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Tunnel Vision - Week 16
David Dorey
December 17, 2007
Sunday Salutes
Quarterbacks Yards TD
Kurt Warner 233 3
Drew Brees 315 2
Jon Kitna 302 2
Running Backs Yards TD
Aaron Stecker 141 2
Darren Sproles 135 2
LaDainian Tomlinson 123 2
Wide Receivers Yards TD
Roydell Williams 94 2
Marques Colston 114 1
Greg Camarillo 109 1
Tight Ends Yards TD
Tony Scheffler 100 1
Jason Witten 113 0
Vernon Davis 46 1
Placekickers XP FG
Mason Crosby 3 4
Nate Kaeding 6 3
Rob Bironas 2 4
Defense/Special Teams TDs Sacks TOs
Tampa Bay 2 1 4
New England 1 5 2
San Diego 1 0 6

Week 15 Bumps, Bruises & Bow-outs

Other than perhaps the Shockey injury, none seem very critical to fantasy playoffs. The Fargas knee problem could be potentially serious.

Jeremy Shockey (NYG) - Fractured fibula
Kellen Clemens (NYJ) - Rib injury
Justin Fargas (OAK) - Sprained knee
Kyle Boller (BAL) - Concussion

You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille...

In the history of the NFL, there have never been a pair of quarterbacks in a season that had combined for 80 passing touchdowns. So then never before in the history of the NFL had two quarterbacks who had thrown for 80 touchdowns by week 14 of the season combined for ZERO touchdowns in week 15.

Joseph Addai faced the #32 rushing defense in the NFL and rushed for 44 yards on 15 carries? The one that has allowed over 130 rushing yards to an opposing runner seven times this year?

No wait, it gets better. Randy Moss and Terrell Owens had combined for 33 touchdowns this season. So when you need them the most? ZERO scores. And not much yardage.

Sure, I am all for "dance with who brung you", but what if they refuse to dance?

Wow... dig the view from the peak

Brett Favre passed for 227 yards against the Rams this week, notable in that it allowed him to take the final record away from Dan Marino and hold the much esteemed all-time passing yard record now at 61,405 yards in his career. That's an amazing 34.9 miles worth of passes. No one can ever break that record either, unless Peyton Manning maintains his pace until he turns 36 years old in 2012.

Another one for the record book

Michael Spurlock, kick returner for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, now hold the franchise record for kick return touchdowns with one (both career and single season). In the history of the Buccaneers, no one had ever returned a kick for a score since 1976 when the team first started as an expansion franchise.

The Playoff Picture

This could have been so much cleaner if only the division leaders of Dallas, Seattle, Pittsburgh not lost. Nor the wildcard leaders of the Giants and the Bills. The NFC is a done deal with the Cowboys, Packers, Tampa Bay and Seattle already clinching their division. Now both the Packers and Cowboys are 12-2 though the Cowboys have a tie breaker in head to head. So both teams have to keep winning to vie for the #1 seed. Both the Buccaneers and Seahawks are now 9-5 and it really doesn't matter anymore for them because the only difference between the #3 and #4 seed is that the #3 would host the #4 seed if both won in the wildcard round and in the divisional round which is highly unlikely to the point of irrelevance. So - Tampa Bay and Seattle neither have much to play for and the Seahawks certainly played like it this week. If Dallas loses in either Carolina or Washington and the Packers win both in Chicago and at home against the Lions, then the Packers take the #1 seed.

The wildcards in the NFC will still go to the Giants even with their loss barring two more losses and even then it would fall into tiebreakers. They are going barring a huge collapse. That leaves one wildcard open between the Redskins (7-7), Vikings (7-6) and Saints (7-7). The Eagles, Lions, Panthers and Cardinals are all 6-8 and mathematically alive. But you can pretty much make other plans for January with those teams.

In the AFC, the Patriots, Colts and Chargers have all clinched their divisions. The Patriots now have homefield throughout so the only thing they have to play for is the 16-0 season. The Colts can rest all their starters for the next two weeks and it wouldn't matter. Same for the Chargers as we saw in the second half against the Lions. The AFC North is still up for grabs with the Steelers now tied at 9-5 with the Browns. But the Steelers have the tie breaker having swept the Browns this year. The Browns need to win in Cincinnati and against the 49ers and hope the Steelers lose one of at St. Louis or at Baltimore. Probably unlikely but you never know.

The Jaguars have all but wrapped up one wildcard with their 10-4 record and only have to play the Raiders and then at Houston. The Titans are 8-6 and one game behind the Steelers and Jaguars so they would need help to get a wildcard.

It would be easy enough to expect this seeding for the playoffs:

AFC - NE, IND, SD, PIT with wildcards of JAX and CLE.

NFC - DAL, GB, SEA, TB with wildcards of NYG and MIN

Then again, we thought that PIT, DAL and SEA were going to win this week.

Huddle Player of the Week

Aaron Stecker - Not only was it a weekend of major flops by almost every fantasy uber-stud, but when you needed a no-name player you had to plug in at the last moment - there was Stecker standing in the corner of your roster. And you begrudgingly started him hoping to get a few fantasy points. And all he did was to gain 95 rushing yards, catch six passes for 46 yards and score two touchdowns as the highest scoring player in fantasy football on Sunday. Even slightly better than LaDainian Tomlinson Darren Sproles.


Drama 101 - Somebody has to laugh, somebody has to cry

(This is about the funniest one I have ever seen)
Comedy Lineup Yards TDs Tragedy Lineup Yards TDs
QB Shaun Hill 209 2 QB Tom Brady 140 0
RB Aaron Stecker 141 2 RB Joseph Addai 77 0
RB Darren Sproles 135 2 RB Marion Barber 32 0
WR Roydell Williams 94 2 WR Antonio Gates 8 0
WR Greg Camarillo 109 1 WR Randy Moss 79 0
WR Brandon Middleton 32 1 WR Terrell Owens 37 0
PK Rob Bironas 2 XP 4 FG PK Jeff Reed 2 XP

Huddle Fantasy Points = 132

Huddle Fantasy Points = 26

Sunday's Couch Commentary

DEN 13, HOU 31

The Broncos have blown their chance for any offseason play thought that ship really left port a while back. Jay Cutler came off a big game in week 14 with four scores but then only managed one touchdown pass along with 254 passing yards. Those throws went almost exclusively to Brandon Marshall who ended with 11 catches for 107 yards and Tony Scheffler with seven catches for 100 yards and the lone touchdown. Selvin Young ran well enough with eight carries for 34 yards but the Broncos wasted ten carries on Travis Henry who only gained 27 yards. The lack of a ground game coupled with the demise of the Broncos defense led to the loss. Sage Rosenfels passed for just 200 yards and one score but Ron Dayne rushed for 67 yards on 11 carries with one score and Rosenfels also had a rushing touchdown. Even Darius Walker ran for 66 yards on 13 carries. Andre Johnson maintained his fantasy value with six catches for 86 yards and a score and Owen Daniels had a solid game with 53 yards on just three catches. Now the 6-8 Broncos look to avoid a losing season by traveling to San Diego while the 7-7 Texans head to Indianapolis.

Fantasy Notable: Andre Johnson continues to shine regardless of the secondary or quarterback while the Broncos are just maddeningly inconsistent, particularly in road games. Marshall looks very polished and Cutler throws it to him regardless of the coverage. Nice to see Tony Scheffler with a big game since he is really making his mark as a top ten tight end for next year.

CIN 13, SF 20

The Bengals lose their most painful game of the year by falling flat against the 49ers who were just 1-10 in the last 11 games. Carson Palmer threw for 251 yards but only one score and Chad Johnson led the Bengals with six catches for 78 yards but failed to catch a touchdown including the final play of the game in the endzone. T.J. Houshmandzadeh caught five passes for 62 yards which was good for a possession receiver and yet another bitter disappointment to fantasy owners who wanted that touchdown every week thing to start again. Chris Henry did score once on his only catch in the game. The 49ers had surprisingly good play from Shaun Hill who completed 21 of 28 for 197 yards and one score. Impressive was that he did that using mainly Darrell Jackson (8-86) and Vernon Davis (4-46, 1 TD) unlike any other 49er quarterback this season. Frank Gore suddenly did not have all eleven defenders watching him every play and rushed for a season high 138 yards on 29 carries. Nice solid home win for the 4-10 49ers who now host the Buccaneers this week while the 5-9 Bengals return home to face the Browns.

Fantasy Notable: Gore looked back in form with a passing game supporting him. Shaun Hill has looked sharper and more composed than Alex Smith ever has and may cause a QB controversy if he continues - he should since he has finally brought Darrell Jackson to life. The Bengals have opted for a committee backfield with horrible results and should just pick a guy and stick with him. More than anything, the Bengals have pretty much just given up on the season and are just playing out their games.

TEN 26, KC 17

The Titans rode the foot of Rob Bironas for four field goals for the win. Vince Young passed for 191 yards and two scores that both went to Roydell Williams (4-94) while Justin Gage had another quiet game with only 45 yards on three receptions. LenDale White rushed for 93 yards on 24 carries and Young tacked on 32 more on seven runs. The Chiefs played reasonably well here but Brodie Croyle passed for 217 yards and two scores but threw two interceptions. Dwayne Bowe led the receivers with 64 yards on five receptions but the scores went to Kris Wilson (3-18) and Sammie Parker (3-33). And since Croyle was starting this week, it meant that Tony Gonzalez again went into the tank with only three catches for 17 yards. At least Kolby Smith had a decent game with 82 yards on 18 carries. The main difference in this game was that the Titans kicked field goals and the Chiefs lost three turnovers. Now the 8-6 Titans keep their playoff hopes alive and host the Jets this week while the 4-10 Chiefs head to Detroit.

Fantasy Notable: Nothing unusual here really. It is amazing how Gonzo's numbers fall when Croyle plays and that continues. Croyle doesn't hurt Bowe much but outside of him, the rest are less effective. Nice to see Young passing well again against a pretty good secondary of the Chiefs.

NYJ 10, NE 20

As always, the most anticipated game of the week ends up a ho-hum flop thanks in large part to the driving rain and wind. Tom Brady, and I swear this is true, had no touchdowns and only 140 passing yards with one interception right when fantasy owners needed him the most. Randy Moss caught five passes for 79 rather mundane yards and Wes Welker only had three receptions for 30 yards... right when fantasy owners needed him the most. But Laurence Maroney rushed for 104 yards on 26 carries and scored once just like a real running back would have done. The Jets lost Kellen Clemens to start the game and Chad Pennington passed for 186 yards and no turnovers making him a better fantasy start than Brady (could not resist). Laveranues Coles was active but never had a catch and the best the Jets had was Chris Baker with eight catches for 66 yards and Jerricho Cotchery with 53 yards on six receptions. Both teams scored a defensive touchdown. This game was a disaster for fantasy owners who likely made their playoffs thanks to players that did little today. Now the 3-11 Jets head to Tennessee while the 14-0 Patriots remain on track for the perfect season and host the Dolphins this week.

Fantasy Notable: What horrible timing for bad weather during fantasy playoffs. The Pats got their win but this game really let the air out of many fantasy tires this week. Encouraging was the running of Maroney and he actually scored a touchdown. The Pats used him just as any team would in a bad weather game but this was the first time the Pats had been just "any team".

BUF 0, CLE 8

What a brutally wonderful game. Snow, wind... feels like just watching it grows hair on your chest. Let's see baseball play in a game like that! The Bills ended up on the ten yard line at the end of the game but could not score. Trent Edwards only completed 13 of 33 for 124 yards and Marshawn Lynch did well enough just to gain 82 yards on 21 carries while Fred Jackson rushed for 16 yards on seven carries that Lynch could have used to produce more fantasy points. Lee Evans was the lead Bills receiver with only 36 yards on four catches. Derek Anderson may have delivered many fantasy teams to their playoffs but his 137 passing yards were probably not enough to help a team advance. But Braylon Edwards reeled in four catches for 64 yards which was nothing short of amazing given the conditions of the weather, field and what the passes were like when they reached him. He truly went above and beyond in his ability to catch a difficult pass. Kellen Winslow was held to kist 28 yards on two catches. Jamal Lewis was made for this sort of game and gained 163 yards on 33 carries. The win keeps the 9-5 Browns in the playoff hunt and they head to Cincinnati this week. The loss sends the 7-7 Bills home to face the Giants this week.

Fantasy Notable: Jamal Lewis has resurrected his career in Cleveland and look very much like the Lewis of old running hard and refusing to be tackled. It was horrific weather but Edwards' four catches were really impressive and just more proof why he has reached the elite class for NFL wideouts.

SEA 10, CAR 13

One of several upsets this week, Seattle attempted to mail in the game and was caught by the lowly Panthers. Matt Hasselbeck threw for 274 yards but only one score that ended up with Deion Branch (8-79). Bobby Engram (9-84) had a nice game here but no other wideout did. Worse yet, the Seattle rushing game has never looked worse. Shaun "Cement Legs" Alexander only gained 17 yards on seven carries and Maurice Morris only had 15 yards on four runs. Hasselbeck threw 41 passes and yet they only had 11 rushes by running backs in a game that was 0-0 going into the fourth quarter? The Panthers went with Matt Moore as the starting quarterback and he had 208 yards that included eight receptions for 72 yards by Steve Smith - a nice change there. DeShaun Foster only produced 47 yards on 18 carries for no surprise but DeAngelo Williams was given 15 carries and ended up with 61 yards and a very important touchdown. This was a classic trap game and the Panthers played much more motivated. Seattle falls to 9-5 and host the Ravens this week while the 6-8 Panthers host the Cowboys this week.

Fantasy Notable: Williams ran well though he did have a 35 yard run for half his yardage. Nice too to see that Moore connected so well with Steve Smith who has been languishing in obscurity this year without a decent quarterback. This game could have gone either way but the Seahawks should have been able to handle it. It is troublesome to see the Seahawks underperforming since they know that they have the NFC West and can do little to improve their seeding. Could lead to lesser efforts in the final two games.

ARI 24, NO 31

As far as fantasy points are concerned, this was the best game of the weekend. Drew Brees passed for 315 yards and two scores that were split between Marques Colston (8-114) and David Patten (4-71). Aaron Stecker was a delightful surprise with 95 rushing yards and two touchdowns, and he also had six catches for 46 yards. For a player that had been a mediocre replacement for Reggie Bush, Stecker had a monster game and the best of all NFL running backs on Sunday. Kurt Warner passed for 233 yards and three touchdowns while Anquan Boldin led all Cards' wideouts with six catches for 83 yards and Larry Fitzgerald snared two passes for only 27 yards but scored once. Edgerrin James rushed for 84 yards on 16 carries as well. This was the one game that actually went according to expectations and that produced nice fantasy points on a weekend otherwise rather scant of them. The loss sends the 6-8 Cardinals back home to host the Falcons while the 7-7 Saints keep their playoff hopes alive and host the Eagles this week.

Fantasy Notable: This game is a huge example of why it is nice to have players in domes or in the south during fantasy playoff weeks. All the usual suspects had at least decent fantasy games if not better and there were five passing touchdowns. Most notably, it was great to see Stecker step up to having a very nice game that likely happened on many fantasy benches.

ATL 3 TB 37

The Falcons post-Petrino look about the same as before, maybe a little worse thanks to playing on the road against a good defense. Chris Redman just undid any positives he may have created when he only completed four of 15 passes for 34 yards and two interceptions. Seriously. The first two Tampa Bay scores were defense and special teams. Once again, Warrick Dunn carried eight times for 32 yards while Jerious Norwood ran nine times for 73 yards. Roddy White was nursing a sore knee and only had one catch for four yards. Then again, that was 25% of all catches in the game. The Buccaneers won this on defense alone, but Jeff Garcia added one score and 109 passing yards. Joey Galloway only caught one pass for seven yards but Earnest Graham rushed for 79 yards and one score and added five catches for 40 yards as the leading receiver for the Bucs. The Falcons only had 133 total yards in the game and lost four turnovers. Now the 3-11 Falcons head to Arizona while the 9-5 Buccaneers go to San Francisco.

Fantasy Notable: The Falcons are just done. Nice to see Norwood productive and we all wonder why the Falcons won't just give Norwood one game as the full-time back. Their season is long over and the team is in a shambles - why not let the most productive back on the team all season long have all the carries for just one game? If the University of Arkansas ever plays in the state of Georgia, Petrino should consider bodyguards.

GB 33, STL 14

Another productive fantasy game - again in a dome - saw Brett Favre set the all-time passing record while throwing for 227 yards and two scores with two interceptions. As always, that was distributed out over eight receivers with the most productive being Donald Driver (5-80) and Greg Jennings (4-66) who also scored once because each week, at least once, he manages to get free downfield and burns the opponent for a long score. Ryan Grant only gained 55 yards on 18 carries but did rush in one touchdown. Bulger was back and threw for 219 yards and a score with two interceptions. Torry Holt had the touchdown but only turned in three catches for 21 yards while Isaac Bruce led the receivers with 72 yards on four receptions. This was an especially nice game for Steven Jackson who rushed for 143 yards and a score and added four catches for 27 yards. Only Jackson had a big game but almost everyone had a moderate showing for both teams. Now the 12-2 Packers are tied with the Cowboys for the lead in the NFL (but lose on the first tie breaker of head to head). The Packers head to Chicago this week while the 3-11 Rams host the Steelers.

Fantasy Notable: Ryan Grant finally calmed down but still is a solid free agent pickup this year that likely keeps his job next season. Good to see Jackson running so well though his role as a receiver still lags last year in a big way despite the Rams needing receivers.

JAC 29, PIT 22

This was a great contender for Game of the Week. Another windy, bad weather game had Roethlisberger questionable to play this week but he suited up and threw for 146 yards and three scores with no turnovers. But the sparse passing yardage had Santonio Holmes as the best Steeler with just 34 yards on four catches while Hines Ward turned in four catches for 31 yards and a score. Nate Washington (1-30) and Heath Miller (2-24) also scored. Willie Parker ran for 100 yards on 14 carries. David Garrard also threw for three scores with only 197 passing yards which went to Dennis Northcutt (4-81), Ernest Wilford (2-22) and Reggie Williams (1-3). Fred Taylor ran for 147 yards on 25 carries with one very important touchdown. Maurice Jones-Drew turned in 69 yards on 12 carries and added 38 yards on two catches. It was a very even game with a surprisingly effective rushing game for both teams but in the end, the Jags were one score better. Now the 9-5 Steelers head to St. Louis and the 10-4 Jaguars host the Raiders this week.

Fantasy Notable: Bad weather but both teams ran well - surprising that the Steelers at home gave up 216 rushing yards on just 37 carries. The game shows that the Steelers are not quite as upper echelon as their record suggested while the Jaguars are for real and mostly limited because they play the Colts twice every season. And someone, some way, Reggie Williams catches one pass for a touchdown.

IND 21, OAK 14

Sort of a ho-hum game here that was closer than anticipated but still ended with the Colts winning. Peyton Manning passed for 276 yards and a score and was surprisingly effective finding Anthony Gonzalez (7-86, 1 TD) against what was the #1 pass defense. Reggie Wayne caught four passes for 69 yards while Dallas Clark only managed one catch for nine yards. The biggest surprise of all was that Joseph Addai faced the #32 defense against running backs but could only gain 44 yards on 15 carries. That's all and for the first half, Addai was averaging less than one yard per carry. Josh McCown only passed for 94 yards but scored a touchdown on a pass to Ronald Curry (3-23). We saw JaMarcus Russell for one more series though he only completed two of five for 10 yards. Justin Fargas was surprisingly effective rushing for 89 yards on 26 carries and scoring once while also adding one catch for seven yards. Still it ended as expected and now the 11-2 Colts head home to host the Texans while the 4-10 Raiders travel To Jacksonville.

Fantasy Notable: Nice to see Gonzalez with another good game and this time on the road against a very good secondary. But Addai has just been on a downturn for many weeks now and he is rushing so less effectively that it almost begs the question - is he really healthy or what is wrong?

DET 14, SD 51

This game was very close up until the opening kick-off when it started to go south for the Lions rather quickly. By the time the final gun sounded, LaDainian Tomlinson rushed for 116 yards and two scores by halftime to delight his fantasy owners and then stood on the sideline for the second half to the crushing dismay of all fantasy owners. May I speak on the behalf of all non-Tomlinson owners when I say "boo-freaking-hoo". Darren Sproles was given 25 carries that could have easily been Tomlinson's and gained 122 rushing yards and two rushing scores that could have easily been Tomlinson. In fact, Tomlinson could have easily had the whole enchilada of 238 yards and four scores (just a playful jab at those with the first pick in their drafts). Chris Chambers chipped in 69 yards as well though Antonio Gates was held to just eight yards on one catch right when his owners were expected much more. The Lions never had a chance in this game. Jon Kitna threw for 302 yards and two scores which almost entire came during trash time and were accompanied by five interceptions which hurts in leagues with negative points. Calvin Johnson turned in his first 100 yard game in the NFL when he ended with five catches for 102 yards thanks to catching the Hail Mary pass as the end of the first half. It went for 49 yards but he was tackled on the one-yard line. Doh... Mike Furrey snared seven passes for 80 yards while Kevin Jones only gained 16 yards on his paltry five carries. It was just a major beatdown. The 6-8 Lions now head home to host the Chiefs and the 8-5 Chargers host the Broncos.

Fantasy Notable: Thank goodness for trash time. Kitna posted nice yards as long as you did not lose points on the interception but the Chargers at home were in top form on Sunday. Sadly LT and Gates owners got screwed when the Chargers opted to not use them because they clearly did not need to but that was part of most games this week. The Lions apparently always end up in the same condition at the end of every season, it just depends on how well they start before the crumbling starts.

PHI 10, DAL 6

Probably the biggest upset of the day. The Cowboys came out surprisingly flat, the Eagles were rather inspired and the Cowboys lost their final home game of the regular season. It seemed a bit reminiscent of the late season slide of 2006 and had the Cowboys finally see several players leave due to injury. Not the least important is Tony Romo's passing thumb which was clearly hampering his throwing even to the point of the ball leaving his hand on the backswing of a pass. After a season of remarkable progress, Romo only passed for 214 yards, no scores and three interceptions. He only completed 13 of 33 passes. In the event he was accurate, chances were 50/50 that the receiver would drop it. Terrell Owens only had 37 yards on two catches but numerous drops that could have changed the game. Jason Witten had eight catches for 113 yards as the only productive Cowboys player. Marion Barber? just 32 yards on seven runs and no catches. It was very reminiscent of week 16 last year when the Eagles won 23-7 in Dallas. Only this time the Eagles offense was less productive with Donovan McNabb limited to 208 yards and one score to Reggie Brown (4-35). Brian Westbrook rushed for 81 yards on 18 carries and was, of course, the lead receiver as well with nine catches for 63 yards. The win sends the 6-8 Eagles to New Orleans this week while the 12-2 Cowboys hit the road to Carolina.

Fantasy Notable: The injury to Romo's thumb could obviously be huge but he said after the game he expected it would be fine to play this week. The Cowboys also lost their center Andre Gurode to injury which was no help. It was a flat game for the Cowboys but it left the #2 scoring offense in the league only able to kick two field goals in a home game. It puts a big chink in the armor and really serves to make the AFC look like an incredible lock to win the Super Bowl. But it was just one game. One the Cowboys need to shake by next week because more than a few fantasy teams relying on Barber, Romo and Owens fell to the wayside this week.

WAS 22, NYG 10

Following the lead of the Eagles for road upsets in the NFC East, the Giants played just as poorly as the Cowboys though at least they had wind to blame for a portion of the passes that sailed everywhere. Eli Manning had a much better second half but still ended up only 18 of 52 for 184 yards and one score. Santana Moss was the most productive (and least covered) receiver with just five catches for 53 yards while Plaxico Burress only managed three receptions for 35 yards. Jeremy Shockey fractured his fibula and damaged his ankle when Amani Toomer rolled up on his legs from behind. Brandon Jacobs gained a healthy 130 yards on 25 carries and had three catches for 30 yards but had to drop no less than five other passes. It was just an evening of errant play for the Giants. Todd Collins only threw for 166 yards but made far fewer mistakes. Clinton Portis rushed for 126 yards on 25 carries and scored once. Santana Moss had a surprisingly effective game with 75 yards on three catches while Chris Cooley was held to only 34 yards on two receptions. The loss drops the Giants to 9-5 and they head to Buffalo this week while the 7-7 Eagles play in New Orleans.

Fantasy Notable: The Giants were yet another team that played incredibly flat and though the winds were very strong, they were not nearly as big a factor for the Redskins. The Giants dropped more passes than they caught. Like the Cowboys, how much of this is just one game and how much is something more telling remains to be seen but the loss of Shockey won't be a help. Both teams rushed well in this game, better than Portis or Jacobs had been producing.


What a whacked week. Unbelievable. After a season rife with injuries and changing depth charts, we finally get to fantasy playoff weeks and the top two QB's and WR's do not score a single touchdown and have mediocre yardage. Tomlinson is so red hot that he only plays one half and Darren Sproles actually ends up with better stats than LT. Scores were way down across the league and we were reminded why domes are such a great thing with several bad weather games on Sunday. And above them all is the game of the week, the most unbelievable, unthinkable even of them all:

Baltimore 16, Miami 22

Yes, the Dolphins have ruined their bid to go 0-16 this season. It took a home game against the Ravens and some quirky events, but sheer probability finally smiled in their direction.

The Ravens led 13-3 by halftime as so many of these Dolphin games would start. It could have been 16-3 but the 50-yard field goal attempt by the Ravens to end the first half was blocked.

After each team had one series, the Dolphins took over at midfield and drove to the BAL 40-yard line where on third and ten, Cleo Lemon hits Derek Hagen to the BAL 19-yard line. On fourth and one, the Dolphins go for and Lorenzo Booker gains three yards. Then Samkon Gado runs in for a score from the BAL 7-yard line. At 13-10, the Ravens still lead.

But on the next series, Boller tries to hit Devard Darling deep and is intercepted. The Dolphins take over on their own 14-yard line and mount a drive to the Ravens 4-yard line where they kick a game tying field goal. Pretty cute - look, the Dolphins are tied in the fourth quarter which still has 12:09 left for the Ravens to collect their guaranteed win.

After two failed series by the Ravens and one by the Dolphins, Cleo Lemon leads the team down the field to the BAL 13-yard line with 2:51 left to play. After failing to get a score, they kick the 29-yard field goal for a lead, an actual lead of 16-13 with only two minutes left to play.

But of course the Ravens are freaking out because they have lost Kyle Boller to a concussion and suddenly are in jeopardy of being "it" for 2007. So the rookie Troy Smith (AKA Mr. Heisman) takes over and lead the team from their own 40-yard line using short passes to reach the Miami ten yard line with 25 seconds left to play. After spiking the ball to kill the clock and throwing an incompletion and then a strike to Darling who runs out of bounds at the one-yard line, the Ravens kick the tying field goal with three seconds left to play - WHEW!

The Ravens get the overtime kickoff and starting on their own 20-yard line, they mix one pass with eight runs by McGahee, Smith and Mike Anderson to reach the MIA 26-yard line when on four down they kick the game winning 46 yard field goal... no wait... it was wide left. DOH! Delaying the inevitable again.

The Fins take over on their own 34-yard line and Booker runs for a three yard loss and then Lemon scrambles for five. On third and eight, Lemon goes for the first down with a strike down the middle to Greg Camarillo who had one catch for two yards in his two year NFL career before Sunday. He had already had two catches for 45 yards in the game and caught it in stride.

But they didn't tackle him.

He shot up the middle untouched.

He kept running and running and running towards the goal line. We were waiting for the obligatory condor to swoop down and grab him. Or the ground to break open and swallow him. Or a meteorite to strike and just leave a smoky hole where Camarillo once ran. But it didn't happen.

He scored a touchdown which in the rules of the NFL mean the Miami Dolphins win the game. The quest for perfection ended.

It was a week where the worst team in the league won. Several of the best teams lost. The best players flopped and fantasy league championships may actually be missing Patriot and Cowboy players. In a weird season, it was the strangest week of all. Sort of makes you wonder if the league trophies this year should be replaced with custom t-shirts.

"I survived 2007"

Now get back to work...

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