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Predictions & Projections
David Dorey
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The Huddle
~ 2008 ~
Season Ticket
Sunday Late
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Prediction: CLE 0, TEN 37

The Browns are on a two game touchdown drought and that is not likely to end soon thanks to injuries. The Titans are 5-1 at home and while this could be a trap game, it would be almost unthinkable. About all you can hope is that the Titans generate some nice fantasy points before they get bored.

Cleveland Browns (4-8)
Homefield: Cleveland Stadium
  Opp Score Spread Over/Under
1 DAL 10-28 +5.5 49
2 PIT 6-10 +6 45
3 @BAL 10-28 +2 38.5
4 @CIN 20-12 -3.5 44
5 BYE - - -
6 NYG 35-14 +8 43
7 @WAS 11-14 +7.5 42.5
8 @JAX 23-17 +6.5 41
9 BAL 27-37 -1.5 36.5
10 DEN 30-34 -3 46
11 @BUF 29-27 +4.5 42
12 HOU 6-16 -3 50
13 IND 6-10 +4.5 45
14 @TEN - +13.5 37.5
15 @PHI - - -
16 CIN - - -
17 @PIT - - -
CLE at TEN Rush Catch Pass
QB Ken Dorsey     130
RB Jamal Lewis 50    
TE Steve Heiden   20  
WR Braylon Edwards   40  
WR Donte Stallworth   30  
WR Josh Cribbs   30  
PK Phil Dawson nope nada zip
Pregame Notes: Oh yeah, it just gets worse and worse. Now that Derek Anderson joins Brady Quinn on injured reserve, the Browns also have Kellen Winslow out with a high ankle sprain. HC Romeo Crennel is also on the hot seat which has been kicked up a notch with only one win in the last five games. And the remaining schedule has three road games against teams with winning records. That week 16 Bengals matchup will be an oasis in the middle of a very harsh, barren desert.

Quarterback: And now the Browns are down to Ken Dorsey who has thrown only three passes this season and had no completions. There has not been a passing score by the Browns in three games and now Dorsey becomes the starter and will not have the lead receiver of Winslow playing. This season is ending with a whimper.

Running Backs: Jamal Lewis has to be asking himself "where'd everybody go?" He has remained a consistent factor in an offense that started out as average and been slipping each week since. Lewis only has four rushing scores and still has not topped 100 yards in a game this year but has been solid around 60 or 70 rushing yards each week. On this team, that is remarkable enough.

Wide Receivers: Wow, if you thought starting Braylon Edwards was hard enough, now he has Ken Dorsey as quarterback and Kellen Winslow out so the entire secondary can be exclusively devoted to watching him drop more passes. Edwards hasn't scored since week nine and this won't make it any more likely.

The problem is that after Edwards, there is no one. Donte' Stallworth rarely has more than one catch per game and Syndric Steptoe never has more than one. The offense was already limited and now we can only hope that Edwards starts chugging those 5-hour energy drinks while spraying glue on his hands.

Tight Ends: Just to make a bad season even worse, now Kellen Winslow has a high ankle sprain and will miss at least this week and realistically, he only had seven catches for 66 yards over the last three weeks and now has a harder schedule. Steve Heiden will take his place.

Match Against the Defense: Oh yeah, on the road to Tennessee where the Browns offense that ranks in the bottom five faces the Titans defense that ranks in the top five and is at home. Dorsey takes over. This all smacks of a shut out.

Gaining Fantasy Points CLE 29 27 30 7 12 18
Preventing Fantasy Points    TEN 4 15 2 20 1 1

Tennessee Titans (11-1)
Homefield: LP Field
  Opp Score Spread Over/Under
1 JAX 17-10 +3 37
2 @CIN 24-7 +1 37.5
3 HOU 31-12 -5 38.5
4 MIN 30-17 -3 36
5 @BAL 17-10 -3 35
6 BYE - - -
7 @KC 34-10 -8 35.5
8 IND 31-21 -4 42
9 GB 19-16 -5.5 42.5
10 @CHI 21-14 -3 38.5
11 @JAX 24-14 -3 39.5
12 NYJ 13-34 -6 40.5
13 @DET 47-10 -11 44.5
14 CLE - -13.5 37.5
15 @HOU - - -
16 PIT - - -
17 @IND - - -
TEN vs CLE Rush Catch Pass
QB Kerry Collins     150
RB Chris Johnson 130,1 30  
RB Lendale White 70,2    
TE Bo Scaife   30  
WR Justin Gage   40  
WR Justin McCareins   30  
PK Rob Bironas 3 FG 4 XP  

Pregame Notes: The Titans got back on track after the Jets loss and should have no problems winning the next two games. That leaves then 13-1 with two left to play and an interesting week 16 matchup with the Steelers that could be worth winning to lock up the #1 bye if it hasn't already happened. Week 17 will be meaningless in Indy so enjoy these next two games before the Titans start slowing down and resting.

Quarterback: Oddly enough, facing the Lions did not result in a big passing game for Kerry Collins who had been on a three game streak of scoring but all he had to do was complete 11 of 18 for 127 yards because finally the rushing game once again came to life and steam rolled the Lions. There simply was no need to pas has there had been against the Jaguars, Jets and Bears. This week at home against Cleveland should be yet another time Collins will mainly be handing off.

Running Backs: After three weeks of less than spectacular results, the Lions were nice enough to remind us how impressive Chris Johnson can be, He gained 125 yards on 16 carries and scored twice before sitting out much of the fourth quarter. There was a minor concern that perhaps Johnson was hitting the rookie wall but he did face three very good rushing defenses.

Lendale White had fared slightly better in the three tough weeks since he scored once but he finished out in Detroit and ended with 23 carries for 106 yards and two touchdowns as well. That now gives White an NFL lead of 13 rushing touchdowns on the season with a chance for more with the Browns showing up this week.

Wide Receivers: The minimal passing needs against Detroit had an obvious impact on this group but there has been no relying on any Titans wideout this year anyway. Justin McCareins had 43 yards last week just as he would usually have. Justin Gage usually has around 40 yards in most games as well though he has four of the five touchdowns that has ended up with a wide receiver. Even when the matchup forces the Titans to throw, that doesn't mean these guys will show up more since the tight ends and running backs figure in as receivers just as much.

Tight Ends: Bo Scaife comes off one of his worst games of the year but in most weeks he has been good for around 40 yards as one of the few consistently used receivers on the year.

Match Against the Defense: There should be an ungodly amount of running in this game. The Browns are going to be using Dorsey and not Winslow so the Titans may constantly have the ball. Look for something like what happened last week with both White and Johnson having big if not monster games and the passing to be minimal because it won't hardly be needed. I like a defensive touchdown in this game as well.

Gaining Fantasy Points TEN 28 2 29 9 5 8
Preventing Fantasy Points    CLE 15 21 23 11 6 13

The Huddle
~ 2008 ~
Season Ticket
Sunday Late
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