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David Dorey
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The Huddle
~ 2009 ~
Season Ticket
Sunday Late

Prediction: SEA 7, GB 27

Update: Julius Jones is questionable to play because of the bruised ribs he sustained against the Buccaneers. He is still expected to play this week. Nate Burleson is not expected to play with his sore ankle.

The Seahawks have apparently rolled over and gave the knowing wink to opponents now that they have not only scored just seven points in each of the last two games but lost in Seattle to a Buccaneers team that only had one win. The Seahawks are only 1-6 on the road. The Packers are 5-2 at home and coming off a bitter loss to the Steelers last week. This should be a nice win for the Packers.

The Packers won 27-17 in Seattle last year.

Seattle Seahawks (5-9)
Homefield: Qwest Field
  Opp Score Spread Over/Under
1 STL 28-0 -7.5 37
2 @SF 10-23 +1.5 39.5
3 CHI 19-25 +2 37
4 @IND 17-34 +10 43.5
5 JAC 41-0 +3 40
6 ARI 3-27 -3 47
7 BYE - - -
8 @DAL 17-38 +10 46
9 DET 32-20 -10 43
10 @ARI 20-31 +9 47
11 @MIN 9-35 +10.5 47
12 @STL 27-17 -3.5 42.5
13 SF 20-17 -1 41.5
14 @HOU 7-34 +7 44.5
15 TB 7-24 -6.5 39
16 @GB - +14 41
17 TEN - - -
SEA at GB Rush Catch Pass
QB Matt Hasselbeck     230,1
RB Julius Jones 40 20  
RB Justin Forsett 20 40  
TE John Carlson   60,1  
WR T. J. Houshmandzadeh   40  
WR Deion Branch   50  
PK Olindo Mare   1 XP  
Pregame Notes: Last week was a low point in a season that never saw anything that positive happening. Losing to a visiting team that only had one win all year erased the final shred of the fortress that once was Seattle where no opponent had a chance. Now they come in and Matt Hasselbeck throws four interceptions. The Seahawks return home for the season finale but will face a probable loss to the Titans. There is nothing ending well here.

Quarterback: Matt Hasselbeck has been marginally productive this year and much less when he leaves Seattle. He has only thrown four touchdowns over seven road games and been blanked in two of the last three. He's also been wildly erratic in yardage despite facing a soft schedule.

The Packers just gave up 503 yards to Ben Roethlisberger but at home they have never allowed more than 277 yards and usually one score per opponent. Hasselbeck won't challenge the Packers like the Roethlisberger did in Pittsburgh. If he can throw for 230 yards and a score that will be success enough and that assumes trash time at the end of the game.

Running Backs: Julius Jones was reported to suffer bruised ribs last week but still played in the loss to the Bucs when he had 65 yards on 12 carries. He has rarely amounted to much on the road though and his last two trips away from Seattle ended with only 39 yards in Houston and 10 yards in Arizona. Jones has scored only once since week three.

Justin Forsett was supposed to see more work but it just has not happened. Other than against weak divisional opponents, Forsett has been nearly invisible and generally worthless in fantasy terms. His role as a receiver helps but is too inconsistent to rely on. In what should have been a great chance for fantasy points with the Bucs visiting last week, neither Jones nor Forsett had more than about 70 total yards and no touchdowns.

The Packers sport one of the top rush defenses in the league that has only allowed three rushing touchdowns all season. Leave Jones and Forsett on your bench.

Wide Receivers: Nate Burleson has already been called doubtful for this week because of a high ankle sprain and could end up on injured reserve. Deion Branch takes his place but only managed 28 yards on four catches in the loss to the Bucs - no different than his numbers from the slot. T. J. Houshmandzadeh has been fairly consistent with yardage but has scored in only two games this year and none since week nine.

The Packers have been softer against the pass than the run and that helps the Seahawks but they also stick Charles Woodson on the best player which in this case is Houshmandzadeh. And he is not that good. No reason to start either wideouts in Green Bay since the best receivers for teams usually end up with 40 yards or less and no scores.

Tight Ends: John Carlson has scored in both of the most recent games and that bodes well this week since Burleson will be out and Branch is not stepping up. The Packers have already allowed seven touchdowns to tight ends and good yardage. Carlson is the best bet on this team to score.

Gaining Fantasy Points SEA 16 12 14 22 20 24
Preventing Fantasy Points GB 20 2 13 22 1 15

Green Bay Packers (9-5)
Homefield: Lambeau Field
  Opp Score Spread Over/Under
1 CHI 21-15 -4 46
2 CIN 24-31 -9 42
3 @STL 36-17 -6.5 41
4 @MIN 23-30 +3.5 46
5 BYE - - -
6 DET 26-0 -13.5 47.5
7 @CLE 31-3 -9.5 41.5
8 MIN 26-38 -3.5 46.5
9 @TB 28-38 -10 43.5
10 DAL 17-7 +3 48
11 SF 30-24 -6 42
12 @DET 34-12 -11 48
13 BAL 24-14 -3 44
14 @CHI 21-14 -4 41
15 @PIT 36-37 +2.5 41.5
16 SEA - -14 41
17 @ARI - - -
GB vs SEA Rush Catch Pass
QB Aaron Rodgers     280,3
RB Ryan Grant 80 10  
TE Jermichael Finley   60,1  
WR Greg Jennings   80,1  
WR Donald Driver   60,1  
WR James Jones   40  
PK Mason Crosby 2 FG 3 XP  

Pregame Notes: Brutal loss on the final play in Pittsburgh after a great effort by the offense. That ruined any chance of the Packers stealing the NFC North from the Vikings who also lost but at 9-5 the Packers remain in the driver's seat for a wild card bid. The visiting Seahawks should be an easy win this week and then the season wraps up in Arizona where the Cardinals will have nothing to win and yet a reason to rest Warner and the rest of the stars.

Quarterback: While Aaron Rodgers had an inexplicable down effort in Chicago handing off to Ryan Grant all game long, he has been a fantasy goldmine every other week. He already has 28 passing touchdowns, and three more scores via a run. He is 38 yards short of another 4000 yard season and had 11 scores over the last four home games. Short of a major game by Grant, Rodgers is a safe bet for good numbers this week.

The only question is if he is merely very good or has yet another 300+ yard game with three or more scores. The Seahawks should be a lock for two passing scores allowed if not more. The last six trips away from Seattle resulted in 15 touchdowns allowed.

Running Backs: Ryan Grant has been only average this year but improved in the later half of the season and scored in each of the last two games. Grant has been very inconsistent and almost without reason - gaining 129 yards against the 49ers and then only 61 versus the Lions in the next week for example. The Seattle rush defense has been good this year in only allowing one player to top 100 rushing yards and that was back in week two.

Grant is a decent play here with a chance for a touchdown but his yardage is more likely to remain only moderate. The Seahawks are mostly beat via the pass.

Wide Receivers: Rodgers has done well this year with spreading the ball around and that makes the wideouts here a risky start despite the fact that you can be sure the unit will total some nice numbers every week. Donald Driver has been much less productive in the last half of the season other than his one big game in Detroit. Greg Jennings has been slightly better with a couple of 100 yard games in the last month including during the Steelers loss when he also scored. James Jones scored in that game as well but has been as erratic as most slot receivers. He has scored five times in the last ten games but only once had more than 55 yards.

The Seahawks have allowed 14 touchdowns to wide receivers in away games - two per team. Figure on the Packers being at least that good and rely on good showings at home by both Driver and Jennings.

Tight Ends: One of the big positives from this season has been the emergence of Jermichael Finley as a reliable target for Rodgers. Finley has scored three times over the last three games and produced 70 or more yards each week. Finley is becoming an every week fantasy starter.

Gaining Fantasy Points GB 1 22 8 3 7 3
Preventing Fantasy Points SEA 29 21 30 21 16 19

The Huddle
~ 2009 ~
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Sunday Late
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