Ravens 8
  16 Kansas City Chiefs 8
  17 Philadelphia Eagles 5
  18 Denver Broncos 6
  19 Houston Texans 10
  20 Washington Redskins 4
  21 Oakland Raiders 5
  22 Carolina Panthers 7
  23 Atlanta Falcons 8
  24 Cincinnati Bengals 5
  25 Arizona Cardinals 8
  26 San Francisco 49ers 6
  27 Buffalo Bills 6
  28 Miami Dolphins 9
  29 New York Jets 10
  30 St. Louis Rams 9
  31 Cleveland Browns 7
  32 New Orleans Saints 4

Patriots – Moving Up
AJ Feeley was in a festive mood throwing an interception that was returned for a TD.  The Patriots make the jump to #1 mainly due to their match-ups in week 15, 16 & 17.  It was not easy to move the Steelers from their #1 ranking after pitching a shutout but this has much more to do with the sweet games the Patriot defense gets for the fantasy playoffs.

Bears – Moving Up
Eleven special teams TDs for Devin Hester in 27 regular season games is just insane.  The Bears are moving up because of Hester not because their defense is back to being dominant like in years past. 

Vikings – Moving Up
Three defensive scores by the Vikings are sure to have won some fantasy games this past weekend.  Added to the defensive scores were 3 sacks and 4 interceptions.  Fantasy owners also have some nice match-ups in the next few weeks when the Vikings face the Lion, 49ers & Bears.

Colts – Moving Down
The Colts defense should have manhandled the Falcons but they actually let the Falcons jump out to a lead and for the game only recorded 2 sacks and 2 interceptions.  The loses on the offensive side of the ball continue to mount and if the Colts struggle on offense it could make it a rough going for their defense.  Robert Mathis is also going to have to turn it up a notch to help compensate for the loss of Dwight Freeney.

Seahawks – Moving Up
The Seahawks defense had a monster week led by Patrick Kerney who logged 7 tackles, 3 sacks, a forced fumble and an interception.  Josh Wilson and Nate Burleson were lucky that their miscue did not end up as a turnover but instead ended as a kick return for a TD.  The Seahawks also have some nice upcoming games for fantasy owners.  Next up will be a trip to Lincoln Financial to play the Eagles who will be starting backup QB AJ Feeley.  

Giants – Moving Down
The Giants did not have a horrible day fantasy wise but if the offense is going to continue its meltdown, it is going to make it very difficult for the defense going forward.  This week
Osi was the star of the DLine with 2 sacks and a forced fumble.  Do not completely write off the Giants because they do have a great match-up in week 16 versus the Bills.

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