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Predictions & Projections
David Dorey
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The Huddle
~ 2008 ~
Season Ticket
Sunday Late
* updated

Prediction: NYJ 24, SF 23

Update: As always, Laveranues Coles was limited in all practices and listed as questionable but is expected to play.

The Jets beat the Titans, finally tumbling them from the ranks of the unbeaten and then let the visiting Broncos beat them rather convincingly. But thanks to a Patriots loss, the Jets remain atop the AFC East and the Jets are 4-2 on the road. The 49ers come off a win over the Bills and are only 2-4 at home. The 49ers are improving but the Jets have the talent and have to win. This should be a close game.

New York Jets (8-4)
Homefield: Giants Stadium
  Opp Score Spread Over/Under
1 @MIA 20-14 -3 36
2 NE 10-19 -1.5 39
3 @SD 29-48 +9 44
4 ARZ 56-35 -3 45
5 BYE - - -
6 CIN 26-14 -6 45
7 @OAK 13-16 -3 42.5
8 KC 28-24 -13 38
9 @BUF 26-17 +5.5 43
10 STL 47-3 -8.5 44.5
11 @NE 34-31 +3.5 41.5
12 @TEN 34-13 +6 40.5
13 DEN 17-34 -7.5 47.5
14 @SF - -4 45
15 BUF - - -
16 @SEA - - -
17 MIA - - -
NYJ @ SF Rush Catch Pass
QB Brett Favre     270,2
RB Thomas Jones 90,1 30  
RB Leon Washington 30 20  
TE Dustin Keller   30  
WR Laveranues Coles   70,1  
WR Jerricho Cotchery   80,1  
WR Chansi Stuckey   30  
PK Jay Feely 1 FG 3 XP  
Pregame Notes: After beating both the Patriots and Titans on the road, the Jets suffered a letdown and somehow allowed the Broncos to beat them. That should be the final loss of the year since the next three games come against bad teams with losing records and the final week against the Dolphins is at home and the Jets have beaten them once already. The only concern here is that both times the Jets traveled out to California they lost (OAK and SD). Can the third time be the charm?

Quarterback: Brett Favre comes off a down game along with the rest of his team but still has 20 touchdowns on the season and has typically had lower production at home than on the road (Arizona game not counting) because the rushing attack usually takes center stage. But most of his best games had come on the road where he must pass and his last two trips away from New York and multiple scores. The Jets want to bounce back after last week and Favre will be the central character this week.

Running Backs: Even in the loss last week, Thomas Jones rushed for 138 yards on 16 carries and scored two touchdowns making it 13 total scores on the year and five games over 100 rushing yards. Jones has really come on in the most recent weeks that have seen him score seven times and average 122 rushing yards per game. He has become a factor in every game and been productive even when the passing game struggled.

Leon Washington tags along as a relief player and has six scores on the season himself but most of his action comes in games that have already been decided.

Wide Receivers: The surprising if not troubling part of last week was that the wideouts should have had a chance to post good stats against the visiting Broncos and instead Jerricho Cotchery only had four catches for 40 yards and Laveranues Coles was held to only two catches for two yards. Both wideouts have been less productive in recent games and in the last six weeks they have neither posted a 100 yard game and both have a single touchdown.

Oddly enough, getting Favre was initially a boon to the wide receivers but he spreads the ball around so much that now they are not faring as well as they did in the past with Chad "tunnel vision" Pennington.

Tight Ends: The only player that has come on strong is the rookie Dustin Keller who has been more of the primary receiver in recent weeks than the wideouts have been. He only has three scores on the year and just one in the last four weeks but he has been around 70 yards or better in each of those four games. He has the chemistry with Favre now more than Coles or Cotchery.

Match Against the Defense: Jones heads to San Francisco where the 49ers do play tougher than out on the road but six different running backs have scored on there and Jones is really hitting top gear now. Expect a score and decent yardage that could turn bigger depending on game situation.

Favre needs to complete this win and he's going against the softest secondary against wideouts and yet the toughest one against tight ends. Expect a reversal this week with Keller not excelling and both Coles and Cotchery turning in decent games with at least two scores to split.

Gaining Fantasy Points NYJ 14 4 13 12 10 5
Preventing Fantasy Points    SF 24 24 32 1 32 30

San Francisco 49ers (4-8)
Homefield: Monster Park
  Opp Score Spread Over/Under
1 ARZ 13-23 +2.5 41.5
2 @SEA 33-30 +8 38.5
3 DET 31-13 -4 46
4 @NO 17-31 +6 48.5
5 NE 21-30 +3 41.5
6 PHI 26-40 +5 43
7 @NYG 17-29 +10.5 45
8 SEA 13-34 -4.5 42.5
9 BYE - - -
10 @ARZ 24-29 +9.5 47.5
11 STL 35-16 -6 44.5
12 @DAL 22-35 +11 48
13 @BUF 10-3 +7 42.5
14 NYJ - +4 45
15 @MIA - - -
16 @STL - - -
17 WAS - - -
SF vs NYJ Rush Catch Pass
QB Shaun Hill     230,2
RB Frank Gore 70 50  
TE Vernon Davis   10,1  
WR Isaac Bruce   50  
WR Bryant Johnson   40  
WR Jason Hill   50,1  
PK Joe Nedney 3 FG 2 XP  

Pregame Notes: The scores may not have been high but a win is a win and coming on the road in Buffalo makes it all the more impressive. Interim HC Mike Singletary is auditioning for a job and not allowing the team to quit. While he only has so much to work with, he is getting more from the team now and still has at least the road trip to the Rams as a potential win. Then again - who would have guessed the Bills could not score more than three points?

Quarterback: Shaun Hill has his worst game yet in the elements in Buffalo but his 161 yards still had a score to make it all five weeks as a starter. Hill had been on a streak of two scores games before the road game to the Bills and he has only thrown three interceptions against eight touchdowns as a starter which is not very Martz-like of him. It could be that Hill and the rest of the offense is starting to "get it" or it could be opponents are not taking them that serious but at least Hill is making a strong case for keeping him next season.

Running Backs: Frank Gore only managed 66 yards on 24 carries last week but his performance always matches to how good the defense is and more importantly where the game is played. On the road, Gore has only one touchdown and never has rushed for over 100 yards. At home he has scored six times - basically every home game except against Seattle when he had 159 total yards. Always play Gore at home but realize on the road he'll be no better than the rest of the team.

Wide Receivers: Bryant Johnson has never played up to expectations and has regained his starting spot with the injury to Josh Morgan. Johnson scored three games ago but only has two touchdowns on the year and minimal yardage. Isaac Bruce may be getting long in tooth but he is going out the right way with a nice showing lately. Bruce scored in both the recent away games and led the offense in receiving yardage. He has two of the three 100 yard games by a 49ers wideout.

Jason Hill is starting to step up as well in recent weeks and had five catches for 55 yards in Buffalo. This offense is spreading the ball around and it is encouraging to see younger players like Hill and Morgan getting better.

Tight Ends: Vernon "The One" Davis has devolved to being used each week for just "the one" catch. He has scored twice with those but has no fantasy value. He never really did, much as we wanted to believe a first round tight end could at least be average.

Match Against the Defense: The bad news is that the Jets have a very good rushing defenses that has only allowed one opposing runner to score in a road game against them. No runner has posted more than 67 yards on the road and that was Tomlinson running 26 times. Look for a lower game here by Gore for rushing but he should make that up as a receiver. He is still safe to start.

Hill faces a secondary that is the weakness of the defense and that has allowed at least one score in every game and never less than 200 passing yards on the road. I like Hill to post a couple of scores that should be to Davis on his one catch and then Jason Hill as the speedster has the next best shot at a touchdown.

Gaining Fantasy Points SF 12 25 14 25 16 25
Preventing Fantasy Points    NYJ 29 7 16 31 14 27

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~ 2008 ~
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