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Predictions & Projections
David Dorey
The Huddle
~ 2007 ~
Season Ticket
Sunday Late

Prediction: DET 16, GB 24

Update: Greg Jennings has missed practice this week to rest his sore ankle and now is not expected to play so he can be healthy for the playoffs.

The Packers were swamped last week in Chicago and lost their bid for the #1 seed. Now they have nothing to play for other than to keep the players healthy. Brett Favre has already set all the records so there's not much more to do this week. The Lions come off a win over the Chiefs but are only 2-5 on the road and lost to the Packers 37-26 in Detroit during week 12. The Packers may not care here but they are at home and the Lions are struggling as they end their season. Should be a close game that the Packers could win even without much motivation.

Detroit Lions (7-8)
Homefield: Ford Field
  Opp Score Spread Over/Under
1 @OAK 36-21 +1 39
2 MIN 20-17 -3 42.5
3 @PHI 21-56 +6.5 44.5
4 CHI 37-27 +2.5 46
5 @WAS 3-34 +4 44.5
6 BYE - - -
7 TB 23-16 -1.5 43
8 @CHI 16-7 +5 44
9 DEN 44-7 -3 45.5
10 @ARI 21-31 +1 45
11 NYG 10-16 +2.5 49.5
12 GB 26-37 +3.5 48
13 @MIN 10-42 +3.5 44.5
14 DAL 27-28 +10.5 38
15 @SD 14-51 +10.5 45.5
16 KC 25-20 -4.5 42.5
17 @GB   +3 37
DET at GB Rush Catch Pass
QB Jon Kitna     220,1
RB T.J. Duckett 50 10  
TE Sean McHugh   30  
WR Mike Furrey   50  
WR Calvin Johnson   60  
WR Shaun McDonald   50,1  
PK Jason Hanson 3 FG 1 XP  
Pregame Notes: Here's the chance for the Lions to wind up at .500 on the season and they could get a gift from Green Bay if they end up resting a lot of players. A season that began with much promise and a 6-2 record turned sour thanks largely to road games and a passing attack that opponents started to figure out after the first month. Now the team is right back to 2006 with Roy Williams and Kevin Jones on injured reserve and a 1-6 record over the last seven games. The win last week was their first in seven games. There is no guarantee that most of these players will be back next season, let alone the coaching staff.

Quarterback: After starting the season with eight touchdowns in the first four weeks, Jon Kitna has scored only nine more times in the last 11 games. He passed for 302 yards and two scores in San Diego in week 15 thanks to the Chargers already having begun to rest players and this season cannot be viewed as anything more than a disappointment The yardage has occasionally been good but Kitna has never had more than two scores in a game since the season opener and had five efforts without any scores. Kitna passed for 224 yards and one score versus the visiting Packers this year.

Running Backs: Kevin Jones tore his ACL last week which only served to put a formal stamp of "nothing ever changes" on this team. T.J. Duckett ran for a surprising 102 yards on 15 carries and scored once against the Chiefs when the Lions went to a heavy rushing attack last week. There is a chance that the Lions may call up Tatum Bell this week with Jones out. Duckett has never been given more than three carries in a road game this year. Expect to see a mix of Bell and Duckett but the ratio is at best a guess this week.

Jones rushed for 93 yards on 20 carries and scored one touchdown against the Packers this year.

Wide Receivers: Two games without Roy Williams and the wideouts have only scored one touchdown and while Calvin Johnson had 102 yards in San Diego, half of that came on a Hail Mary pass to end the second quarter. Each player should be good for around 40 yards or so but have not been reliable to reach much higher.

Johnson led all Lions receivers in week 12 when he caught seven passes for 83 yards and scored once. No other receiver had more than 32 yards in that game.

Tight Ends: Sean McHugh has never scored this year and rarely has more than one catch per week. No fantasy value.

Match Against the Defense: That success with the run last week had better last them because the Lions are heading into Green Bay where only one opposing runner has scored and no runner has topped 87 rushing yards. Don't expect a repeat of last week for Duckett.

Kitna faces a secondary that dominated him in Detroit and this game should be cold and possibly rainy. And without Roy Williams. And the Packers may only be average against the pass but they are at home and great against the wide receivers. Look for no more than what Kitna managed in the first meeting.

Gaining Fantasy Points DET 13 26 2 31 11 7
Preventing Fantasy Points GB 18 13 5 30 9 2


Green Bay Packers (12-3)
Homefield: Lambeau Field
  Opp Score Spread Over/Under
1 PHI 16-13 +3 43.5
2 @NYG 35-13 +2.5 38.5
3 SD 31-24 +5 43
4 @MIN 23-16 -1 38
5 CHI 20-27 -3 41
6 WAS 17-14 -3 40.5
7 BYE - - -
8 @DEN 19-13 +3 44
9 @KC 33-22 +2.5 38.5
10 MIN 34-0 -6.5 40.5
11 CAR 31-17 -10 37.5
12 @DET 37-26 -3.5 48
13 @DAL 27-37 +6.5 52
14 OAK 38-7 -10.5 42
15 @STL 33-14 -9.5 44
16 @CHI 7-35 -8 40
17 DET   -3 37
GBP vs DET Rush Catch Pass
QB Brett Favre     230,2
RB Ryan Grant 110,1 10  
TE Donald Lee   30  
WR Donald Driver   60,1  
WR Greg Jennings 50
WR James Jones   40,1  
PK Mason Crosby 1 FG 3 XP  

Pregame Notes: There was no guarantee that the Packers would have gotten the #1 seed since Dallas only had to win out but losing - nay, getting swept - by the Bears is no way to end the regular season of one of the best seasons ever in Green Bay. There is nothing to win here other than pride and a treat for the home town fans and it is only the Lions coming to town. The Lions have not won in Green Bay since before the turn of the century.

Quarterback: Brett Favre has already secured all the notable all-time records so there is nothing that has to happen here other than a chance for Favre to move them a bit farther past Marino in this last regular season game. Unfortunately, Favre notched the passing yard record away from Green Bay and this will be his first game back. He will likely sit out the end of this game but it is Favre and he doesn't like to come out.

Favre passed for 381 yards and three scores in Detroit this year.

Running Backs: This could be interesting. Ryan Grant has only been a starter since week eight but he is only 101 rushing yards away from a 1000 yard season. He has scored in each of the last five games and actually ran for exactly 101 yards and a score on just 15 carries in Detroit this season. This could be a week to get him some rest but it would be nice to see him get that 1000 yard mark.

Wide Receivers: Greg Jennings suffered a mild ankle sprain last week so he may not get much playing time in this meaningless game. He already has 12 touchdowns on the season but he is only 80 yards short of a 1000 yard season as well. Most likely, Jennings would be used more sparingly this week to ensure that he remains healthy and that his ankle is fine for the playoffs. Donald Driver already has 1048 yards on the season but hasn't scored since week three. In fact, no other wideout besides Jennings has scored in the last three weeks.

Driver snared ten passes for 147 yards in Detroit while Greg Jennings had five receptions for 60 yards and two scores. James Jones turned in five catches for 75 yards in that game.

Tight Ends: Donald Lee has six scores on the season and two in the last three games but he only had one catch in each of the last two games. His best games have always come at home where he topped 70 yards three times.

Lee only had one catch for ten yards against the Lions this year.

Match Against the Defense: Cold weather, possible rain. Have to like the chance that Grant gets his 101 yards for his 1000 yard season. The Lions already allowed as much in Detroit and this should be better as long as they keep Grant in the game long enough.

Favre will likely play most of the game and perhaps the entire one. He's a slightly risky start because of the chance he sits out but the Packers can still win without him if needed,. The Lions secondary has been bad and now will be on the road in a game they too do not really care about. With the exception of Jennings who could be rested if his ankle is an issue, this should provide decent passing numbers and two scores.

Gaining Fantasy Points GB 3 19 4 10 1 5
Preventing Fantasy Points DET 31 32 26 24 11 31

The Huddle
~ 2007 ~
Season Ticket
Sunday Late

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