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IDP Dynasty Watch - Week 8
Steve Gallo
October 23, 2008
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IDP Dynasty Watch is a weekly article that looks at players values for the future (2-4 years).  Also, a player doesn’t have to be a rookie or second year guy to be included but as often as possible I will be focusing on younger players.  However, with that said there are plenty of 30+ year old players that are productive into their mid thirties and would be viable dynasty watch candidates under the correct circumstances.

This week I am going to change up the format just a bit.  I am not going to tell you who it is I am talking about until next week.  You will have to trust me when I say waiting one week won’t hurt your ability to try and acquire this guy.  Of course there will be some hints that you can use to figure out who I am talking about so I will be interested to see if anyone is able to figure it out by posting their guess in the comments section.

Who am I? – Who do I play for?
Position: LB                                                                                                 
Drafted: 3rd round

This LB has only had 9 games (average of 3.3 games/season) in the past three years (3-2005, 2-2006 & 4-2007) where he scored fewer than 11 points in a game.  To put that in a bit of perspective, this year 4 of the top 10 LB’s already have had between 2-3 games with less than 11 points scored in a game.  Over the past three years the top 10 LBs have recorded less than 11 points in a game 80 times (2005-31, 2006-20 & 2007-29) for an average of 2.7 times/season per top 10 player.  London Fletcher is the only player over the past three years to rank in the top 10 for LBs (2005-4th, 2006-2nd & 2007-5th).  During that three year span, Fletcher has 10 games with less than 11 points scored in a game.  Fletcher’s 10 games would be one more then the unknown LB’s 9 games.   Out of those 9 games, I would really only consider one to be a complete clunker (4.5 points scored).  Here is a complete list of all the games where he scored less than 11 points:  4.5, 6, 7, 7, 8, 8, 9, 9 & 10 and remember, that is over the past three years.

Scheme Matters:
We all know that a LBs production or lack thereof is closely tied to the scheme that they play in.  However, there are those few rare exceptions that are able to be productive from normally unproductive position, like SLB.  This LB has been productive from each LB position that he has played in. The reason I mention this is because I think this LB could find himself playing for a different team next year.  This is of course complete speculation on my part but considering it is a possibility it is good to know that this LB has been productive playing all the LB positions.

Over the past three years, the top 10 LBs have logged between 123-174 tackles.  This player has averaged 7.53 tackles per game for the past three years.  That extrapolates out to a yearly average of 121 tackles for that three year period.  This LB also ranked in the top 10 in tackles in one of those three years.

In fantasy football, just like in the NFL, when an opportunity presents itself it is what one does with that opportunity that defines ones success.  Whether it is a player that gets a shot to play (Jyles Tucker) due to an injury to a starter (Shawne Merriman) or a fantasy owner knowing when to buy low & sell high.  This LB is a player that should be flying under the radar right now and will probably be completely over looked when next year rolls around.  However, if this player is indeed with another team next year it could put him on everyone’s radar.   There are risks that if he does end up on another team that their scheme could be counterproductive to his production but you should weigh the risks and look at acquiring him if you can.

I will lead off next week’s IDP Dynasty Watch with this player’s name.  If you have a guess by all means feel free to give it in the comments section.

If you have players that you would like to see featured in this weekly article feel free to email your requests to

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