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Predictions & Projections
David Dorey
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The Huddle
~ 2008 ~
Season Ticket
Sunday Late

Prediction: DET 20, SF 27

Well, here is a game that fantasy football made interesting. The Lions bring their well deserved 0-2 record to San Francisco but will once again fail to bring a credible defense. The 49ers beat the Seahawks in Seattle for a 1-1 record and much more added confidence than this game will likely need. But few match-ups say fantasy points better than Detroit versus San Francisco and that includes team defenses. This is also a chance for Mike Martz to thumb his nose at his ex-employer.

Detroit Lions (0-2)
Homefield: Ford Field
  Opp Score Spread Over/Under
1 @ATL 21-34 -3 41
2 GB 25-48 +3 45
3 @SF - +4 46
4 BYE - - -
5 CHI - - -
6 @MIN - - -
7 @HOU - - -
8 WAS - - -
9 @CHI - - -
10 JAX - - -
11 @CAR - - -
12 TB - - -
13 TEN - - -
14 MIN - - -
15 @IND - - -
16 NO - - -
17 @GB - - -
DET at SF Rush Catch Pass
QB Jon Kitna     250,1
RB Kevin Smith 70,1 30  
TE Casey Fitzsimmons   30  
WR Roy Williams   60  
WR Calvin Johnson   80,1  
WR Shaun McDonald   30  
PK Jason Hanson 2 FG 2 XP  
Pregame Notes: Another year, same results. The Lions offense has been both productive and yet error prone enough to hurt while the defense has nothing short of horrific allowing 220 rushing yards to one player in week one and now Aaron Rodgers comes off 328 yards and three scores in Detroit., No matter where, no matter who, no matter when. Someone is going to have a career best game against the Lions. The defense alone ensures that this will be yet another long year for Lions fans.

Quarterback: Jon Kitna has been consistent so far, passing for 262 and 276 yards with two scores in each game and a total of four interceptions and eight sacks on the year. So far the offense has evolved into pitch and catch with Calvin Johnson and little else. On the plus side, no one has been able to handle Johnson yet. With the Lions defense laying down this year, you can be certain that there will be plenty of passing in every game along with sacks and interceptions to balance out those yards and scores.

Running Backs: The rookie Kevin Smith hasn't made much difference yet but has not had the touches to have a big game. Last week it was only ten carries for 40 yards and four catches for 21 yards. In week one, he had 14 runs for 48 yards in Atlanta. Smith does figure in as a receiver and could show up this week but a lack of carries will limit his rookie season. Rudi Johnson is nothing more than relief for Smith.

Wide Receivers: It isn't all dark in Detroit thanks to Calvin Johnson. The second-year player has back to back 100 yard efforts and scored twice against the Packers last week. His 236 yards ranks second only to Greg Jennings so far this season and Johnson gets the bulk of looks from Kitna. He's already had 22 passes thrown to him while Roy Williams only had 12 over the two games. Shaun McDonald remains the slot receiver but only averages 28 yards per game. Williams has marginal fantasy value but really Johnson is the only player outside of Kitna to have reasonable impact for a fantasy team.

Tight Ends: Casey Fitzsimmons had three catches for 32 yards last week and scored in the opener. Now that Dan Campbell is gone, Fitzsimmons is finding a minor role with the Lions.

Match Against the Defense: The good news for Kevin Smith is that the 49ers have already allowed two players to rush for over 100 yards against them this year and three players have scored on a run. Smith won't quite get enough carries to reach 100 yards but his role as a receiver should allow him to get close to the mark. He has a decent shot at scoring as well.

Kitna faces an improved secondary that recently held Warner to only 197 yards and one score. Expect moderate success with the pass and at least one score that should slightly favor Johnson again and Roy Williams should have at least a decent showing this week. Suddenly he gets the benefit of being "the other guy" this year.

Gaining Fantasy Points DET 8 27 3 12 18 30
Preventing Fantasy Points    SF 7 25 13 14 30 30

San Francisco 49ers (1-1)
Homefield: Monster Park
  Opp Score Spread Over/Under
1 ARZ 13-23 +2.5 41.5
2 @SEA 33-30 +8 38.5
3 DET - -4 46
4 @NO - - -
5 NE - - -
6 PHI - - -
7 @NYG - - -
8 SEA - - -
9 BYE - - -
10 @ARZ - - -
11 STL - - -
12 @DAL - - -
13 @BUF - - -
14 NYJ - - -
15 @MIA - - -
16 @STL - - -
17 WAS - - -
SFO vs DET Rush Catch Pass
QB J. T. O'Sullivan     250,1
RB Frank Gore 120,2 40  
TE Vernon Davis   20  
WR Isaac Bruce   80  
WR Bryant Johnson   60,1  
WR Arnaz Battle   20  
PK Joe Nedney 2 FG 3 XP  

Pregame Notes: After week one, the new offense looked horrible but a trip to Seattle made it all better with a win and the first 300 yard passing game by a 49er since... well... many years. It was a close win and it came against an injury ravaged team but it was their old nemesis Seattle and now a home game against the Lions is about as good as it gets. Particularly for Mike Martz who will be giggling on the sidelines most of the game.

Quarterback: J. T. O'Sullivan passed for 321 yards and a score in Seattle but he paid the price with eight sacks added to the four from the previous week. He also took off on four runs for 32 yards. This week O'Sullivan gets to be the centerpiece of the Martz offense after spending last year on the Lions bench.

Running Backs: Frank Gore had a decent showing last week with 99 total yards though he only gained around three yards per carry. He also scored for the second week in a row and has been a factor as a receiver in each game. And this week - about as good as it is going to get.

Wide Receivers: Isaac Bruce had no catches - he had no passes even thrown to him for that matter - during week one so the fantasy world wisely benched him in week two and watched him catch four passes for 153 yards in Seattle. Bryant Johnson led the 49ers with six catches for 78 yards and the lone touchdown catch. It was a big passing game but only Bruce had a really good game. Arnaz Battle had four catches for 44 yards but the offense has not yet followed the typical spread of a Martz offense.

Tight Ends: Vernon Davis teased with a 51 yard effort on three receptions in the first week but only had two passes thrown his way in Seattle and failed to catch either. For all the talk of wanting to include him in the offense this year and designing plays just for him, Davis has only been thrown to five times over the two games.

Match Against the Defense: Yeah, okay. So let's see. In the matter of just two games the Lions have allowed one runner to set a franchise record 220 rushing yards in a game where the team totaled 313 rushing yards and scored three times via the run. The next week the rushing is minimal but the Packers pass for 328 yards and three scores with no interceptions. The 49ers only have two sacks on the year.

Look for Gore to enjoy a big game here and it would be entirely Martz-like to run up the score if he possibly can. That means O'Sullivan, Bruce and Johnson are decent starts. Figure Martz spent two years going against that secondary in practice only they do not have Dre Bly anymore.

Gaining Fantasy Points SF 12 18 15 24 2 7
Preventing Fantasy Points    DET 28 31 30 9 29 32

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~ 2008 ~
Season Ticket
Sunday Late
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