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IDP Interactive - Week 10
Steve Gallo
November 8, 2008
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Welcome to our week 10 edition of IDP INTERACTIVE.  In our IDP Forum you will find a thread entitled "IDP INTERACTIVE" pinned to the top where you can submit your questions for consideration.  If you question is not chosen to be answered in this column every effort will still be made to answer your question in the IDP Forum.

Let’s take a look at the question that forum member Alchico has this week.

Alchico  wrote,
“I am fairly new to IDP and in my 3rd year in this league. I am starting to get the feel for it since I’ve added 3 more IDP leagues in the last 2 years. This is not a money league since all our funds are used for Charity but it is a very competitive league for Bragging rights. Also I’m not too sure Darin will want to chime in on this one since I’m tied for 2nd in my division with Him.
I have a very tough situation going this week at the LB position due to bye week issues and Injuries. I've lost DJ Williams and D Harris is Q. 2 of my other LB's are on a bye. We can start 2-3 and I have 2 healthy LB's but I really like starting 3 and think i should make some sort of move to shore up the position. These are my current LB's

Select 2-3 LB: Cooper, Stephen SDC LB vs Chiefs Sun 1:15 p.m. PT (Chance of Showers) R: 14, P:27   64.00 16.000  
Harris, David NYJ LB vs Rams Sun 10:00 a.m. PT (Chance of Rain) R: 25, P:26 Questionable  79.00 11.286  
Howard, Thomas OAK LB vs Panthers Sun 1:05 p.m. PT (Clear) R: 15, P:16   105.50 13.188  
James, Bradie DAL LB Bye R: , P:   106.50 11.833  
Ware, Demarcus DAL LB Bye R: , P:   116.50 12.944  
Williams, DJ DEN LB at Browns Thu 5:15 p.m. PT (Clear) R: 27, P:25 Doubtful  144.00 18.000  

My full Roster

Megos Bunz - alchico - alchico Player YTD Pts Bye Drafted
Rivers, Philip SDC QB 173.10  9 15.12
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB (Q) 105.65  6 5.12
Brown, Ronnie MIA RB 121.25  4 2.05
Faulk, Kevin NEP RB 82.88  4 FA
Green-Ellis, BenJarvus NEP RB ®  34.50  4 FA
Jackson, Fred BUF RB 60.08  6 22.05
Williams, Ricky MIA RB 55.50  4 11.12
Berrian, Bernard MIN WR 101.40  8 8.05
Driver, Donald GBP WR 83.20  8 9.12
Jackson, DeSean PHI WR ®  96.92  7 FA
Walter, Kevin HOU WR 88.50  2 20.05
Wayne, Reggie IND WR 106.10  4 1.12
Baker, Chris NYJ TE 23.70  5 31.12
Olsen, Greg CHI TE 62.60  8 14.05
Prater, Matt DEN PK 74.00  8 32.05
Bernard, Rocky SEA DT 53.00  4 FA
Patterson, Mike PHI DT 35.00  7 23.12
Geathers, Robert CIN DE 55.00  10 28.05
Little, Leonard STL DE 34.00  5 19.12
White, Dewayne DET DE 86.00  4 21.11
Cooper, Stephen SDC LB 64.00  9 25.08
Harris, David NYJ LB (Q) 79.00  5 4.05
Howard, Thomas OAK LB 105.50  5 7.12
James, Bradie DAL LB 106.50  10 26.05
Ware, Demarcus DAL LB 116.50  10 10.05
Williams, DJ DEN LB (D) 144.00  8 6.05
Bodden, Leigh DET CB 84.50  4 13.12
Griffin, Cedric MIN CB 103.50  8 18.05
Lewis, Michael SFO S 84.50  9 12.05
Milloy, Lawyer ATL S 88.50  7 27.12
Phillips, Kenny NYG S ®  68.00  4 16.05
Sanders, Bob IND S 37.50  4 8.11
32 Total Players

This is the link to our league
MSHB League link

Do I look to Denver for DJ's replacement or elsewhere for a 1 week stop gap. I do get Ware and Bradie back next week, so i could stand pat because of this and just start an extra CB this week. I have C Griffen and L Bodden. If i do make a move who do i drop? I don't want to use any Offensive players since i may need to pick up Leftwich or another QB. I was thinking one of my DE or my extra DT.
Any other advice on my defensive side of the ball would also be appreciated.
ps- I also have DJ on another 16 team IDP Dynasty so I have a double interest in the LB options even though I know the pickings are much slimmer in that league due to it being a Dynasty.

Edit - It looks like Harris may be more than Q going forward so do I have enough depth to withstand these 2 injuries?”

Before we dig into the D.J. Williams side of the question let’s address the injury to David Harris.  Harris is reported to have had groin surgery and looks to be out AT LEAST 2-3 weeks. So between the Harris and Williams injury we do need to look at adding some depth to your LBs. 

I knew once Alchico posted his question that his waivers would run before this article was available to him.  Here is what I sent to Alchico via private messenger in our forums.

“At first glance without any research I would say to stand pat and start Cedric Griffin, Lewis and Sanders at DB...I will tackle this for the weekly article but the article won’t be available til Sat which I am sure is probably after your waiver period...when I get home tonite i will take a look at MFL and see if anyone jumps out at me…and I am also a DJ owner and trying to figure out who if anyone on Denver is worth picking up”

Once I had a chance to take a look at the available LB options in Alchico’s league I came up with the following players that caught my eye and the reason(s) why.

Tim Dobbins:  Dobbins is a player that is starting to get more and more snaps and is starting to look like he could be a solid LB3 with upside of LB2 in 12-16 team leagues.  With Cooper already on Alchico’s roster Dobbins would be an interesting add in that he not only adds depth but if an injury were to happen to Cooper then Dobbins would be a good handcuff too. 
Stephen Tulloch:  Tulloch took over the starting MLB position for the Titans back in week 4.  All he has done is quietly amass 27 tackles which would extrapolate out to 86 tackles for a full 16 game season.  During those 5 weeks he has also logged 5 or more tackles in every week except week 7 where he logged just 3 tackles versus a Chiefs offense that yielded just 40 tackle opportunities.  If you are willing to toss out the poor Chiefs game you would see Tulloch would be on a pace just shy of 100 tackles for a full season.  If Tulloch is able to see an increase in the number of nickel snaps he is starting to see he truly could explode into a high end LB2.

D.D. Lewis:  Lewis has made the most of his opportunities due to injuries to Lofa Tatupu.  Over the last 3 games (1 start), Lewis is averaging over 9 tackles per game (149 season pace).  Lewis is a big risk reward player since his production is directly tied to the health of Tatupu.  Tatupu is slated to start this week so since Alchico isn’t a Tatupu owner I would be very reluctant to take such a risk when he is trying to increase his depth.

Justin Durant:  In a dynasty league there is no way that a guy like Durant should be on any waiver wires but alas Alchico is in a re-draft league.  Durant is now healthy and should see a continued improvement in his production.  What makes Durant even more attractive is the fact that Mike Peterson was sent home by head coach Jack Del Rio this week.  Both Peterson and Del Rio are said to have met and discussed the situation but Del Rio won’t say if Peterson will play this week or not.  Speculation is that Del Rio wasn’t happy about Peterson celebrating a sack when the Jaguars were down 20-3.  If Peterson is out Durant’s value truly does go thru the roof.  Last year when the Jaguars lost Peterson for the final 6 weeks of the season all Durant did when given the chance to start was average 7 tackles per game a pace that would have put him at 112 tackles for a full season.  Don’t forget that was as a rookie too.  So with or without Peterson Durant would be a nice acquisition with very little downside and very nice upside.  In dynasty leagues I view Durant as a future LB1 and if Peterson were out for an extended period of time Durant could achieve LB1 status much sooner than later.

Brandon Johnson:  Johnson is now starting for the Bengals thanks to Hines Ward and the hit he put on rookie LB Keith Rivers.  Over his last 3 games Johnson is averaging just over 6 tackles per game and unlike Rivers Johnson plays in the teams nickel package.  We all know that the Bengals offense has had its struggles and that should continue to give Johnson and above average number of tackle opportunities.  Lastly think of it this way, how often are you are able to find a 3 down WLB on your waiver wire.

Wesley Woodyard:  With Woodyard I have hindsight on my side.  Prior to the Browns game it looked as if Woodyard was going to be the first to get a crack at D.J. Williams WLB position.  What happened was a perfect storm of sorts for Woodyard.  Not only did he get the start at WLB but Nate Webster was hurt very early in the game and Woodyard got to play in the nickel too.  All Woodyard did was log 10 tackles, which in turn should make him a very hot waiver wire pickup in IDP leagues.    In 2 (1 re-draft & 1 dynasty) of my IDP leagues I acquired Woodyard prior to the Browns game.  One league is filled with very, very good fantasy minds and the other is an experts league so I knew I had to move fast to get Woodyard.  In leagues like that, which is like the league Alchico is in you have to make your move to get players fast otherwise someone is normally going to beat you to the punch.  It should also be noted that there are times that stats can be somewhat deceiving.  However, there was nothing deceiving at all about Woodyard’s 10 tackles.  He was flying all over the field and seemed to have a confidence about him that made him look more like a vet than a rookie. 

The Final Answer!
Now this is the hard part because there really are multiple options for Alchico.  I guess the easiest thing to do would be to narrow down the selection process a bit.  Due to the higher amount of risk involved with D.D. Lewis I would pass on him.  Brandon Johnson would be a safe acquisition with a bit of upside and Stephen Tulloch would be a similar acquisition with a bit more upside if he starts to see more nickel snaps.  Tim Dobbins would provide depth and a nice handcuff but with Matt Wilhelm still seeing time in the rotation he is a bit of a risky proposition especially if you ended up needing to rely on him.  That leaves us with Justin Durant and Wesley Woodyard.  Durant would be the safer of the two to acquire since he is a starter and his production doesn’t hinge on if someone comes back from injury or not.  Durant also has that added upside if Peterson were to be out for an extended amount of time.  However, since you already own D.J. Williams a very good argument can be made to acquire Woodyard and ride out the production that the Denver WLB position yields. What we don’t want to forget is that Alchico is also going to be without David Harris for close to a month if not more.  So, who to acquire?  I suggest that you actually acquire both Durant and Woodyard.  To do so I would personally drop David Harris and Chris Baker (TE NYJ).  The other person that I would consider dropping would be Kenny Phillips, especially since there are a good number of safety options on the waiver wire.

Alchico, sorry that you got his so hard by the injury bug but thank you for taking the time to share your question with us this week.  Good luck in all of your leagues!

I hope that everyone has enjoyed our first installment with IDP Interactive and I look forward to seeing more questions in the coming weeks.  If you have any comments or recommendations on what you would like to see in IDP Interactive you can email me at

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