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2009 Rankings Movement - Wide Receivers
Updated: September 10, 2009
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Mv Rank Player Team Bye
Tier One
  1Randy MossFAx
  2Andre JohnsonFAx
  3Larry FitzgeraldARI4
Tier Two
  4Calvin JohnsonFAx
  5Greg JenningsFAx
  6Steve SmithFAx
  7Reggie WayneFAx
  8Roddy WhiteFAx
  9Marques ColstonFAx
  10Chad JohnsonFAx
  11Dwayne BoweFAx
  12T.J. HoushmandzadehFAx
  13Anquan BoldinFAx
  14Wes WelkerFAx
Tier Three
  15Terrell OwensFAx
  16Bernard BerrianFAx
  17DeSean JacksonTBB8
  18Braylon EdwardsFAx
  19Santana MossFAx
  20Roy WilliamsFAx
  21Lee EvansFAx
  22Kevin WalterFAx
  23Lance MooreFAx
  24Derrick MasonFAx
  25Santonio HolmesFAx
  26Laveranues ColesFAx
  27Devin HesterFAx
  28Ted Ginn Jr.NOS5
  29Hines WardFAx
  30Eddie RoyalFAx
  31Donald DriverFAx
  32Donnie AveryFAx
  33Brandon MarshallNYG10
Tier Four
  34Anthony GonzalezFAx
  35Muhsin MuhammadFAx
  36Steve BreastonFAx
  37Steve SmithFAx
  38Jerricho CotcheryFAx
  39Vincent JacksonFAx
  40Antonio BryantFAx
  41Torry HoltFAx
  42Chris ChambersFAx
  43Nate BurlesonFAx
  44Nate WashingtonFAx
Tier Five
  45Justin GageFAx
  46Michael JenkinsFAx
  47Percy HarvinFAx
  48Patrick CraytonFAx
  49Troy WilliamsonFAx
  50Laurent RobinsonFAx
  51Bryant JohnsonFAx
  52Domenik HixonFAx
  53Chaz SchilensFAx
  54Jason AvantFAx
  55Earl BennettFAx
  56Darrius Heyward-BeyPIT8
  57Josh MorganFAx
  58Robert MeachemFA*
  59Hakeem NicksFAx
60Malcolm KellyFAx
  61Mark ClaytonFAx
  62Mark BradleyFAx
  63Sidney RiceFAx
  64Limas SweedFAx
  65Jeremy MaclinFAx
  66Chris HenryCIN8
  67Mohamed MassaquoiFAx
  68Isaac BruceFAx
  69Michael ClaytonFAx
  70Kenny BrittNEP8
  71Chansi StuckeyFAx
  72Devery HendersonFAx
  73James JonesFAx
  74Joey GallowayFAx
  75Brandon StokleyFAx
  76Andre' DavisFAx
  77Bobby EngramFA*
  78Miles AustinFAx
  79Austin CollieFAx
  80Mike Sims-WalkerFAx
  81Davone BessFAx
  82Terrance CopperFAx
  83Malcom FloydFAx
  84Josh CribbsFAx
  85Brian HartlineFAx
  86Jordy NelsonOAK9
  87Devin ThomasDET7
88Antwaan Randle ElFAx
  89Greg CamarilloFAx
  90Dwayne JarrettFAx
  91David ClowneyFAx
  92Javon WalkerFAx
  93Demetrius WilliamsFAx
  94Hank BaskettFAx
  95Micheal SpurlockFAx
  96Sammie StroughterFAx
  97Marty BookerFAx
  98Ramses BardenFAx
  99Jerheme UrbanFAx
  100Johnny KnoxFAx
  101Sam HurdFAx
102Greg LewisFAx
  103Brian RobiskieFAx
  104Dennis NorthcuttFAx
  105Deion BranchIND6
  106Keenan BurtonFAx
  107Pierre GarconSFO6
  108Kevin CurtisFAx
  109Mike WallacePHI4
  110Josh ReedFAx
  111Michael CrabtreeBAL7
112Arnaz BattleFAx
  113Ben ObomanuFAx
  114Brad SmithFAx
  115Louis MurphySFO6
  116Juaquin IglesiasFAx
  117Andre CaldwellFAx
  118Derrick WilliamsFAx
  119Roscoe ParrishFAx
  120James HardyFAx
  121David AndersonFAx
  122Maurice StovallFAx
  123Early DoucetFAx
  124Brian FinneranFAx
  125Jabar GaffneyFAx
126Sam AikenFAx
  127Buster DavisBUF9
  128Jacoby JonesFAx
  129Sinorice MossFAx
Player Change Now Date
Redskins Wideouts NA 09-04-09
Devin Thomas just hasn't taken the next step up even though the Skins want him to and that means he and Malcolm Kelly are both the same fantasy value with Kelly likely to have slightly more work.
Michael Crabtree 112 09-04-09
Yeah, you show him who the man is, Mike. He's already effectively thrown away the 2009 season anyway so sitting out won't do him any more harm until next year when he is no longer the 10th pick wanting to be paid like he is #5. Benson poisoned his career in Chicago. If Crabtree holds out all year, he's going to poison his NFL career.
Laveranues Coles NA 09-02-09
I dropped Coles mainly because he was ranked significantly higher than the average draft which is correct but in reality was causing people to draft him at least one or two rounds too early. I moved him back to where you would still reach him and yet would not burn such an early pick on him. This became more apparent in recent drafts and I did not want people to overpay for him. He remains the #2 wideout in CIN and is a great value. This was a rare strategic drop - not a change in his true value.
Chiefs Wideouts NA 09-02-09
Amani Toomer was released and Devard Darling is on IR. That has allowed Terrance Copper to see more playing time.
Jaguars Wideouts NA 09-02-09
Troy Wiliamson has passed the ever injured Mike Walker as the #2 receiver.
Lance Moore 22 09-02-09
Love the way he looked in the last preseason game. He's healthy again and a great draft pick.
Dolphins Wideouts NA 08-30-09
Both Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo have not been able to lock down the #2 role and now the rookie Brian Hartline has taken a turn as the starting flanker in a preseason game. Consider all of them unlikely to offer any consistent productivity for a fantasy team.
Steve Smith 7 08-30-09
Smith has already recovered from his shoulder injury and played in the third preseason game. He's safe to draft again.
Cowboys Wideouts NA 08-28-09
Roy Williams has suffered a bruised shoulder and is considered day-to-day. It only further gives a bad feeling and I am lowering his ranking and bumping up Crayton, Austin and Hurd.
Broncos Wideouts NA 08-28-09
Eddie Royal goes up and Brandon Marshall falls even more. Consider Marshall as undraftable at this point - let someone else take the headache. It only seems to get worse every day. Marshall has been suspended for the rest of the preseason for conduct detrimental to the team.
Chiefs Wideouts NA 08-28-09
It is looking more like a rotation in KC across fro Dwayne Bowe. None of the trio of Bradley, Toomer and Darling are likely to have consistent fantasy value.
49ers Wideouts NA 08-28-09
Seriously. Michael Crabtree appears prepared to sit out the season rather than sign for the correct amount of money for a tenth pick. He has apparently surrounded himself with a host of idiots who agree with him. This has disaster written all over it.
Brandon Marshall 31 08-22-09
Marshall is angling to be either a steal in drafts or an absolute bust with no middle ground. And it is starting to appear more likely to be getting worse instead of better. His risk is growing daily.
Laurent Robinson 47 08-22-09
Still purely fantasy depth, but Robinson is showing that he is becoming more and more important to this offense that will need desperately to throw the ball each week. He's turning into a sleeper.
Vikings Wideouts NA 08-19-09
The addition of Favre is no magic bullet here but should have a minor positive effect for at least Berrian and Harvin.
Chaz Schilens 50 08-19-09
Just when you think there may be a Raiders wideout worth owning, Schilens is out indefinitely with a broken metatarsal in his foot. He'll likely miss a week or two of the regular season.
Lance Moore 34 08-17-09
Moore is finally practicing again after his shoulder surgery is finally healed. He is cleared for full contact and already has a nice chemistry with Drew Brees.
Mike Walker 53 08-17-09
The apparent #2 in Jacksonville still has not practiced in training camp because of an ankle injury and all his potential still is overshadowed by his inability to ever remain healthy.
Patrick Crayton 57 08-17-09
Crayton has a solid hold on the #2 regardless of what preseason hype that Austin Miles received. Even Sam Hurd is challenging Miles for the #3 role which would have minimal fantasy significance anyway.
Kenny Britt 72 08-17-09
He missed the HOF game and much time with a hammy strain but he caught five passes for 89 yards and a score in the second game and looks like he may actually show up this year. Worth tracking and his dyunasty value gets a bump as well.
David Clowney 89 08-17-09
Clowney looked great in the first game with three catches for 102 yards and he deserves a slight bump but the CB he burned (Joseph David) was also released two days later.
Brandon Stokley 79 08-14-09
HC Josh McDaniels says he wants Stokley to play the "Wes Welker" role in the new offense. It's worth a small bump but nothing yet to merit taking Stokley in anything but the biggest of leagues.
Chaz Schilens 47 08-14-09
Schilens deserves a bump up looking like the only wideout who had any chemistry with JaMarcus Russell.
Panthers Wideouts NA 08-12-09
The shoulder injury to Steve Smith may not keep him out of week one but at least for now it interjects a little more risk. Smith falls just a couple of spots and Dwayne Jarrett gets some work in his place this summer that should help him during the season.
Dwayne Bowe 11 08-12-09
Bowe began camp as second string which will never last but he's not as sharp in camp as desired and dropping passes as well. He slides down a few spots but the Chiefs are really having a lack of any other receivers so Bowe will play a big role by default.
Mohamed Massaquoi 62 08-12-09
Massaquoi has been outplaying Brian Robiskie to become the #2 wideout across from Braylon Edwards. Mike Furrey is also a factor here but Massaqoui is the better bet to win the #2 role.
Donnie Avery 31 08-11-09
Avery has a stress fracture that will sideline for 4 to 6 weeks and he'll likely miss at least one season game. Avery will still be the #1 thanks to a lack of other talent on the team but he's missing time in the new offense and will likely start the year still injured.
Antonio Bryant 33 08-11-09
He'll miss three to four weeks with a torn meniscus that was fixed with surgery but it will likely keep him out until the first week of the season. He's also missing valuable time working with whomever the starting QB ends up to be.
49ers Wideouts NA 08-08-09
This is a bigger mess than before. Now Michael Crabtree says he's willing to sit out the entire year and re-enter the 2010 draft. He's missing crucial camp time right now. And Brandon Jones will miss 8 weeks with a fractured shoulder. Josh Morgan looks better by comparison and Jason Hill should see more playing time as well.
Marty Booker 92 08-08-09
He's not a lock to make the final roster but comes in to offer veteran presence on a team that just lost Harry Douglas for the year with a torn ACL and Roddy White is holding out.
Ravens Wideouts NA 08-08-09
Mark Clayton has a hamstring injury that will take 4 to 6 weeks to heal. He's missing valuable camp time and will give Demetrius Williams at least a bit more work to start the year.
Chiefs Wideouts NA 08-05-09
Amani Toomer signed with the Chiefs which really doesn't do much more than make Mark Bradley worth less. I also dropped Engram slightly though he is alone in the slot because there could be more spreading the ball around with three mediocre options to Dwayne Bowe.
Giants Wideouts NA 08-05-09
Raised Hakeem Nicks because he looks very polished so far and could potentially challenge Domenick Hixon for playing time before the season is over. Nicks looks even better for a dynasty team.
Limas Sweed 72 08-05-09
Increase since he has been so impressive this year in minicamps and now training camp. He'll remain the #3 this year but he is showing the progress he did not have last year. This offense won't pass that much, but Sweed is carving himself out some playing time.
Robert Meachem 59 08-02-09
Drew Brees is talking about Meachem looking better and being a long-ball weapon but his move up is incremental until he actually shows that he is remotely worth his first round draft slot a couple of years ago.
Ravens Wideouts NA 08-02-09
Mason decided he would play so the previous moves were undone.
Drew Bennett NA 07-27-09
Bennett decided to just retire instead of join the Ravens.
Mike Furrey 87 07-25-09
Furrey is in the lead for the slot role in Cleveland that will not have enough fantasy significance to matter.
Derrick Mason 93 07-25-09
Mason has not filed retirement papers still but then again has not said he has changed his mind. Until he does decide to play this year, he not worth anything more than a final pick in the draft.
Mark Clayton 35 07-25-09
Until Derrick Mason returns or another better veteran is signed, Clayton becomes as good as it will get in Baltimore. That's probably not all that good in fantasy terms, but it should easily be a career year barring any other team additions.
Ronald Curry 63 07-25-09
Curry goes to St. Louis where the team was devoid of veteran wideouts. He'll likely start camp as the #2 or #3 but only has Keenan Burton to beat out to be a starter.
Drew Bennett 71 07-25-09
Bennett signed with the Ravens but that's more a sign of the dearth of quality wideouts waiting around looking for work. Bennett will figure in and training camp will determine where he starts the season.
Mike Walker 46 06-27-09
Walker moves up with the trading away of Dennis Northcutt.
Greg Camarillo 55 06-27-09
Camarillo is ahead of schedule and may be ready to actually start in week one. He's still a big risk and likely not worthy of much fantasy attention but he is exceeding expectations in the offseason.
Josh Morgan 70 06-27-09
Morgan is now expected to take the starting slot away from Isaac Bruce who will likely spend most his time on the bench.
Isaac Bruce 93 06-27-09
Bruce is sliding back to the bench it appears. He is the oldest playing wideout and 15 seasons deserves some rest. He's remaining to offer veteran depth and help out with all the young wideouts.
Dennis Northcutt 100 06-27-09
Northcutt was traded to the Lions where he'll play special teams and just add depth.
Davone Bess 113 06-27-09
Camarillo is looking like he may get healthy in time for the season this year so Bess falls back to the slot.

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