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David Dorey
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The Huddle
~ 2009 ~
Season Ticket
Bye Week
Sunday Late

Prediction: BAL 31, CLE 6

Late Update: Chansi Stuckey missed practice again on Friday and is being removed from the projections. Jamal Lewis has also been held out of practice but has Saturday left to go since this is the Monday game. I am lowering his projections and realize that he may not play. He is a very bad play in any case.

Early Update: Chansi Stuckey was held out of practice because of his calf on Thursday. I may remove him from the projections on Friday night but he's obviously a bad play in any case. Jamal Lewis was limited in practice just to take it easier on his ankle but is expected to underperform on Monday like usual.

Wow. This is the Monday night game. Seriously. The Ravens are 4-4 and discovering that the Bengals really are better. And the Browns are 1-7 and in a tie with the Raiders for lowest points scored with 78 total points over eight games played (less than ten per game). The Browns are teetering on implosion while the Ravens are just looking for someone to beat up.

Baltimore Ravens (4-4)
Homefield: M&T Bank Stadium
Sport Turf
  Opp Score Spread Over/Under
1 KC 38-24 -12.5 36
2 @SD 31-26 +4 41
3 CLE 34-3 -13 38.5
4 @NE 21-27 +2 44.5
5 CIN 14-17 -8.5 42
6 @MIN 31-33 +3 44.5
7 BYE - - -
8 DEN 30-7 +4.5 42.5
9 @CIN 7-17 -3 43.5
10 @CLE - -10.5 40
11 IND - - -
12 PIT - - -
13 @GB - - -
14 DET - - -
15 CHI - - -
16 @PIT - - -
17 @OAK - - -
BAL at CLE Rush Catch Pass
QB Joe Flacco     280,2
RB Ray Rice 100,2 50  
TE Todd Heap   30  
WR Mark Clayton   40  
WR Kelley Washington   50,1  
WR Derrick Mason   90,1  
PK Steve Hauschka 1 FG 4 XP  
Pregame Notes: The loss to the Bengals signaled a definite shift in the AFC North but three of the Ravens losses came by six points or less and included road games in New England and Minnesota. Take away the Bengals games and the Ravens still look pretty formidable. Unfortunately the schedule now turns against them with IND and two games against the Steelers left to play. This week should be a much needed beat down of a familiar foe down on their luck.

Quarterback: Joe Flacco comes off his first game of the year where he had no touchdowns. He had already passed for over 300 yards in three games this year but the Bengals and Broncos recently have depressed his numbers. Flacco passed for 342 yards and one touchdown in week three against the Browns. Expect a bit less yardage thanks to an improved running game but at least two passing scores unless Rice has multiple scores as a runner.

Running Backs: Ray Rice has been so effective in recent games that Willis McGahee has little need to dress for the game. Rice has scored in each of the last four games and had well over 100 total yards per game since week four. He has been running with authority and doubling as one of the leading receivers every week. This has left McGahee with virtually no work at all in the last three games and HC Jim Harbaugh said there has been no need to bother with McGahee.

Rice gained 48 yards on 11 rushes and scored once against the visiting Browns this year while McGahee had 67 yards on seven runs and two touchdowns in that game. Not only expect that production to all shift to Rice, but factor in that the Browns have incurred significant injuries to the defense and should be even easier to run against this time. Expect a nice showing by Rice this week and I am no longer projecting for McGahee until he reappears.

Wide Receivers: The Bengals certainly have Derrick Mason's number this year since he flopped in both meetings and yet scored in the two games before he played them and the two games after the week five matchup. Mason has been outstanding in the last six games other than being mugged both times by the Bengals.

Mason gained 118 yards on five catches and scored once against the Browns earlier this year. Washington turned in five receptions for 66 yards and Clayton settled for only 35 yards on three catches in that game. Look for a near repeat this week against a Cleveland team that has been on bye.

Tight Ends: Todd Heap is still in the game plan for three catches each week but has not scored since week two and never turns in more than 50 yards. Heap caught four passes for 41 yards against the Browns in week two.

Gaining Fantasy Points BAL 16 1 19 23 17 19
Preventing Fantasy Points CLE 19 31 22 17 28 28

Cleveland Browns (1-7)
Homefield: Cleveland Stadium
  Opp Score Spread Over/Under
1 MIN 20-34 +3.5 40
2 @DEN 6-27 +3 37
3 @BAL 3-34 +13 38.5
4 CIN 20-23 +5.5 38
5 @BUF 6-3 +6 40
6 @PIT 14-27 +14 38
7 GB 3-31 +9.5 41.5
8 @CHI 6-30 +11.5 39.5
9 BYE - - -
10 BAL - +10.5 40
11 @DET - - -
12 @CIN - - -
13 SD - - -
14 PIT - - -
15 @KC - - -
16 OAK - - -
17 JAC - - -
CLE vs BAL Rush Catch Pass
QB Brady Quinn     140
RB Jamal Lewis 20 0  
RB James Harrison 30 10  
TE Robert Royal   10  
WR M. Massaquoi   40  
WR Josh Cribs   30  
WR Chansi Stuckey 30
PK Phil Dawson 2 FG    

Pregame Notes: The Browns have been on bye but that only gave them more time to realize how much they hate being there. The Browns fired GM George Kokonis because he allowed his friend HC Eric Mangini to wield too much power over a team that is 1-7 and ranks at the bottom of the league in many categories including scoring. Jamal Lewis raised his hand during a team meeting to announce he was retiring after the season was over and then went back to reading about Tahiti. The quarterback has switched back to Brady Quinn.

Quarterback: The Browns reverted back to Brady Quinn as the starter because Derek Anderson answered the question ' "can he be any worse than Quinn?" Ends up sure, quite a bit actually. Anderson went four weeks as a starter and averaged around 80 yards per game. He actually made Jamarcus Russell look like a quarterback. The Browns have a total of three passing touchdowns this season and facing the Ravens who already decimated them 34-3 is not good timing on Quinn's part. He should have waited for next week in Detroit.

Quinn and Anderson combined for just 126 yards and no scores in Baltimore this year.

Running Backs: Jamal Lewis' Goodbye Tour still has yet to feature any touchdowns and while he had 117 yards in Buffalo in that one magical week they won, he has yet to gain more than 69 yards in any other game. The Browns as a team only gained 62 yards on 21 carries in Baltimore.

No need to consider Lewis this week. This will be his final game against the franchise that made him famous as a 2000 yard rusher before he was worn out and cast aside like old newspapers.

Wide Receivers: The return of Brady Quinn may be a minor help to this group eventually but no wideout had more than 40 yards or scored in Baltimore this year. In fact no Browns wide receiver has scored a touchdown in any game at all. Aside from Mohamed Massaquoi's freak 148 yard game against the Bengals, this unit has rarely seen more than around 40 yards out of any wideout in any game.

No reason to start any of these wideouts for your fantasy team. Josh Cribbs is expected to be the one to run the wildcat formation which could get him some rushing yards but nothing worth any fantasy consideration.

Tight Ends: No tight end recorded so much as a pass thrown at him in Baltimore this season. No fantasy value.

Gaining Fantasy Points CLE 31 32 31 28 30 24
Preventing Fantasy Points BAL 16 17 19 6 22 2

The Huddle
~ 2009 ~
Season Ticket
Bye Week
Sunday Late
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