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Upon Further Review - Week 12
David Dorey and John Tuvey
Nevember 27, 2009
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In order to help our members better use the starting information that The Huddle provides, the intent of this page is to discuss perceived differences between The Start Bench List and Predictions and Projections . The players below were identified by multiple members. The two reports are written by two different people so differences are always possible, but at least this page should help you make up your mind about these players on your roster.

Steve smith (AT Nyj) - PROJECTION: 40 YDS, SBL RATING: s2

TUVEY: It boils down to this: do you fear Darrelle Revis or don't you? Sure, he's a very good corner, but it's not like Mike Sims-Walker and Nate Washington and Lee Evans and Ted Ginn haven't scored on the Jets already this year. Jake Delhomme hasn't been afraid to throw to Smith when he's covered, and Smith has proven more than capable of holding his own in that kind of dogfight. Again, I can understand why the Revis matchup might scare someone away; me, I'd rather start Smith with a tough match-up than a pretty large chunk of the rest of the receivers out there.

DOREY: In years past, I would agree since Smith belonged in that lofty group of tier one wide receivers. But this year - not so. Smith has scored lately getting three scores in the last two weeks against the visiting Falcons and Dolphins and he had one score versus the Cardinals. The problem with Smith is more about Jake Delhomme and particularly when he is on the road. Consider his three road games that were not against weak secondaries - @DAL (4-38), @TB(1-4), @NO(4-64). Not exactly a diffrence maker. You have the Jets desperate for a win playing at home and as I said in the game write-up, "it's either Smith or no one. And the Jets can handle a one man receiver crew." Smith gets no help and Revis can cover him.

CONSENSUS: Perhaps 40 yards is a bit harsh since Smith could potentially do that on one play. But the reality is that the Panthers are very one-dimensional in the passing game. Dorey sees much more risk, obviously, than Tuvey does. It depends on who else you have to use but Smith grades out more like a S3 with upside or a S2 with risk.

nate burleson (AT stl) - PROJECTION: 80 YDS, SBL RATING: s2

TUVEY: For starters, 80 yards isn't exactly a bad day; many might consider that S2-worthy. But if you want to split hairs, this amounts to the PP picking Housh over Burleson as the Seahawk receiver to have success this week while the SBL has the luxury of giving both of them S2s. The Rams' pass defense is a bottom-feeder, so you're not benching Burleson because of the match-up. Now if you're benching him over his infuriating inconsistency...

DOREY: I would have though 80 yards would be around an S2 as well as I like Burleson as a decent play this week. The game could take a whole different tact though if Steven Jackson does not play for the Rams. That could leave the Seahawks with a much lower need to throw since the Rams without Jackson are highly unlikely to mount much offense. But the Seahawks will throw at least some regardless and that should benefit the two starting wideouts the most.

CONSENSUS: Burleson is a strong play this week with a nice matchup but maybe carries slight risk depending on who actually plays for the Rams.

Start Bench List Ratings:
S1: Start 'em Tier One (Stud / Great matchup) U: Upside player (Possible sleeper)
S2: Start 'em Tier Two (Solid matchup) X: Unclear situation / Could go either way
S3: Start 'em Tier Three (Borderline / Barely) B: Bench 'em (Bad Matchup / Too much risk)
Predictions and Projections:
The projections are what is mostly likely to occur given everything that has recently happened added to the current team dynamics. They consider total rushing and passing yardage and scores and then distribute them between the most active starting players based on how the track record of the offense and the opposing defense along with variables like injuries, depth chart changes, venue, weather and so on.

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