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Player Trends Report - Receivers - Week 11
Tim Van Prooyen
November 11, 2008
Quarterbacks  |  Running Backs  |  Receivers
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Michael Jenkins, Falcons – Up until the past couple of weeks, Jenkins was really an also ran as far as receivers go.  He’d failed to get over the three catches for fifty yards or so hump pretty much all season, not really a lot to get fantasy owners excited.  Then he had a huge week against Oakland last week, and a solid outing against the Saints this week.  With Denver, San Diego and New Orleans on the docket three of the next four weeks, he’s someone that is ripe for the picking.  Grabbing him now for the playoff run makes all kinds of fantasy sense.

Malcom Floyd, Chargers – Floyd is likely to be overlooked this week because of a matchup against Pittsburgh this weekend, but the three games after that are against teams that give up a fair amount of passing yards.  This is the week to grab a guy who is beginning to make a name for himself even when the starters are healthy in San Diego.  Bye weeks are over, but if you need someone who has a solid chance to put up points, you could do much worse than Floyd.

Kevin Walter, Texans – Walter continues to perform well after a borderline first half of the season.  He’s scored three touchdowns in the past three weeks and is putting up a sizeable amount of yardage to go with them.  The change at quarterbacks likely has a good bit to do with his resurgence, but the fact that all facets of the offense are beginning to work in synch is just as responsible.

Koren Robinson, Seahawks – There is finally some continuity being built in Seattle, and Robinson is a part of it.  He’s had two scoring weeks in a row and while the yards dropped a lot this week, the catches slid up slightly.  On a passing offense that is still devastated by injuries, he’s a small, bright light.  The best thing is, he’s probably still on your leagues waiver wire.  If you are in a bit of desperation, he’s a decent gamble.

Billy Miller (TE), Saints – Miller has improved just about every week for a while now, and with Shockey playing the baby as usual, Miller has become the TE of note in the Big Easy.  While Shockey remains a factor, at least on paper, in New Orleans, right now it is the Billy Miller show.  Look for him to continue to increase his output on a passing offense that has virtually no consistent running game and a quarterback that still can get the job done.

Dustin Keller (TE), Jets – Keller, it would appear, has become a comfortable target for Brett Favre these days.  He’s a bit up and down yet, but with the right matchup has proven to be a valuable fantasy starter.  Favre has a history of liking his tight ends, making Keller not only a viable starting option this season, but also vaulting his value in keeper leagues.  He could have a long run as a solid, if not excellent, fantasy tight end.


Anthony Gonzalez, Colts – While he’s a hot pick the past couple of weeks on the starting circuit, he’s not a very solid option.  In fact, if you ignore his two touchdown game two games back, his stat line doesn’t excite.  He has four catches a game in the past three weeks, the one two touchdown game, and a grand total of 108 yards.  Those are not numbers of a solid fantasy anything.  Sure, in a normal year the third guy in Indy was pretty valuable, but this is not a normal year in Indy, so give it up already and bench the guy unless you have no better options.  He’ll have a blip now and then with a surprise outing, but it will be an anomaly.  For keeper leagues he’s a solid hold, as Harrison can’t play forever, but that’s the only saving grace at the moment.

Donnie Avery, Rams – He had a nice three week run, but has fallen on hard times the past couple of weeks, with five catches for just over 50 yards in those outings.  With a possible quarterback mess ready to explode in St. Louis, things don’t bode well for him finishing the season strong.  He’s a solid hold for keeper and dynasty owners, but if you’re in a one year redraft league, cut bait.

Isaac Bruce, 49ers  – His light that was shining a bit here and there appears to have just about gone out.  With a youth movement going on in San Fran it would appear that Bruce is not only losing a few steps but is being phased out.  The overall offensive situation doesn’t help any of the receivers in the Bay Area, but Bruce takes the biggest hit, as the bell of his career tolls midnight.

Jeremy Shockey (TE), Saints – Sometimes I look at a particular player and scratch my head at why fantasy owners still give him the time of day.  Shockey is one such player.  Sure, the guy at one point in time had unlimited upside.  The reality though has become quite clear.  He’s an injury prone spoiled brat, plain and simple.  It is pathetic the act he puts on and more appropriate of a toddler than a grown man.  If you are still holding on to him waiting for him to ‘turn the corner’…you’re a long way from doing that with your fantasy team.  You heard it here.

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