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2009 Rankings Movement - Running Backs
Updated: September 10, 2009
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Mv Rank Player Team Bye
Tier One
  1Adrian PetersonFAx
  2Maurice Jones-DrewFAx
  3LaDainian TomlinsonFAx
Tier Two
  4Matt ForteFAx
  5Michael TurnerFAx
  6Chris JohnsonFAx
  7Steven JacksonNEP8
  8Frank GoreMIA6
  9DeAngelo WilliamsFAx
  10Clinton PortisFAx
Tier Three
  11Marion BarberFAx
  12Steve SlatonFAx
  13Brandon JacobsFAx
  14Ryan GrantFAx
  15Ronnie BrownFAx
  16Kevin SmithFAx
  17Brian WestbrookFAx
  18Pierre ThomasFAx
  19Beanie WellsFAx
Tier Four
  20Felix JonesFAx
  21Ray RiceFAx
  22Joseph AddaiFAx
  23Darren McFaddenFAx
  24Knowshon MorenoFAx
  25Marshawn LynchOAK9
  26Donald BrownFAx
  27Cedric BensonFAx
  28Julius JonesFAx
  29Reggie BushFAx
  30Willie ParkerFAx
  31Larry JohnsonFAx
  32Thomas JonesFAx
  33Derrick WardFAx
  34LenDale WhiteFAx
  35Leon WashingtonFAx
  36Fred JacksonFAx
  37LeSean McCoyBUF9
Tier Five
  38Jamal LewisFAx
  39Jonathan StewartNYG10
40Earnest GrahamFAx
  41Laurence MaroneyFAx
  42Correll BuckhalterFAx
  43Ricky WilliamsFAx
  44Rashard MendenhallFAx
  45Jamaal CharlesFAx
  46Willis McGaheeFAx
  47James DavisFAx
  48Michael BushFAx
  49Tim HightowerFAx
  50Chester TaylorFAx
  51Fred TaylorFAx
  52Sammy MorrisFAx
  53Glen CoffeeFAx
  54Ahmad BradshawFAx
  55Jerious NorwoodFAx
  56Rashad JenningsFAx
  57Chris BrownFAx
  58Samkon GadoFAx
  59Darren SprolesPHI4
  60Bernard ScottFAx
  61Garrett WolfeFAx
  62Maurice MorrisFAx
  63Edgerrin JamesFAx
  64Ladell BettsFAx
  65Kevin FaulkFAx
  66D.J. WareFAx
  67Peyton HillisFAx
  68Mike GoodsonFAx
  69Mike BellFAx
  70Jerome HarrisonDET7
  71Carnell WilliamsFA*
  72Brandon JacksonFAx
  73Greg JonesFAx
  74Justin ForsettFAx
  75Le'Ron McClainFAx
  76Javon RingerFAx
  77Justin FargasFAx
  78Shonn GreeneFAx
  79Mewelde MooreFAx
  80Quinn JohnsonFAx
  81Tashard ChoiceFAx
  82Lamont JordanFAx
  83Brian LeonardFAx
  84Michael RobinsonFAx
  85Ryan MoatsFAx
  86Javarris WilliamsHOU10
Player Change Now Date
LeSean McCoy 38 09-06-09

McCoy's role is made even better by the release of Lorenzo Booker. McCoy is not only the relief for Westbrook, he's the lock sure replacement for when he is injured.

Pierre Thomas 18 09-06-09
Thomas enters the season with an MCL sprain and is questionable to play in week one. I slightly lowered his season total.
Samkon Gado 58 09-06-09
The Rams released Antonio Pittman and Gado is now the primary replacement for the fragile Steven Jackson.
Matt Forte 4 09-04-09
Kevin Jones is out for the season with a torn ligament in his ankle. That means Forte is back to work as one of the heaviest used backs in the league.
Matt Forte 6 09-04-09
Forte was overworked last year and as a result he had big numbers. This year the plan is to involve him less and focus more on him as a runner. Problem is that Kevin Jones just sprained his ankle badly so at least to start the season we're back to Forte all day, every day.
Steve Slaton 12 09-04-09
Slaton drops a little with the insistence of HC Gary Kubiak that he will use Chris Brown as the short yardage and goalline back. That will cut into Slaton's scoring.
Patriots running backs xx 09-04-09
Just a reshuffle to throw Lamont Jordan and Sammy Morris further down since they've done little this summer. It's still a coin flip backfield and nothing is going to change that.
Brandon Jackson 73 09-02-09
Jackson is out indefinitely with a high ankle sprain.
Chris Wells 19 08-30-09
It was more than a little encouraging to see Chris Wells on the field running for 46 yards and two touchdowns while claiming he was still not 100% over his sprained right ankle. Wells has a golden opportunity and a wonderful schedule. If he can somehow remain healthy, he could be a real surprise.
James Davis 48 08-30-09
Davis continues to shine whenever he plays and Jerome Harrison has now missed three weeks and is getting passed by the dynamic rookie.
Panthers running backs xx 08-28-09
Jonathan Stewart continues to have Achilles tendon issues and has to lowered in the rankings. Mike Goodson rises because he has looked so great this summer that he's likely to get some work even when/if Stewart is healthy.
Broncos running backs xx 08-28-09
Knowshon Moreno is expected to be less than 100% when the season opens and he has already missed invaluable time learning the offense with his MCL sprain. Buckhalter should see an increase but so could any of the runners here.
Buccaneers running backs xx 08-28-09
The Bucs are going to run a lot this year but are committed to using all three backs in a rotation. This will ruin the fantasy value of them all with Ward being mildly interesting in a points per reception league.
DeAngelo Williams 9 08-25-09
That bad rushing schedule hasn't improved but then again neither has Jonathan Stewart. Williams gets a small bump up from looking so sharp in preseason games.
Oakland RBs xx 08-25-09
I moved each one down a few spots from a feeling that they are not going to carry the team as much as initially believed.
Chris Wells 24 08-25-09
Williams is slowly getting better but he's just a big injury risk already. Best to make him your RB3 than to rely on him for more.
Leon Washington 36 08-25-09
Washington blazed through the first team Ravens defense this week and richly deserves a bump up. It will remain a committee backfield, but Washington is certainly buying himself more playing time.
Seahawks running backs xx 08-25-09
The addition of Edgerrin James remains to be clarified and there is an least unsubstantiated news that Duckett willl be released. That would suggest that the Seahawks are willing to rely on James at least in a small part since Julius Jones is not likely to see 300+ carries ever without being injured.
Glen Coffee 59 08-25-09
He's not going to cut into Frank Gore's playing time really but should Gore become injured, Coffee looks like a great player to already own.
Steven Jackson 6 08-22-09
Jackson falls a spot because the Rams are looking so bad - and with an injury bug already starting - that Jackson is a higher risk because defenses may have nothing else to think about but him.
Clinton Portis 10 08-22-09
Portis falls slightly from repeated news that the Redskins want to incorporate Ladell Betts more on third downs. Betts is now a mandatory handcuff for Portis owners.
Javon Ringer 72 08-22-09
Ringer is making the most of his time in camp and preseason games. He has the markings of a new "Tashard Choice" who is most likely buried on the depth chart but who could see productive playing time should injuries give him the chance.
Adrian Peterson 1 08-19-09
Peterson gets a bump up with Favre there to at least make the defense think there could be a pass. Peterson was already #1 so it just makes him more betterer.
Jaguars RBs 55 / 68 08-17-09
It looks more like the rookie Jennings will get the role as the #2 behind Jones-Drew which could be a nifty late round draft pick. Greg Jones admits himself that he is not the runner he once was.
Giants RBs NR / 65 08-17-09
The rookie Andre Brown is lost for the season with a torn Achilles tendon and is removed from the rankings. That moves Danny Ware up but not much since Ahmad Bradshaw remains the #2.
Steve Slaton 10 08-17-09
The Texans are officially set on using Chris Brown to relieve Slaton. That has to help Slaton late season when Brown is out. Again.
Colts RBs 24 / 27 08-17-09
First preseason game and Addai looks lethargic and Brown looks electric. Too early to expect any big change but never to early to avoid risk with Addai and admire upside with Brown.
Jonathan Stewart 36 08-17-09
He's missed much of camp with an Achilles Tendon injury and his risk is increasing. The notion is he getting more playing time this year is harder to accept.
Ray Rice 24 08-14-09
Rice has to move up looking sharp in camp and now after he opened the first preseason game. Though this remains a committee with McGahee, Rice is buying himself a bigger share of what could be up to 500 carries by the Ravens this year.
Kenny Watson NR 08-11-2009
Watson was released
James Davis 68 08-08-09
Davis has been impressive on a team that only has aged Jamal Lewis and smallish Jerome Harrison. Davis is a great pick for your running back roster depth just to see what happens.
Donald Brown 27 08-05-09
Brown has signed already and will be in camp. The coaches are already expecting him to gain a growing share of the workload. That drops Addai a bit more and barring injury, both players could continue similar moves in the future. Addai down, Brown up.
Matt Forte 9 08-02-09
Just a drop of one spot that comes from continued statements about how good Kevin Jones looks and how Forte will have a reduced workload and that his role as a receiver will be decreased to let him focus more on being a runner. He's still a solid pick, just with less upside.
Jamaal Charles 46 08-02-09
The Chiefs still won't name a starting tailback and Charles is just buying himself more playing time by impressing the coaches. While Larry Johnson is still likely to win the starting role, Charles could become a bigger factor at the minimum.
Kevin Jones 49 08-02-09
With positive vibes coming out of camp about Jones, he's moved up to being a needed handcuff for Forte owners but not quite yet good enough to consider as a possible starter even for a bye week. But he's moving in the right direction and training camp could boost his stock even further.
Clinton Portis 8 07-07-09
Portis drops slightly from his continuing differences with the coaching staff. It's likely not a big deal but adds a bit of risk all the same.
Ray Rice 32 06-27-09
Rice continues to be the subject of favor from the Ravens coaches. He's expected to share the load equally with McGahee and could well end up as the favored runner.
Willis McGahee 33 06-27-09
It is all but certain now that McGahee and Ray Rice are likely to split perhaps 50/50 and may even favor Rice. That makes McGahee have even more risk.

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